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06-05-2012, 07:14 PM
Long time reader first time posting. I like all the ideas everyone is throwing out there. The one I think I would like the most would be to get Batum from Portland. He is young,athletic, and a great defender he will not need a max contract and we should be able to keep our bench pretty deep. I think the Warriors should offer the blazers a sign and trade for batum. We could offer the 7th pick and Richard Jefferson for a 5 year/40 million dollar batum sign and trade. I think batum who is only 23 is a future all star. Portland would be in heaven with the 6,7 and 11th picks because they are trying to rebuild anyways. We would have a solid playoff worthy lineup the next 3-4 years and could get bench players through the draft and free agency. Why spend all that money on a non superstar like granger or Paul George?