View Full Version : Name the 5 greatest playoff games you have seen each player play?

08-09-2012, 06:45 PM
I thought this would be an interesting topic and so I would like some feedback on the top 5 playoff games each player played in?


Lebron James

Kobe Bryant

Tim Duncan

Dwayne Wade

Dirk Nowitzki

Kevin Garnett

Examples: 2009, Game 6 Lakers vs Nuggets, Kobe 35pts, 10 assts and 6 rebs in a closeout game in the Western Conf. finals. 2012 Lebron James 45 pts 15 rebs in Game 6 of the Eastern Conf. Finals against Boston. Tim Duncan in the 03 finals against New Jersey almost has a quadruple double. 21 pts, 20 rebs, 10assts, 8 blks.