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08-09-2012, 01:57 AM
Every summer, PSD holds a game which mocks that year's NBA offseason. This year, users from the site were randomly assigned the reigns of NBA franchises and had to utilize their skills via draft, trades, and free agency to improve their teams. At the end of the game, GMs voted on how they believed the regular season of this game would shake up. These are the playoffs of PSD's 2012 NBA Mock Offseason.

Please take the time to consider each line up, the match-up itself, and vote on which team you believe would win in a seven game series.

The Celtics have homecourt advantage in this Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series.

Celtics Depth Chart:

PG-Deron Williams/Kirk Hinrich/Scott Machado
SG-James Harden/Arron Afflalo/Alec Burks
SF-Jared Dudley/Jeff Green
PF-Paul Milsap/Darrell Arthur/Royce White
C-Marcin Gortat/Fab Melo

Bulls Depth Chart:

PG-Derrick Rose/Patty Mills
SG-Landry Fields/Rudy Fernandez
SF-Mike Dunleavy/Kelenna Azubuike/Evan Fournier
PF-LaMarcus Aldridge/Festus Ezeli
C-Omer Asik/Louis Amundson/Hamed Haddadi

Celtics Write-up:

Not many teams can do what the Boston Celtics did this offseason. We tore apart our team and rebuilt it back to being a championship contender in 1 off-season. We believed that the current team constructed was no longer capable of contending so we had to move on. We went out and acquired one of the best PG and players in the NBA, Deron Williams. We acquired a top 3 SG in James Harden and built a very good front court with Paul Milsap and Marcin Gortat. On top of that we have a very good small forward in Jared Dudley. We also have one of the deepest benches in the league to establish a excellent 10 man rotation. Our bench consists of guys like Kirk Hinrich, Arron Afflalo, Jeff Green and Darell Arthur. With this team we have the ability to easily knock out the Bulls

Depth Chart

PG: Deron Williams/Kirk Hinrich/Scott Machado
SG: James Harden/Arron Afflalo/Alec Burks
SF:Jared Dudley/ Jeff Green
PF:Paul Milsap/Darell Arthur/Royce White
C:Marcin Gortat/Fab Melo

So here is what our match up the #2 Boston Celtics vs the #7 seed Chicago Bulls looks like.

PG Matchup: Deron Williams/Kirk Hinrich/Scott Machado vs Derrick Rose/Patrick Mills.
Deron Williams going up against Derrick Rose looks to be a hell of a Guard matchup. Both have distinct similarities, their size at the PG position and good ball handling. However, they're both very different on the court.Williams game favors a more halfcourt style but he can just as easily create in transition. While Rose's game favors more in the open court and spots where he can use his athleticism. Let's take a look at their numbers

24.6 PPG, 8.2 APG, 4.5 RPG, 1.0 SPG, 44.7% FG%, 36% 3P%, 82.7% FT%
21.8 PPG, 9.5 APG, 3.7 RPG, 1.18 SPG, 46.5% FG%, 35% 3P%, 85% FT%

While Rose avgs more ppg, Willams shoots a higher% and averages more APG. It is hard to tell who is the better player but Boston still has the advantage a the PG in my opinion. Kirk Hinrich is good enough to start on most teams but he chose to back up Williams in a quest for a Championship. Mills the rookie doesn't match up well vs Hinrich.

Advantage: Celtics

SG Matchup: James Harden/Arron Afflalo/Alec Burks v.s Landry Fields/Rudy Fernandez
Boston has the definite advantage in this match up as James Harden has become a star shooting guard in this league while Landry Fields is a role player. Harden provides a deadly 3 point threat and also has the ability to drive the lane. Fields is an average shooter at best and has not showed the ability to take his game to the next level. Next our 6th man, Arron Afflalo who is also good enough to be starting on a lot of teams provides a deadly spark of the bench. While his counter part Rudy Fernadez has struggled to find success in the NBA and consistency in his game.

