View Full Version : Denver-Memphis-Phoenix

10-30-2012, 12:03 PM
Phoenix sends: Dudley, Markieff, Wes, 3 1st round picks
Receives: Rudy Gay

Denver sends: Wilson Chandler
Receives: Wes Johnson, 2013 1st round pick that belongs to Lakers from Suns

Memphis sends: Rudy Gay
Memphis Receives: Wilson Chandler, Dudley, Markieff, 2013 1st round pick from Suns, 2014 first round pick belonging to Lakers from Suns


Everybody wins according to ESPN. On the real though Memphis isn't going to win it all with the current roster not to mention that they are very close to paying that luxury tax. Wilson and Dudley can provide the same productivity that Gay gave them for about 6-7mill less. Denver has no need for Chandler with Iggy and Gallo and they need to clear some cap to re-sign both Iggy and Lawson. Suns get the perfect guy for the team.

11-02-2012, 10:40 AM
No from Denver's side. Chandler is still a great asset to come off the bench, should be the Nuggets 6th man. Have already re-signed Lawson while still being under the cap. Should be able to resign Iggy and remain under or hover around the cap.