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07-18-2012, 10:42 PM
Welcome to the 90s redraft from the Knicks forum. This game involves players who have featured at any game between 1989-90 season until 1999-2000 season and players should be judged on their primes and not their 90s career.



First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the redraft and second I'd like to thanks those who helped rank my team 2nd in the conference.

The Shanghai Sensei team is an incredibly balanced team, with probably the best perimeter defense and a top class post defense while everyone on the starting five can score double digits any given night.
David Robinson is who is considered the focal point of the team, the defensive anchor and offensive Admiral. All starting five are very good defensive players at least, while everyone but Laettner were once considered best defender at their position at some point in their career.

The starting lineup itself is almost perfect, but what it lacks is consistent perimeter shooting. While Artest and Blaylock are pretty good shooters, this is where Dana Barros, Hubert Davis and Eric Piatkowski come to action. All three are top 20 shooters in the history of NBA % wise, while Hubert Davis actually is 2nd of all time (pending Steph Curry's career who at the moment is 2nd but % has a high chance to drop).

Marciulionis was a great guard back in the day who could also hit the three.
Bench is completed with brilliant scorer Orlando Woolridge, energetic PF J.R Reid and Tim Duncan before the actual Tim Duncan, Roy Tarpley (who ruined his what could have been a brilliant career due to drugs relatively early in his NBA life).

As for the opponent, Arlington's focal point on offense would be Karl Malone from the interior and from the exterior it'd be Rolando Blackman.
Shanghai possesses the strength to stop Blackman by putting Dennis Johnson on him, while former DPOY Ron Artest could also help out in defending Blackman which would cause a severe offensive casualty for Arlington.
As for Malone, his career is a bit mysterious. While he is the top scorer of all time in the NBA, for the majority of his career the Mailman was distributed by the best pure point guard. I'm not going to argue that Malone cannot score without Stockton because that is absurd. But what is not absurd is to argue that a Billups-Blackman backcourt is going to be able to send the ball in the paint for Karl Malone as often as he'd like. First it's a bit hard for Arlington since they are up against a great defensive team with amazing perimeter defensive that would amount to a lot of steals in this series and second because Marcus Camby is not someone who will intimidate David Robinson offensively (nor defensively to be frank) so the Admiral could find himself up against the Mailman quite often.

Arlington's bench is quite interesting with some great players out there but I'm not feeling the chemistry and roster balance with the rest of the players.
There are some nice complements in most positions but I don't see anyone from Arlington's bench who can make a big difference on the series.

I am very confident that there is not much the Arlington offense can do to break my team's defense while it is safe to assume that Arlington's defense, while very good at PG and C and quite good at SF (from the starters), it's not enough to stop my starters' peak 109 PPG combined. And of course this does not mean I'm saying they will score 109 together, just stating the fact that my team's defensive power does not have to equate with a less strong offensive power.

Good luck to Arlington.


C - Marcus Camby - Antonio Davis
PF - Karl Malone - Kurt Rambis
SF - Rick Fox - Corliss Williamson - Walt Williams
SG - Rolando Blackman - Ruben Patterson - Jon Barry
PG - Chauncey Billups - Bobby Jackson

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only 8 votes... when the other matchup has 40?!?!

07-19-2012, 09:30 AM
I like the frontcourt for Arlington way better. Big Shot Billups will create shots for everyone.

07-19-2012, 06:02 PM
Shanghai has the superior player at every position but PF. Malone would get his but a combination of Mookie-DJ-Artest would lock down the perimeter and Arlington has no real #2 option to rely on. Prime Robinson has always been underrated in these games. Give me Shanghai.

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airlington rick fox will knock you out

07-19-2012, 06:59 PM
Shanghai. Their team is a defensive juggernaut

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A Chinese saying goes, hard work pays off. http://www.poci.info/jpg1