Advantage: Celtics

SF Matchup:Jared Dudley/ Jeff Green v.s Mike Dunleavy/ Kelenna Azubuike/Fournier
Jared Dudley is one of the most underrated SF's in the league. Last year he Average 12.9 ppg 1.7 ast 4.6 rpg 49 fg% and 38 3pt%. Dudley is the perfect player for this team as he does not need to be a go to scorer or a star. But more of a guy to make a shot when needed which he has proven he can do over his career. As for Mike Dunleavy, while he is a solid 3pt shooter he is way past his prime and should be a guy coming of the bench at this point. He does not match up well against Dudley. As for Jeff Green he showed a ton of potential while playing in OKC but never got a chance to show it in his first year in Boston because of his heart condition. But if he can play up to his potential again he can help Boston a ton. As for Azubuike no one is sure if he will ever be able to preform the way he did before his knee injury.

Advantage: Celtics

PF Matchup: Paul Milsap/Darell Arthur/Royce White vs Lamarcus Aldridge/Festus Ezeli
This is another very good match-up in this series as LMA and Milsap are both very good up and coming PF in the NBA. Milsap avg 16.6 PPG 8.8 rpg .8blkpg with a .495 FG%. These are great numbers for the young power forward and there is no reason to believe why he can score more with Deron Williams now dishing the ball to him and Running the P&R. As for Aldridge he averaged 21 and 8. But don't let these numbers fool you as Aldidge was one of the only scoring front court options on the team, while Utah had Favors and Jefferson as well. With that being said Aldridge is still the better PF. However the Celtics have a big advantage once again of the bench as Arthur is much better than the unproven Ezeli. Arthur is also one of the best defending the pick and roll which can help slow down Rose and LMA. With this being said I feel this give the slight advantage to the Bulls just because of the fact that Aldridge has proven he can handle being a number one scoring option.

Advantage: Bulls

C Matchup: Marcin Gortat/Fab Melo vs Omir Asik/Lou Amundson/ Hamed Haddadi
Marcin Gortat is has quietly become one of the better offensive centers in the NBA as he runs the P&R very efficiently. His numbers are fantastic across the board. Gortat scored an incredible 1.22 PPP as the roll man, ranked 11th out of all the qualifying players. He shot 63.6% and was sent to the free-throw line 9.7% of the time (where he only shot 65%, but still). Factoring everything in, he scored 63% of the time when used as the roll man. That's what I call efficient. As for Asik he is still very unproven and has not started many games in his career, accept for when Noah was hurt. He has not proven that he can score consistently either. They are both very good rebounders so there should be some good battles going for boards. Fab Melo is this teams question mark. If he can provide solid back up center minutes to Gortat, the Celtics with have virtually no holes in their roster. If Melo can continue to play the way he did a 'Cuse in the NBA he will be fine.

Advantage: Celtics

Overall, we believe that the Bulls does not provide a threat to the Celtics and that the C's are the better team in every aspect. Therefor we feel we will win this series in 4 or 5 games.

Thanks for taking time to look over the Celtics write-up.

08-09-2012, 02:30 AM
Cant believe the Celtics went into the playoffs with Dudley as their only SF. That might hurt them later. Celtics in 6 for now

08-09-2012, 02:50 AM
The Bulls have an awesome duo in Rose and LMA, but the supporting cast as well as the horrendous lack of depth really does this team in. The Celtics have an awesome back-court to rely upon.

Celtics in 6.

08-09-2012, 02:54 AM
fields<harden(however, harden it too overrated and people can't vote for them just because of this matchup)

Bench goes to celtics.

I picked the bulls because i think Rose and LMA is deadly.

Sadds The Gr8
08-09-2012, 02:55 AM
bulls needed 1 more scorer to be a threat in this game

08-09-2012, 03:55 PM
Let's get more input

08-09-2012, 09:44 PM
Celtics are too balanced. If only the bulls had gotten one of their shooting guard targets they would of been a real threat.

Mr. Baller
08-09-2012, 09:55 PM
Poor LMA.