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07-22-2012, 10:06 PM
We did a redraft in the Mavs forum over the last month and would appreciate everyones help in picking a winner. Please put your vote in on who you think would win a 7 game series between the two teams listed below. Please leave all bias out of your decision in interest of fairness!

The Boise BrickSquad has homecourt advantage.

Death Row Inmates

Depth Chart :

PG - Kyrie Irving - Tyreke Evans
SG - Jason Kidd - OJ Mayo - Raja Bell
SF - LeBron James - Dorell Wright
PF - Greg Monroe - Chris Andersen
C - Marcus Camby - Chris Kaman - Robin Lopez

Team Write Up:

Team Emphasis: Defense, Defense, Defense
Defensive Specialists: LeBron James, Marcus Camby, Jason Kidd, Kyrie Irving, Raja Bell, Chris Andersen

LeBron James (Best PER in the NBA) [Forward]
MPG: 37.5 | FGM-A: 10.0-18.9 | FG%: 53.1 | 3PM-A: 0.9-2.4 | 3PT%: 36.2 | FTM-A: 6.2-8.1 | FT%: 77.1 | REB: 7.9 | AST: 6.2 | BLK: 0.8 | STL: 1.9 | PPG: 27.1
Fresh off his championship victory and his 3rd MVP is the co-captain and floor general of the Death Row Inmates, LeBron James. He utilizes his exceptional penetration, post-up, passing, 3-point shooting, and defensive skills to become the most complete offensive and defensive player in the world. He will be the defensive and offensive anchor of this team. LeBron has the unique ability to be the best player from, PG to SG to SF to PF. If you think the Miami Heat are stacked with talent, imagine the dominance the Death Row Inmates will impose with it's supporting cast.

Kyrie Irving (5th best PER of all PGs) [Guard]
MPG: 30.5 | FGM-A: 6.9-14.6 | FG%: 47 | 3PM-A: 1.4-3.6 | 3PT%: 40.0 |FTM-A: 3.4-3.8 | FT%: 87.2 | REB: 3.8 | AST: 5.4 | BLK: 0.4 | STL: 1.1 | PPG: 18.5
Statistically, Kyrie Irving had a better per 36 minute Rookie year stat line than LeBron James did for the Cleveland Cavaleers. This is exactly what LeBron needs for the perfect complementary PG:
* He needs an efficient PG who he can kick it out to and knock down the open 3 as he penetrates or passes out of a double team
* He needs a PG who is a lock-down defender; Someone able to block shots and get steals; Someone big enough to guard any PG, bully smaller PGs in the post, and at times guard against small SGs
* He needs a PG who is able to takeover as floor general as he rests
* He needs a PG who can create his own shot and score efficiently as well as create for others
Fortunately for the Death Row Inmates and LeBron James, Kyrie Irving fits this bill perfectly.

Jason Kidd (5th best Assit Ratio, 3rd best Rebound Rate of Guards) [Guard]
MPG: 28.7 | FGM-A: 2.1-5.7 | FG%: 36.3 | 3PM-A: 1.6-4.6 | 3PT%: 35.4 | FTM-A: 0.5-0.6 | FT%: 78.6 | REB: 4.1 | AST: 5.5 | BLK: 0.2 | STL: 1.7 | PPG: 6.2
One of the best PGs to ever play the game, Kidd is the other co-captain of the Death Row Inmates. He provides championship experience and fits in best in the starting line-up for his offensive and defensive capabilities. There is no greater person that is currently playing to teach Kyrie Irving how to be one of the best PGs to ever play the game than Jason Kidd. Not to mention, he would be a mentor to Tyreke Evans and OJ Mayo, sharing his craft with them so that they too might be considered one of the great guards in the NBA. Defensively, Kidd can get away in the starting lineup because he is actually a better SG/SF defender than he is at PG these days. He will not be called to score; He is needed to play on and off the ball, create space for his teammates by efficiently knocking down the 3, make the perfect pass to either get the assist or hockey assist, and to outrebound every guard in the game today. LeBron is going to need someone to lob him easy buckets and who better than Jason Kidd?

