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07-09-2012, 03:02 PM
The list is too long to post do you agree with the grades? If not what grade and explain here.


Here is mine:


Josh Beckett C- This is not the Beckett we know. Including the Golf incident while being on the 15 DL. How is BV supposed to look at that when a player is injured and you’re playing 18 rounds of golf rather than working on your command, getting better etc?

Do I think he will turn it around? Don’t have a crystal ball but I think he will have his ups & downs towards the rest of the season.

Aaron Cook: B+/A- I was very surprised on what Cook was able to do for us while SP was on the DL. I knew he came from the NL and struggled and was thinking it would follow him. He had his ups & downs but have to hand it to him nice job and I think he will get a little better towards the end of the season.

Felix Doubront: A- This kid was like our King from Seattle. He’s been a great addition the rotation. He has struggled and I think he will turn it around.

Dice-K: F He has never been the same since 2008 going 18-3.
So for a 6 yrs/ $52 contract you only get 1 good year out of him? I know you can’t predict the future of injuries etc. I do not think he will turn it around. Too many injuries his command is not like it use to be.

Daniel Bard: F: It was a HUGE mistake makes him the starting pitcher. That not where he belongs. It’s what the Yankees did with Joba Chamberlain

He’s been struggling down in AAA and that makes me wonder if there is someone physically wrong with him. I would be shocked to see him return to his normal self again.

Jon Lester C-: Like I said with Josh this isn’t the Lester we all know. We know he can be an Ace! I hope he can turn the page and work on his commands etc during the ASB.

Relief Pitching:

Alfredo Aceves C+ I will agree with yahoo on this. AC was dominant last year bang lights out. I think he will turn it around during the 2nd half of the season

Mark Melancon F: He came from the NL. As a closer going to the AL is night and day. I knew it was going to be a disaster waiting to happen. Plus on top of that he went from a non pressure club where nobody cared if you blew the game or not to a team where they do care. Since being re-called he really got his head back in the game and I think we can see some improving down the road.

Matt Albers B- Albers has gotten a bit better over the course of the years we've had him. His K/9 is not good and needs to have a better command but I agree with the post on Yahoo. I think Albers will get a little better during the 2nd half of the year

Scott Atchison A-: I've always liked this guy. Great ERA and getting guys out. I continue to see him getting better during the 2nd half of the season

Andrew Miller B+ The rest of the RP I agree with yahoo.

Franklin Morales B+

Vicente Padilla C

Jarrod Saltalamacchia B+ The guy has had his ups & downs. The biggest think JS needs to improve is not striking out so much. He has a total of 72 K's in the last 10 games in June! I see JS getting a little better during the 2nd half of the season.

Kelly Shoppach B: With 37 K's in the past 10 games are not as bad as JS but needs to improve. I think KS has been a great addition to being a backup and continue to see him getting better.

Mike Aviles- A: Mike has done a great job a SS. When they traded MC to the Rockies a lot of RS including myself were upset over it. But I think MA has proved to us he can be a great everyday SS and continue to get better.

Adrian Gonzalez- C-: Not sure where he power went from last season but it was a complete bust during the first half of the season. But slowly starting to get back into the swing of things and I continue to see him getting better but not as good as last year.

Will Middlebrooks A-: With Kevin being traded to CWS and WMB getting the nod at 3rd base he’s done pretty well until recently with his injuries. I'm hoping for a better 2nd half with this kid.

David Ortiz: A+ I was the first to admit I didn’t want him back and boy was I wrong! This guy is on fire and has proven he’s worth staying another year or 2. I continue to see him getting prob even better to where he is now. Plus the fact he recorded his 400th HR!

Dustin Pedroia: B- DP has done great but with his thumb injury. Like Yahoo sports said he had a strong start but then struggled with injuries. I think he will get back on track hopefully.

Nick Punto: F. No comment needed :)


Kalish, Ryan C+ He’s a good kid but I think he needs to continue working at AAA and hoping to get better so if they are injuries during the 2nd half we can count on him getting better.

Cody Ross: A+ This kid has been outstanding! Never thought he would produce this much power. Great addition and he will see this continue on during the 2nd half of the season.

Ryan Sweeney A- Again RS has also been a great addition. Hoping he can come back from his injuries and continue getting better

Manger: Bobby Valentine Yahoo gave a C I will give him a B- borderline B+. Yes a lot of RS blame him for the struggle the Redsox have gone through but he’s not the one signing, trading players. He is given a team where he must give a lineup. Some may not have been the best some have. Hopefully 2nd half will continue to get better as some of the injuries come back.

This one was not on Yahoo. Ben Cherrington: D. A lot of the trades I did not like and still don’t. Youk to CWS, Reddick to OAK etc. I really liked these guys and hated to see them go but I guess it’s a chance you have to make.

Ok that’s all! Let the bashing begin :)

07-09-2012, 03:06 PM
I'd give Aviles a C- personally. Since April he's been putrid at the plate. And he's not that good defensively.

07-09-2012, 03:22 PM
Beckett: B-
Yahoo was right. He had mostly good results. That he got shelled by NYY should be no surprise; he ALWAYS gets shelled by NYY.

Lester: C-
The one stand-up guy after the 9/11 implosion looked like the face of the new Sox. With a 5-6 record and league average results, perhaps he is. But just-below average is not what you need from your Opening Day pitcher.

Bard: D
Yahoo is right again. Downgrading him because you disagreed with the move is not evaluating his performance. He had a few good games but quickly became a pitcher that he is not (an artist rather than a thrower) in an attempt to go deeper into games. Doubront, by contrast, was going about the same depth but eventually got deeper into games by being more patient.

