View Full Version : Pittsburgh Pirates... will they make the playoffs?

08-24-2012, 06:05 PM
It seems the Pirates got a whole lot of attention earlier this year after 20 years of misery. Now, it seems as if they are the team that everyone is writing off.

The Braves, Cardinals, Pirates, Dodgers and possibly D Backs are fighting for two Wild Card spots.

AJ Burnett
Wandy Rodriguez
James McDonald
Jeff Karstens
Erik Bedard

That rotation is definitely good enough and they have a great closer in hanrahan. the offense isnt great by any means but even if they dont add a bat within the next week i think they can make one of the top two wild card spots. so putting aside whatever you think might happen in the NLDS and beyond, do you think the Pirates will get one of the top two wild card spots?