View Full Version : The new NBA on ESPN song?

11-20-2012, 05:39 AM
I woke up to finish a term paper and I threw on espn for background noise, then the NBA on ESPN song came on, Clippers vs Thunder and they have a new song and I can't seem to even find the commercial itself (anywhere). I've also heard it on the radio for NBA on ESPN as well. Usually I wouldn't try this hard but the track got me all jacked to finish this paper/watch NBA on Thanksgiving.

If anyone has a link or knows which song I'm talking about, let me know.


(Isn't that one)

11-20-2012, 06:30 AM
This one?


if not, what does it sound like and how recent was it made?

11-20-2012, 02:28 PM
Nah not that one.

Its got like an "epic battle" tone to it, it seems pretty new. Could've just came out this year. I'm sure theyll show the commercial again on espn, problem is finding it on the computer