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07-09-2012, 08:36 AM
The first half is mercifully over and as dreadful as it was, we are within 3 games of a wild card spot.

Now what?
Where are the leaders on this team?
I see two leaders on this team in Pedey and Papi and the rest, well the jury is out! The other one we traded to Chicago!

Our Aces are anything but ......... Beckett and Lester look like they are serving up batting practice. Buchholz has the potential to lead, but he also has the potential to break down again.
Batters come up against all of our pitchers dug in and ready to rip the cover off the ball. We let the Yankees score that many runs against us and didn't drill any of them? OWN THE PLATE! We should have turned Senor Loco Padilla loose on a few of them or maybe a wild Bard would have been a good thing this weekend? Is it the pitching coach? Is it the manager? Or do our pitchers not know how to lead on the mound?

I understand it is tough to win with 4 players with numbers higher than 50 on their back, but those aren't the ones not producing! More times than not it has been the veterans that are not producing. Gonzo is starting to come around but his hits are coming with no one on, in the clutch he has not produced. The same with Salty and Ross. Lately I have noticed Aviles taking plays off, not hustling, taking very lazy swings and missing routine plays.

Is the manager not motivating the players or are the players totally disengaged from the manager? Are the same players that shutdown for Tito shutting down for Bobby? If that is the case than the problem is the players not the manager! Ownership needs to step in and do something.

What to expect the second half?

Jacoby will bring hustle back into the lineup, but will others follow or just continue to get through the season?
Will the glass man Crawford show up or just spit sunflower seeds in the dugout! Be careful Carl you don't bite your tongue, that will add another 30 days to your DL!
Will Bailey and Bard push the bullpen down two spots and create trade chips?
Will we trade one of our many outfielders for a starting pitcher that can get through the first inning without giving up a run?
Do we clean house with Shoppach, Dice K, Padilla etc. Guys who will have zero value for us next year, but may bring a bucket of balls or chicken at the deadline?
Do we fire Bobby and admit like with making Bard a starter, certain members of our ownership are clueless when it comes to baseball decisions?

Stay tuned Red Sox Nation it could be an interesting second half or more of the same inept baseball! :faint:
Let's hope we can somehow right the ship and some other leaders will emerge to carry the team on their back!

07-09-2012, 10:45 AM
Padilla is clearly a leader, his.50 mph curveball will bring us to the promise lland

07-09-2012, 12:07 PM
Can see Beckett being traded if the FO is dedicated to making changes. Not sure how much they value him and if they're willing to absorb some of his remaining salary to get better reurn. I like Padilla. He's a crafty veteran that has adapted well to relieving. I don't see that we have alot to trade that will bring us anyone back of significance. Most teams will want our young promising guys and thats exactly what we need at this point.