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08-24-2012, 09:24 PM
Atlanta receives James Harden (S&T 4 yr, $58 Mil) and Cole Aldriche (2 yr, $5.6 Mil)
Portland receives Kendrick Perkins (3 yr, $25 Mil) and Anthony Morrow (1 yr, $4 Mil)
Oklahoma City receives Al Horford (4 yr, $48 Mil) and Wesley Mathews (3 yr, $20.5 Mil)

Reason for Atlanta. They get an All Star Caliber player in Harden and a young back up Center in Cole.

Projected Depth.
PG Devin Harris, Jeff Teague
SG James Harden, Lou Williams
SF Kyle Korver, John Jenkins
PF Josh Smith, Jordan Williams
C Zaza Pachulia, Cole Aldriche

Reason for Portland. They get a defensive minded center to put beside Lamarcus Aldridge and to groom Meyers Leonard.

Projected Depth
PG Damian Dillard, Ronnie Price
SG Anthony Morrow, Eliot Williams
SF Nicolas Batum, Victor Claver
PF LaMarcus Aldridge, JJ Hickson
C Kendrick Perkins, Meyers Leonard.

Reason for Okc. They get an All Star center in Horford and a new 6th man in Mathews. They save money and get better.

Projected Depth
PG Russ, Maynor
SG Thabo, Mathews
SF KD, Cook
PF Ibaka, PJ3
C Horford, Collison

08-24-2012, 09:48 PM
Don't see Atlanta doing this, and you're projecting a trade for next year?