View Full Version : Pitcher - Position Player Switch Question

10-27-2012, 02:31 PM
Hey guys,

I was just curious if anyone knew what would happen in these situations...

Scenario 1: In the American League, Player A is playing a fielding position (say Shortstop). But in the later innings, for example the 8th inning, the manager calls on him to pitch. He takes on the pitcher's position, and the shortstop position is now occupied by Player B. The next inning (9th inning), Player A is scheduled to bat. Does Player A lose his batting privileges to Player B, does Player A continue to bat with Player B not having any batting privileges, or does the team lose the DH privilege and Player A and B must bat?

Scenario 2: In the National League, Player A starts the game as a pitcher and is 9th in the batting order. In the later innings, Player A moves into a fielding position (again, say Shortstop), and Player B is now pitching. Would this just be a simple case of double-switch? So Player A would continue to bat 9th, and Player B would bat at whatever batting order position the shortstop used to be in?

Another follow up question.....will we ever see the day when there is a dual-position prospect (pitcher and fielding position) groomed to continue both positions? We hear about players who were both extraordinary pitchers and hitters coming out of college, but management wanted them to focus on one particular position through the minors. One day, I would really love to see a player who can do it all, being the new "6-tool" player.