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07-27-2012, 12:19 AM
We did a redraft in the Mavs forum over the last month and would appreciate everyones help in picking a winner. Please put your vote in on who you think would win a 7 game series between the two teams listed below. Please leave all bias out of your decision in interest of fairness!

The Channel 4 News Team have home court advantage.

Arlington Jerk Offs

Tyson Chandler - Andrea Bargnani - Ed Davis
Amare Stoudemire - JJ Hickson
Luol Deng - Wilson Chandler
Wesley Matthews - Danny Green
Russell Westbrook - Goran Dragic - JJ Barea

Team Writeup:

First of all, congrats to the Channel 4 News Team for putting together a fantastic team. I feel like this is an excellent matchup and it could go either way. I'm gonna go over the individual matchups and see how everything stacks up.

Dwight Howard vs Tyson Chandler - This is a matchup between two very good centers, a very good matchup indeed. Both are DPOY caliber defenders while Howard is the better scorer. I'm not going to try and act like Howard isn't the better player because he is, but I am very happy to have Tyson Chandler down there battling him. I think Chandler running the floor with Russell Westbrook, Luol Deng, Amare Stoudemire and Wes Matthews will wear down Dwight, who is much more of a half court center.

Chris Bosh vs Amare Stoudemire - A year ago Amare would of been considered as a clear advantage over Chris Bosh. Due to Bosh winning a championship and Amare having a down year, that has changed in many eyes but I don't think it should. In a 1 on 1 matchup I don't believe Bosh could contain Amare 1 on 1, who is still more athletic and powerful than Bosh will ever be. Overall I do think this is a very even matchup though. Amare was battling injuries last season and in this, a fresh season and a fresh Amare, we feel great about the matchup.

Danny Granger vs Luol Deng - Both are All Star SF's in the primes of their careers, there isn't alot of difference between the two. Granger is more the natural scorer, while Deng is one of the best defenders in the league and a 2nd Team All NBA defender. All in all, it's a pretty damn even matchup.

Courtney Lee vs Wesley Matthews - Another pretty good matchup but I definitely feel we have the advantage. A few years ago Lee was considered to be a rising player in the league but he hasn't really progressed past what he was, a decent player. Matthews has gotten better every year, turning into one of the better perimeter defenders in the NBA and a knockdown 3 point shooter.

Stephen Curry vs Russell Westbrook - This is a matchup that I feel we have a huge advantage in. Curry, while a terrific three point shooter, is skinny and not a very good defender and Russell Westbrook would have his way in this matchup. It would mean a ton of penetration from Westbrook and most likely foul trouble for Dwight Howard and/or Chris Bosh. Westbrook may be the best penetrator int he league and there is no way Stephen Curry would have a shot at slowing him down.

George Hill, Tayshaun Prince, Steve Novak, Emeka Okafor vs Goran Dragic, Wilson Chandler, Andrea Bargnani, and JJ Barea.

I feel we have a pretty good bench advantage here. While the Channel 4 News Team does have a quality bench, our bench is more versatile and proven. Bargnani is a 20+ PPG scorer and #1 option in Toronto and for our team he comes in as a backup PF/C. He would force their bigs to defend out to the 3 point line, which would open up driving lanes for our guards like Russell Westbrook, Goran Dragic or JJ Barea. I feel our bench has alot more depth and versatility while the C4NT bench is more 1 dimensional in the players it has.

Overall, I think this matchup would be excellent and it can go either way. May the best team win. :)

Channel 4 News Team

PG: Stephen Curry / George Hill / Gary Neal
SG: Courtney Lee / George Hill / J.J. Redick
SF: Danny Granger / Tayshaun Prince
PF: Chris Bosh / Steve Novak / Derrick Williams
C: Dwight Howard / Emeka Okafor

Team Writeup:

