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11-27-2012, 08:50 AM
It is not a common practice, but it has been done. The Celtics were the first I believe to retire a number in honour of a coach (Red Aurbach of course) and the Knicks also did it (again for a guy named "Red" in Red Holtzman. The Pistons retired a number for Chuck Daly, and the Bulls retired a number for Phil Jackson AND Jerry Krause (I'm not sure I approve of the later). Frank Layden has his jersey retired in Utah. Doug Moe has his jersey retired in Denver. Cotton fitzsimmons has a number retried in Phoenix, and like Doug Moe never even got to the finals as head coach. A couple of teams have retried a coach's number who also played for the team (Jerry West, Wes Unsled, and Rudy T for example, and K.C. Jones in Boston as well as Dan Issel). Some player/coaches have obviously had their jersey retired for their playing careers and not their coaching careers. Philly has even retired a number for David Zinkoff, a former public address announcer, while the Suns have also retired a number for a trainer: Joe Proski. Jack Ramsay has a number retired in Portland in his honour for coaching the team to their only championship. Sac-town and Orlando both have retired the number 6 for the fan (as they are the '6th man').

So... there is a couple named missing from this list it would seem. Jerry Sloan, recently retired coach of the Utah Jazz should certainly be deserving of having a number retired in his honour in Utah (the Bulls have already retired his number for his playing career which was far less impressive than his coaching career), and Phil Jackson should likley have a number retired in his honour in LA.

Here is a comprehensive list of numbers retired for each team. Some have more than others obvioulsy, and some have chosen to retire players numbers based not on a high level of play, but their role in a team's championship success.


So what are your thoughts on retiring numbers in honour of non-players? Be they GM's or coaches or such. Should people be rewarded for long tenrue even if they don't reach the finals, like Cotton Fitzsimmons? Cotton had three relatively short tenured terms as coach of the Suns, and he only ever got them as far as the conference finals where he was swept by the Lakers. Doug Moe had a relatively long tenure as the coach of the Nuggets and saw little success beyond the regular season records. Like Cotton he was bumped out of the conference finals by LAL, although they manged to win one game.

What non-players out there are deserving of having a number retired in their honour?

11-27-2012, 09:18 AM
im against retiring Numbers that are not from players.

ill agree on putting their NAME on a banner for coaches, gms, owners, anouncers and etc.

Also against retiring numbers of players that didnt play a single minute for your team, or **** not even your sport.