Also, this is NOT what was done with Joba. Chamberlain was ALWAYS a SP. He moved to the BP when he hit an innings limit but thrived there. The plan was always to get him to the rotation. They tried a few times and failed. Now he's a mess. At least we don't need to hear the Joba > Hughes > Buchholz stuff any more.

Aceves: C-
Tied for one of the worst blown saves rates in the league cannot earn you an above average rating. If you're in the bottom 5 you are not "average".

Atchison: A-
Among pitchers with at least 40IP Atchison is 3rd in ERA, 11th in WHIP, and fifth in OPS against. Only 8/24 inherited runners have scored. Anything less than some kind of A is simply bias based on past history.

Melancon: C
He had four historically horrendous appearances in April and his entire season is weighted by it. He went to PAW, concentrated on his curveball and getting FB strikes, and boom. Since returning from the demotion he's sporting a nice .170/.204/.170 line against. That's 8 singles, no XBH, and two walks in 49PA since coming back. "Since coming back" represents 75% of his season. D? Really?

Valentine: B-
The early results while he experimented with different players in different roles was NOT what the club needed under the pressure to perform stemming from last September. Necessary, perhaps, but decisions were too long in coming on things like whether or not Morales could be a SU guy. Still, given the injury-induced roster churn that places four or five AAA players in the starting lineup on much too frequent a basis, the club's .500 record is above-average managing.

07-09-2012, 04:30 PM
Lester - C-

Lester has not been the leader of the pitching staff this year. He's been extremely inconsistent. His WHIP is up, H/9 are up, and SO/9 are down. He's also sporting a very ace-like 4.49 ERA.

Buchholz - D

He's a walking candidate for the DL. He gives up a crap ton of homers...1.6/9 to be exact. H/9 are double digits, he has a high WHIP, and he sports a wonderful 5.53 ERA.

Beckett - C-

He's battled injuries and ineffectiveness. He's following the theme that all SP's must have a 4+ ERA. His numbers aren't that bad but he sure as heck isn't pitching like one of the leaders of the staff.

Doubront - C+

He's surprised me at times, however it seems like he has the inability of going deep into games. His longest outing is 7.0IP. He also needs to work on walking less batters.

Bard - D-

The starting pitching experiment did not work out and now he's down in AAA switching back into reliever mode - and struggling. It seems like more than likely it will be a lost year for Bard.

Aceves - C+

I know he's recorded some saves, however, he's blown quite a few. I liked his role last year when he was a rubber arm that was used all over the place - where IMO he was more valuable.

Morales - B

He's done a decent job as a starter (albeit a small sample size) and wasn't terrible as a reliever. He has a combined 3.50 ERA (between reliever and a starter.)

Matsuzaka - F

He's been rehabbing most of the year and when he has pitched, it's been nothing spectacular. He's back on the DL...so much for the Pride of Japan. Bust.

Padilla - C+

Padilla has been a decent reliever and seems to get himself in to jams, but also get himself out of them. He's been valuable out of the pen. And I mean c'mon he has an eephus pitch and gets under Mark Teixiera's skin!

Melancon - C-

It's been the tale of two seasons for Mark. He was terrible the first month of the season but has looked better since his call-up...

Cook - C+

I watched that game against the Mariners where he threw 81 pitches in a complete game while producing no swinging misses. I honestly don't think he'll be a main piece in the rotation, but he hasn't been all that bad.

Albers - B

I don't know if it will hold up, but Albers has pitched exceptionally well. However, we were saying the same thing halfway through the season last year only to watch him implode. If he keeps it up, I think the Red Sox may ship him off in a trade at the deadline to a team looking to upgrade their pen.

Atchison - A++

Seriously, who expected Atchison to put up the numbers he has so far this year? Old Man Atch who was an afterthought at the start of the year has statistically been one of the better reliever in the AL. Add in the fact why he's pitching for Boston, you have to give the man a good grade.

Miller - B

He looks comfortable in a pen role and has decent numbers. He's limited the walks and looks like he has found some modicum of control. He's been a key cog to the improved BP.

Hill - INC

Stop getting injured 'brah.

Darnell MacDonald - Z-

Yeah I went way past the traditional A-F scale...he's a terrible pitcher. 27.00 ERA...POS.

07-09-2012, 05:17 PM
Some different choices id make:

Lester: D

Lester gives up every single lead he is given if he hasnt already let the door wide open, isnt the leader people thought he was going to be, and will never be an ace in Boston.

Beckett: B

He got no run support and if you take out a couple games where he got absolutely rocked (Detroit, Cleveland), his ERA would be solid. Hes gotta stay healthier though.

Doubront: B-

Doubront was great in April and May, but has been utterly terrible since. He cant go more than 6 innings, and isnt holding teams to 2 or less runs like he was in the early going. This may be because of his innings total, but as a starter you have to be durable enough to go half a season without imploding. People are way too high on this kid. Hes definitely no "king" as of right now.

Buchholz: B

After his horrendous start, hes been by far our best pitcher. I cant blame him for an illness, but hes got to stay off of the DL too.

Gonzalez: D

18 hit streak? What was our record during those 18 games? If he isnt hitting for power than hes going to have to hit .330 again to impress me at all. Hes still great in the field, but overall hes looked pretty pathetic.

I also agree with whoever said Aviles tailed off.

Overall id give this team a B-, which may sound high but being 3 games out of the playoffs with the ridiculous amount of injuries that the Sox have had is a win in itself.

07-09-2012, 07:06 PM
I'd like a retest please, these grades should be better and by better I mean we should atleast have a comfortable lead for the WC.

07-09-2012, 08:05 PM
This has been a clown season bro.