View Full Version : Why does Josh Smith have such a bad shot selection?

11-14-2012, 06:26 PM
this is from an espn article:

Josh Smith, jump shooter, has taken seven 3-pointers and made one of them. Josh Smith, jump shooter, has tried 29 2s from beyond 10 feet and converted six of them. Josh Smith, jump shooter, has taken 15 free throws and made three of them. Josh Smith, jump shooter, is killing the Hawks' offense.

What's so maddening is that Josh Smith, basketball player, is otherwise extremely valuable. He sees the court, rebounds, defends, can finish at the rim and has a nice right-block post game. When not shooting jumpers, he's at 53.8 percent this season. Add in the jumpers and he's at 39.8 percent with a career-low PER.

Why does Josh Smith insist on shooting 3s and long 2s? He is terrible at it. And he is really good at the close/inside game, which makes his decisions to just chuck the ball up even worse. Is it the Hawks playcalling, bad decision making on his part, or something else?

Josh Smith with jumpers: 39.8%
Josh Smith without jumpers: 53.8%

P Harvy
11-14-2012, 06:27 PM
He's just joshin ya thats why

11-14-2012, 06:28 PM
He listened to Doc from Back to the Future Pt 1 and said "What the hell"

11-14-2012, 06:29 PM
He's just joshin ya thats why

that's terrible


11-14-2012, 06:38 PM
that's terrible


your sig is friggin hilarious man. I'm sitting in my school comp lab cracking up

11-14-2012, 06:39 PM
Bad decision making plain and simple. Now with a team needing post help and strong with outside shooting, he still insists on it. Time to ship him off or find a coach that can control that.

11-14-2012, 06:45 PM
no he doesnt have a bad shot selection,how dare you say that(just had to because someone said that to me in this forum because i said smith had a bad shot selection).but i think its because he thinks he's ray allen and not a true pf

11-14-2012, 06:52 PM
Josh Smith.

11-14-2012, 07:12 PM
hes stupid

11-14-2012, 07:16 PM
Because he's a chucker and chuckers chuck jump shots like I eat popcorn

Keep chucking josh

11-14-2012, 07:17 PM
learned from Joe..



11-14-2012, 07:23 PM
low iq. like very low.

11-14-2012, 07:31 PM
lazy and flashy. Player like him shy away from "dirty work".

11-14-2012, 07:38 PM
Low IQ

#Shumpert Up
11-14-2012, 07:50 PM
very low bball IQ

11-14-2012, 07:52 PM
there are a lot of players with questionable shot selection. Josh is one of them. I also attribute it to coaches not getting involved. Whether they don't know the percentages (you would think a coach that watches every play barely needs to read his long 2 percentage, he should have the idea), or the fact that you live with it because he gives you a lot elsewhere, idk.

11-14-2012, 08:03 PM
Nobody on the Hawks to pull him aside and tell him to stop chucking.

11-14-2012, 08:15 PM
Nobody on the Hawks to pull him aside and tell him to stop chucking.

Woodson had him for years but I guess that was before he coached in NY and became the greatest ever

11-14-2012, 08:24 PM
Ego. The dude believes he can do everything.

11-14-2012, 09:08 PM
Feel bad for the team that overlays for this guy. Superstar talent, role-player iq.