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Haha strange guy but hey its his stuff he can do what he wants I guess

And you would not believe what is for sale, what Beasley had in his home. (Thanks to NBA247365.com for finding this and Jake Nyberg for tweeting out the items.)

Like a collection of Ingmar Bergman screenplays.

Or a coffee table book on primitive erotic art. Or a stuffed turtle doll. Or some new rims for your ride. Or a wine fridge (that was in his bedroom). Or an antique Buddha head. You can buy Michael Beasley’s cologne. His purses. A currency calculator. A Rolex. A toaster. It’s all for sale, what Nyberg rightly calls a rainbow collection of items.

The sale began on Saturday in the house that Beasley rented while in Minnesota. About 90 percent of the items for sale were Beasley's possessions, a security guard told me -- once I'd revealed I knew the owner's mysterious identity -- and no sports memorabilia was available for purchase. The house itself isn't on the market, and as soon as Beasley's remnants are hastily sold off and the carpets are removed of their splotchy stains, a new renter will likely take over.

I missed out on the first day of the sale, and by the time I arrived Sunday morning, it had descended into the discount round. Every item had two prices listed: Saturday's outdated one and Sunday's bargain closeout. A table that once was $400, now discounted to $150! Anthropomorphic rabbit salt and pepper shakers, now for the bargain price of $5! Women's handbags, now $150!

The further in I got, the creepier it became. It's strange enough to see athletes in their homes on reality television, and this was in close-up, tactile reality, with all the possessions and no sign of the athlete himself. Start thinking about it, and it gets even weirder.

Twenty-three-year-olds don't hold estate sales. They just move. The whole thing, the poking at tchotchkes and testing the bounce of couch cushions and flipping through books, gave the illusion that Beasley was dead, not simply playing for another team. Knowing otherwise made me feel almost guilty to even be looking in his mirrors and wondering why he owned so many coffee tables.

By Sunday, the house was full of the kind of couples in their mid-50s who make attending estate sales their weekend occupations. They were there to buy everything from candlesticks to bamboo poles, and they honest-to-goodness had no idea whose junk they were writing checks for. As the families pointed at the stained carpets in confusion and oohed and aahed over the display cases of jewelry, I wanted to shout. THIS IS MICHAEL BEASLEY'S STUFF. YES, THAT MICHAEL BEASLEY. AND YOU'RE PAYING $15 FOR IT.


http://www.foxsportsnorth.com/08/19/12/Beasleys-estate-sale-fitting-end-to-time/landing_timberwolves.html?blockID=777811&feedID=59 30

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Nice Beasley likes Bergman.

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Beasley smh, I knew he was bad news when we drafted him four years ago, and to think we should have had Rose for having the worst record that year...

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Nothing wrong with making a little cash off old stuff. After all the fact is he's moving to a different city and likely will have his new home furnished by a decorator who believes the old clashes with his new setting

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I wonder how much he got for the for the 6' bong???

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Beasley had a collection of Ingmar Bergman screenplays? He must be a crazy cinephile.