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Welcome to the 90s redraft from the Knicks forum. This game involves players who have featured at any game between 1989-90 season until 1999-2000 season and players should be judged on their primes and not their 90s career.

Sao Paulo

PG: Mark Jackson | Sleepy Floyd
SG: Michael Cooper | Jim Paxson
SF: Larry Bird | George Lynch | Donyell Marshall
PF: Buck Williams | Donyell Marshall | Dave Greenwood
C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas | Erick Dampier | Danny Schayes

Las Vegas

PG - Doc Rivers / T-Mac / Charlie Ward
SG - Tracy McGrady / Bowen / T.R. Dunn
SF - Bruce Bowen / Detlef Schrempf / Rex Chapman
PF - Shawn Kemp / Robert Horry / Chris Gatling
C - Rony Seikaly / Kemp / Benoit Benjamin

Congrats to my opponent. First, thank you for taking a look at the write-ups. I appreciate it. Second, remember these matchups are best on the primes of the best players. Career longevity is nice but at these teamís best how would they matchup is more important. Third, I want you to know what my writeup is all about. Below is traditional break down of all the matchups that will be prevalent in the series. The final, and most important section, is to just simplify this series down into 2 very basic questions that will illuminate the winner based solely on your opinion. That can be found in the overall section.

PG Ė Doc Rivers vs. Mark Jackson
Letís not waste each otherís time. I did all the research for you. I checked the head to heads, I checked the career numbers, and I checked the peak numbers. Both players never made an all-nba team and were 1x all-stars (ironically their only appearances were 1 year apart). Both players averaged in the low-teens in points and around 9-10apg. Both players averaged around 2spg. Both players were average 3pt shooters. In their primes they played each other to a wash. Donít let Jacksonís longevity confuse you, at their peaks this is a draw.

SG Ė Tracy McGrady vs. Michael Cooper
Tracy McGrady - 32ppg / 7rpg / 6apg / 2spg / 1bpg shooting 46%/39%/79% for a TS% of 56% and a PER of 30 (one of the highest seasons in NBA History)

In the early 2000s, T-Mac was one of the deadliest offensive players the game had ever seen. His ability to score from anywhere on the floor, create for teammates, and his microscopic turnover rate are legendary. The most underrated aspect of McGradyís career was his success in the post-season.
T-Mac has had the greatest improvement in his regular PER to post-season PER in nba history. More than any other player. Shocking but true. This should disprove any myth about his downfalls in the post-season. Keep in mind, this is the best roster heís ever played with and Iíll illustrate that later in the overall section. Heíll be matching against one of the elite defenders in NBA history so as expected he may have an off game or two but heís still an elite offensive player who will find a way to produce.

SF Ė Bruce Bowen vs. Larry Bird
This matchup mirrors the SG matchup. Cooper has made 5 all-defensive 1st teams and 3 all-defensive 2nd teams. Bowen? Heís made 5 all-defensive 1st teams and 3 all-defensive 2nd teams. Iím not going to commit matchup suicide and call the wing matchup a wash because Bird is clearly superior than T-Mac. Iíd just like to add that for Paulo, George Lynch and Jim Paxson are huge drop-offs in talent attempting to guard Tmac while the proven and clutch Robert Horry will spend some time on Bird. Bowen is a much superior 3pt shooter to space the floor than Cooper. Donít ignore those facts when factoring in your final vote.

PF Ė Shawn Kemp vs. Buck Williams
Shawn Kemp - 20ppg / 11rpg / 3apg / 2bpg / 1spg shooting 56% fg (63% TS%) averaging 8FTA on 75%FT.

Buck was an equal rebounder but not as talented offensively. He never made an all-nba team (Kemp made 3) and made less all-star games. Kemp was a force that proved if you provide him with an elite guard he will take you to the finals. Itís a shame that off the court issues ruined a Hall of Fame career but focusing just on peak this is an edge for Las Vegas.

