View Full Version : Lebron one win and we are crowning?

06-23-2012, 02:17 AM
I think he played hard, harder then he ever has. I think he really wanted this one. But am I ready to say he proved anything, and compare him to MJ come on man lol. MJ beat showtime Lakers for his first. Green, Magic, Worthy, Divac, Scott, Thompson, Cooper. Some grown MEN. Lebron beat some young kids wearing hipster glasses and backpacks scared to death of the finals. To say the Thunder played like the Thunder can play would be a joke, to say they werent young and dumb would be a joke. They were barely competition and still almost won every game but the last one. Lebron still shot couldnt make a outside shot, and went to the basket against a weak skinny Thunder team. The Spurs would have not let this happen. ANd no team from MJs era woulda set back and let one man go to the basket like this. To compare this guy to MJ already is a joke to the history of this league. Guys may be better athletes now with the training methods, sports science, and stimulants. But they are the same type player. They dont carry themselves lie they used to its more about lookign cool and being in front of the camera then it is winning as a team. Its about the easiest wat to win like meeting in the off season to plan on putting the best together. There is no way this is the same league with all the flopping, and whining. I dont hate Lebron I think he took advasntage of the situation in hand a cakewalk finale. He stepped up and took it. I dont think his Legacy will ever be that of MJ, Magic, Bird, Etc unless he returns home and does what he said he was. There is more to a legacy then just winning there is character. You say you love your hometown, you say you wont quit until you bring a title there and end all the negative times. Then you do it, you dont find a easy way to advoid it. The way to make his legacy is to one day retuen to Cleveland and end the title drought, the right way building like they are doing now. But I believe that bridge may be burned. If Gilbert would let him return I have no doubt they could win with the cap space they have and the picks and peices in place. I think by the time is contract is up that The Cavs that are being built now would be better the the Heat woth Lebron, but I dont know if he would ever be welcome home. I think it would be a great story and I think it would be a great career move that could establish him amongst the other Legends. I hope it goes that way for him, because if he doest this there wont be anything bad you can say about him in the basketball sense. His character and actions maybe in question with the decision and all that but as far as accomplishments to the game of basketball there will be no question. He would have done everything you could ask of him.

06-23-2012, 02:21 AM
This has already been discussed plenty..