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09-03-2012, 11:34 PM
Okay you're right they got a lot more in the trade then I remembered, but it still doesn't change the facts.

1. Kobe is statistically a bad player in the 4th quarter.
2. Kobe Raped someone.
3. Kobe's had rocky relationships with his teammates.
4. Has had a superstar on his team for 90% of his career.

1. Had literally nothing for his entire tenure with Cleveland. Not one legitimate player on a championship team.
2. Better in every aspect of the game then Kobe in every way (an argument could be made for scoring). Oh yeah and he can defend any position on the court while running the offense.
3. Lost his first year with a legitimate team in the finals.
4. Left his home town for Miami, and made a couple stupid comments.

You can make the argument that I don't know Lebron so Kobe could be a better guy (don't know many cool older guy that sleep with minors, all tools so far i've met!) The rest of your argument is Kobe has more championships... for now.

By the way it's childish to call someone a kid.

It will be impossible to argue with someone who is so obviously biased. There will be no winning with someone who thinks its a fact that Kobe raped someone. Even after all these years!

I implore anyone who is still posting in this thread to move on to greener pastures. Your logic will not be accepted. Logic is nothing in the face of extreme confirmation bias.

09-04-2012, 12:06 AM
A WannaBe,MirrorImage,CopyCat Whats The Diff?

KEEPIT100, IVERSON didnt even make 1st or 2nd allNBA decade squad so KB being voted player of decade means nothing, absolutely nothing, proofs below... AI didnt start fulltime in the 2000 NBA season,KB did.. but that doesnt mean his career began in 2000(he was who he was in 96draft,a scorer..just like AI was who he was, a playermaker/creator) ,AI won league MVP 2001,final scoring title in 05 and was top 3 scorer with JAMES/KB in 08 then being blackballed/benched in 2009,explain to me how can a superstar/freak athlete go from avg almost 27ppg to almost 18ppg in a 5-6 month span without blowing out a knee?

He is a 10 time all-star and two time all-star game MVP as well as the 2001 League MVP. Iverson was the 1996 Rookie of the year and has four scoring titles. He averages 27 ppg for his career and 6.2 apg and 30 ppg in the playoffs for his career which is second all-time. - as of 2009

Iverson has 24,020 points and over 5,500 assists. In 2001, he single handedly took the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Finals. His best assets were Eric Snow and Aaron McKie. There has not been a less talented team in the Finals. - as of 2009

My point is Iverson's resume speak for itself, and if anyone is saying he is not getting signed because of his basketball abilities they are crazy.

“He’s an incredible player, one of the top 10 in history,” former Pistons coach Chuck Daly told a visitor before Iverson ignited and torched Detroit’s defense for game-high totals of 37 points and 15 assists in a 2005 game at Wachovia Center. - SHAQ DIESEL said he was a top 5 player ever - http://youtu.be/SBZ2jlhwpR0

“The difference (between defending Jordan and Iverson),” Daly added, “is that Michael had Scottie (Pippen), who was one of the best players in the league.”

"Instead of going into X's and O's about the situation, lets just skip to what Kobe Bryant said this morning at his basketball camp in Singapore when asked who and what type of players they need next season.

"Last season we were beat out because we had no heart against the Mavericks, aside from myself and Derek Fisher there was no player in our locker room when we went do 2-0 that thought we could still win this thing, we need that toughness, that mental toughness, a point guard who can help us in the clutch, I was talking to Coach Brown the other day and I told him Allen Iverson would be a perfect fit. I've always loved AI's game.

Reporter: "But what about the baggage he carries, does his history of destroying a team not cross your mind, would you want someone like that in your locker room?"

"That stuff is all blown out of proportion me and Allen are the same people when it comes to wanting greatness and competitiveness, there is not a player in the world that would want to come off the bench if he knew he was supposed to start, the media gives Allen this label but it's false and a lot of players in the league know this. When I think of AI I think of the guy who damn near cost me a championship in 2001, the toughest dude this league has seen."

"When the new generation comes along, you still can't take away from those players," Bryant said. "[Iverson] did stuff that's never been seen before from a guy his size. You can't discount that. He took a team of one scorer(i wonder who he is referring to?) and a bunch of hard-nosed players(nba translation:ALL DEFENDERS JERRY SLOAN STYLE) to the NBA Finals. And when he lost to us, he was doing it during our reign of having a great team(3PEAT Dynasty)."

``Good players make other good players better,'' Brown said. ``From late last season to this year, (Iverson is) doing what great players do.''

``It feels great to hear coach say that,'' said Iverson, a former star at Bethel High in Hampton. ``We've come a long way. We started off rocky, but now I can say we're friends. Just for that compliment - I think it's a tribute to my teammates. Without them, it wouldn't be possible.''

"Nobody who has done as much as Allen has done for this league should have to be in Turkey playing, to end his career,'' Brown said before the Bobcats-Magic game Thursday. "We have one of the most special players ever in our sport, who still has something left. I feel terrible about this. That is not how he should be ending his career.''

09-04-2012, 01:08 AM
he should get very little credit for this nba rigged title team, any decent sg could win a title with that roster. Lebron is far better than kb even if they lose to the un stoppable rigged lakers

09-04-2012, 01:13 AM
he should get very little credit for this nba rigged title team, any decent sg could win a title with that roster. Lebron is far better than kb even if they lose to the un stoppable rigged lakers

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09-04-2012, 11:42 AM
Rings are team accomplishments.
They shouldn't mean much in player comparisons.

Kobe is by far the luckiest GOAT level play ever in terms of career circumstances and supporting casts and he's only won a single title as the undisputed engine and best player on his own team (2009) so really using Rings to argue for Kobe over anyone is just a bad argument period.

Lebron as a comparison can be argued that he didn't even have a contender worthy cast until he came to Miami.
So... if he is already 1/2 (50%) when he has a contender worthy cast then that is pretty good.

Lebron has already had the better Peak and short Prime.
Kobe still has the career edge solidly due to longevity but Lebron might catch up to him in 3-4 years.

1st bold:
Kobe 2010 playoffs: 29-6-6 on 46%fg, 57%TS
Gasol 2010 playoffs: 20-11-4 on 54%fg, 60%TS

Kobe 2010 finals: 29-8-4 on 41%fg
Gasol 2010 finals: 19-12-4 on 48%fg

why is Kobe not the undisputed best player and engine?

2nd bold:
nah. That's arguable. Peak kobe could literally drop 40 or 50 a night.

09-04-2012, 11:47 AM
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You have to love the whole replace Kobe with player X and they still win those titles. It doesn't work like that folks. You're not taking into account how that other player would mesh with Shaq, adjust to the triangle offense, play in big pressure games, etc.