View Full Version : Great Future Coaches?

09-11-2012, 06:38 AM
Which current players, or retired players who have yet to enter the coaching ranks, would you like to see coaching your team in the not too distant future.

For current players, I'm guessing Kidd would do a great job... CP3 as well. As for retired players, I really hope to see John Stockton throw his hat into the ring sometime soon. He'd be a great asset to any team.

Also, having Hakeem or Kareem on a coaching staff to work with the big men and post players would seem to make sense. Kareem really helped Bynum along and every summer somebody seems to come back from a work out with Hakeem and all of a sudden seems to know how to work the post.

Surprises... Scalabrine... I heard Chicago offered him an assistant job after they had their roster filled out and didn't have a spot for him. He turned them down apparently but says that coaching is something he'd be interested in doing down the line. I've never got to watch him play much (because he never got minutes) and I know everybody pulls out the Scalabrine punch line now an again (is Scalabrine a HOF? lol), but does this guy have a high basketball IQ?

anyways... Stockton is the guy I'd give complete control over my team to... who you guys want to see on the sidelines?