Dwight Howard will have the offense go through him. Even though offense is not what Howard specializes in he is the 6th most efficient scorer in the league (1st among centers). And he has still averaged 16 ppg vs. Chandler in his career, and has more threats on this team to draw coverage from him. When Howard touches the ball he always normally commands a double-team but with the group that is around him now, we will not let that happen. All are great, great outside shooters. Chris Bosh is a top 5 power forward in the league but is the perfect Dwight complement because of his outstanding range out to the 3-point line. He also can fit in as a secondary option as he has proven in Miami. Danny Granger will likely end up being the leading scorer for this team because he has the ability to be a spot-up shooter for Dwight kick-outs (38% shooter from 3), as well as a slasher and cutter for both Dwight and Steph Curry. Granger was the 5th most efficient scorer among SFs last year. This brings us to Stephen Curry. Curry is the ideal Dwight complement because what can Curry do as well if not better than everyone in the NBA. The man can hit 3-point shots (46% last year). He was the 6th most efficient PG last year. And Westbrook’s biggest flaw defensively is losing shooters. He will be a good pick-and-roll partner for Howard and pick-and-pop partner with Bosh. Courtney Lee is the 5th option for this team, but don’t think that he isn’t capable of scoring a lot of points with this group. Lee will mostly camp in the corner and wait for the open 3. Lee was the best corner 3 shooter in the NBA last year (49%). He was a 40% 3 point shooter overall. With all these shooters around Howard, we are set up to get him lots of one-on-one chances.

Everybody except Westbrook:
Nobody worries me except Westbrook. Tyson Chandler is great defensively but obviously won’t do anything against Dwight Howard. Amare Stoudemire’s play has really dropped off the last couple years, and Bosh has outscored him the last four times they’ve faced each other and thats with Bosh being a #3 option while Amare has been a #2. Also trading Melo for Westbrook doesn’t help Amare since Melo is actually a better passer. Luol Deng is a solid offensive piece but Granger is a good defensive player and will be able to shut him down for the most part. Courtney Lee is a very good defensive player and will take Wes Matthews out of this game.

Steph Curry can not guard Russell Westbrook one-on-one. Guess what, no one can when he is on. But team defense can take him out and Dwight Howard is the key against him. Howard, as well as Bosh, are elite rim protectors and will limit what Westbrook can do. Dwight Howard will be in the paint a lot because Tyson Chandler doesn’t have the jumper to pull him out. The only way Westbrook will be able to score is if he’s making jumpers, which as anyone who’s watched him play much knows is incredibly inconsistent and rarely is hot on them for a whole game even with shooters to draw attention from him like Durant and Harden on the team. Now Russell doesn’t have those other threats and can be the focus of our defense. If Westbrook is hitting that jumper then we will pull Curry out of the game and bring the long, athletic George Hill into the game to guard him, or switch Courtney Lee onto him to stay in front of him and get a hand in his face.

George Hill was the perfect 6th man for me. He excelled in this role both with the Spurs and Pacers. He is a good 3 ball shooter (37%), and is very good defensively (great length) which can help if Curry is struggling. Steve Novak will serve the Ryan Anderson-role with Dwight, just spot up and wait for the pass for 3 (47%). Tayshaun Prince, in addition to being a team leader, will be able to provide solid defense when Granger needs a rest and can hit the 3 (36%). Emeka Okafor will be able to man the middle when Howard is out and supply a big body to keep the offense running similarly (although not through him) at least keeping people in their true spots. J.J. Redick (3 pointers), Gary Neal (3s), and Derrick Williams (energy, finisher) all have roles to play if needed, but likely won’t play much.

Mile High Champ
07-27-2012, 12:24 AM
Channel 4 news team huh. I had that team name last year in a redraft.

07-27-2012, 12:34 AM
Great minds think alike MHC :D

07-27-2012, 12:35 AM
I think in order for the Jerk Offs to beat me Westy needs to score 40 a night and good luck with that with DH12 guarding the rim

07-27-2012, 04:36 AM
i will go with the strong center rotation and the bench airlington

07-27-2012, 05:05 AM
i will go with the strong center rotation and the bench airlington

I hope he uses that. If Bargs ever comes in to guard Dwight, DAMN!!!

07-27-2012, 05:18 AM
Channel 4 vs. Inmates should be the finals.

07-27-2012, 05:30 AM
Chandler did very, very well against Howard this season. But I do like the spacing of Bosh and Howard compared to Stoudemire and Chandler, however the depth of Jerk Offs is better than Channel 4. Jerk Offs for me.