Greg Monroe (4th best PER of all PFs, 6th best Rebound Rate of all PFs) [Forward]
MPG: 31.5 | FGM-A: 6.2-11.8 | 3PM-A: 0.0-0.0 | 3PT%: 00.0 | FTM-A: 3.0-4.1 | FT%: 74.0 | REB: 9.6 | AST: 2.3 | BLK: 0.7 | STL: 1.3 | PPG: 15.4
LeBron James needs a big man to play with that can play inside AND outside the paint. Greg Monroe has shown he is one of the best passing bigmen in the game even at such a young age. He has the ability to knock down the mid-range shot and score in the low post as effiecently as the best bigmen in the league today. For a 6 foot 11 inch man, Monroe is an excellent free-throw shooter (74.0%) and won't be hurt if he is in the game at the final few minutes. Being the 3rd option and with starter minutes, it is without question Greg will average at least 20 and 10 on this team (not too far off from his 15.4 and 9.6 in limited minutes). He plays out of position for Detroit but does a solid job defending against most centers; However, playing at his natural position at PF will allow him to be bigger and faster than 95% all the leagues PFs, increasing his already high amount of steals (1.3 per game) and blocks. Having such an offensively skilled bigman in Monroe, the Death Row Inmates can start a center who focuses primarily on defense.

Marcus Camby (1st best Rebound Rate in entire league, 3rd best Assist Ratio of Cs) [Center]
MPG: 22.9 | FGM-A: 2.2-4.9 | FG%: 44.6 | 3PM-A: 0.0-0.1 | 3PT%: 40.0 | FTM-A: 0.5-1.1 | FT%: 45.3 | REB: 9.0 | AST: 1.8 | BLK: 1.8 | STL: 0.8 | PPG: 5.0
The Death Row Inmates need a C who is focuses on defense and rebounding. Marcus Camby is a former defensive player of the year and 8 time player on the all defensive team. In just 22 minutes a game, Camby grabbed 9 rebounds a game, making him have the highest rebouding rate in the entire league... yes, even higher than Dwight Howard and Kevin Love. He provides the Death Row Inmates with superb low post and help defense that this team is built on. He is the perfect C to surround Kyrie Irving, Jason Kidd, LeBron James, and Greg Monroe for all these reasons and because he does not require the ball to stay active and productive. He gets most of his baskets off cleanups/put-backs and lobs. One more important reason why he is starting for this team is because he will provide invaluable experience and wisdom to share with the younger bigmen on the roster. Just as Jason Kidd is Kyrie's mentor, Marcus Camby will help mold Greg Monroe to not only be the offensive beast he already is, but to be the defensive force that Camby is.


Tyreke Evans will be the sixth man and play his preferred and natural position at PG, allowing him to be as productive as he was his rookie season. He is an incredible slasher and facilitator; He is an above-average defender and can switch defenders with OJ Mayo making the team defense that much better. Mayo will be the floor spacer and could steal the sixth man title from Evans if he proves to be as dominating as he was his first two seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies. Dorell Wright is another floor spacer who can play and guard multiple positions (SG/SF/PF). He is an above-average defender and an efficient 3 point shooter. Chris Andersen is a lock-down defender who is a great low post defender and an even better help-side defender. Because of his versatility and defensive prowess, the Inmates needed a low-post and mid-range offensive C. Chris Kaman was going to originally start for the Death Row Inmates but ultimately they felt he would be best suited in the second unit to provide a balanced scoring and defensive attack. Raja Bell is one of the best wing defenders in the game today and Robin Lopez is a promising bigman that will only get better playing next to Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman.

Boise BrickSquad

Deron Williams / Jrue Holiday
Kevin Martin / Landry Fields
Gerald Wallace / Danilo Gallinari
Zach Randolph / Udonis Haslem
Andrew Bogut / Kenyon Martin

07-22-2012, 10:18 PM
Mayo or Tyreke should start over Kidd, you have lebron and kyrie you don't need Kidd in there

07-22-2012, 10:45 PM
Mayo or Tyreke should start over Kidd, you have lebron and kyrie you don't need Kidd in there

X2 u have Tyreke and OJ who are upper class SGs and u have Kidd starting at SG

07-22-2012, 11:23 PM
Ehh..I'll go DRI, but next time they should start Tyreke IMO.

07-22-2012, 11:23 PM
The idea he has behind starting Kidd is that Kidd is the better spot up shooter and the better defender of the three and has championship experience. I agree with the move.

07-23-2012, 10:09 AM
death row !