C Ė Rony Seikaly vs. Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Rony Seikaly - 17ppg / 12rpg / 2bpg while shooting 49%fg (56% TS%)
Both are high teens scorers who are decently efficient. Although I should point out that only one of them was so talented around the rim that he earned the nickname ďThe Spin Doctor.Ē Seikaly had a great set of low-post moves on the Heat and was a much better rebounder (double digits) while Ilgauskas was only around 8rpg. This is partly because Ziggy didnít play as many minutes as Seikaly. This means Paulo will rely slightly more on their bench than Las Vegas meaning weíll see a lot of Dampier. This will hold them back.

Bench: Robert Horry-Detlef Schrempf- Gatling-Dunn-Benjamin-Ward vs. Floyd-Paxson-Lynch-Marshall-Dampier
This is a significant advantage for Las Vegas. Take a look at those names again. His bench is easily one of the worst in the game while Detlef and Horry are both starter material players who were wildly successful in their careers:
Detlef Schrempf - 19ppg / 6rpg / 4apg shooting 52%/51% 3pt / 84% FT

Robert Horry - 12ppg / 6rpg / 4apg / 2bpg / 2spg shooting 45%/37% 3pt

Plus with Dampier as his backup center, I have no reservations going small with Tmac-Detlef-Bowen-Horry-Kemp lineup and creating mismatches all over the floor. Erick Dampier has no business getting key rotation minutes in a game like this and yet heíd be guarding my 2nd most dangerous offensive threat. An athletic, strong, freak of nature Shawn Kemp who runs the floor like a gazelle and finishes at the rim like a bulldozer. Meanwhile, Detlef was a lights out shooter who had a knack for finding teammates for easy assists and Big Shot Rob is a 7x champion. The consummate role player who was always on winning teams, made everybody better by playing great defense, rebounding, and hitting 3ís. This is a significant advantage for Las Vegas.

I gave you the names. I gave you the matchups. I gave the numbers. Now you need to ask yourself 2 very simple questions:

#1.) Do you believe prime McGrady can lead a team in the playoffs?
Heís got a pass-first PG (Rivers), two lights-out shooters on the wing (Detlef/Bowen), an All-NBA PF who can run the floor (Kemp), a clutch help defender (Horry) and a low post option (Seikaly). Heís also got defensive minded players at the 1 (Doc/Ward), 2 (Dunn), 3 (Bowen) to protect him on the perimeter. If there was a team tailor-made for him. Itís this one.

#2.) Do you believe depth is important?
Vegas sees a clear edge for them at SG, PF, and a small edge at C. However, believe that the bench and depth of these teams would prove as a critical advantage for Las Vegas. If you think Pauloís overwhelmingly better in the starting lineup than its is easy but in a close matchup, who do you trust more off the bench? As previously mentioned, Horry-Detlef allow me to create mismatches his bench does not protect against.

If the answer to those questions is yes, I believe you have to place your vote with Las Vegas. We believe that at his peak McGrady was in rare company and that our rotation is deeper and stronger than Sao Paulo. Las Vegas deserves to advance to the 2nd round. Good Luck to my competition!

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vegas would win. their depth is too much for sao paulo.

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5-5... let's get some more votes here

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vegas !

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Erick Dampier. George Lynch. Seriously? Don't let him get away with this. With Horry-Detlef getting 30-35 minutes, that gives Kemp serious burn at center to exploit that mismatch for huge stretches of the game.

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Bump! Come on Vegas 1 point game!

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Prime McGrady and Kemp. :drool:

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Prime McGrady and Kemp. :drool:


Where's my opponent? Where's the debate? That's the whole fun of it. I'm into it but I don't even know who I'm going up against.

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keep those votes coming!

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This one is coming down to the wire. Let's get more votes!

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as close as it gets

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Man each team has their defensive stud matched up on the other teams offensive stud. But the difference for me is that I think Las Vegas has the superior front court and rather easily.

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Also, your T-Mac link doesn't work KoB

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Oh, nevermind, I've already read your link :laugh2:

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whoops, that's kinda my fault :D

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still close but Vegas with a small lead that might seal things

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no new votes from yesterday?