View Full Version : question for small market teams

07-02-2012, 03:32 AM
nobody can expect to pay as much out as the largest market teams. however, whouldn't it be fair to say on payroll. that the owners in small markets get paid alot in diffrent avenues. such as tickets sales for mlb plus all minor leagues,food and drinks high priced in mlb and all minor league teams, all merchandise including hats and shirts and all items sold by our clubs,t.v sales and marketing ,ect. so it's safe to say the owners of all our small markets are making a great penny off all our 20 to 100 tickets,6 dollar beers,5 dollor hot dogs and 5 dollar waters ect and us taking friends and families throughout the year and years. the baseball season is 162 games long plus post season more games and more sales and more leagues then nba and nfl although a cheaper ticket in baseball,far more money being made. we should never expect a large market pay roll but atleast spend our money on the team. we are getting punked and ripped off by all our owners. if they spend we come but even they don't we still come? that needs to change for the sake of our teams,but seems alot of our teams are spending peanuts of our hard earned money on our teams. so if teams and players can strike games.....my question to you why can't we? if you spend we will come and only then we come,does this change our owners response and attention and focus in putting our money into our teams? is this too much to ask? if it wasn't for all us hard working loyal fans paying,watching,and supporting our teams,baseball wouldn't be around. instead of us being treated like suckers but we should be treated more then fair but could be looked at like customers and make there custumors happy should be followed. how or can we as fans the customers have to change and what can be done?