View Full Version : Influence of NBA team on D-League player's minutes?

12-21-2012, 10:21 PM
When a player gets sent down from the NBA to the D-League, how much of their playing time is dictated by the NBA team that sent the player down?

Considering that the D-League isn't a full blown minor league system where each NBA team has its own D-League team, I would think that there could be some conflict between teams that share a D-League.

For example, the Sixers share a d-league team with 3 other NBA teams. They just sent Arnett Moultrie down to get some game action since he's not part of the regular rotation with the Sixers right now. I'm not sure what players are in the d-league from the other teams, but what's to prevent a player like Moultrie from sitting on the bench after being sent down(other than the fact that he just should be good enough)?

Could the Sixers tell their D-League affiliate that they want Moultrie to get _____ minutes at the ______ position?

Kind of a weird question, and I feel like I'm talking in circles about it lol. But it's something that just crossed my mind tonight.