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05-23-2012, 01:38 AM
I just want to tell a short story. I sat in the 3rd row of the stands and yelled at stephenson throughout the game beginning at warmups. I sat in 3rd row and gave him choking sign all might in which he begun to shout stuff and taunt back even chopping his crotch. Then I started yelling about how I have played 1 less minute than him in this series and have as many points. In which he started making it rain with his hands saying he's in it for the cash. Then during halftime I looked through google and found some information about him pushing his ex, Jasmine Williams down the stairs, which led to him trying to get out of his seat when Dantay Jones held him down saying its not worth it. Throughout the rest of the game my surrounding fans heckled Stephenson with me and it was obvious we had gotten under his head, leading to him obviously getting destroyed in the game, not only on both sides of the ball, but by Pittman too.

Have any of you had interactions like this with players? I think it's funny as hell and would be funny to hear some stories.

05-23-2012, 03:34 AM
I haven't had any experience with heckling (only next to a guy who heckled Gary Sheffield at a Marlins game when he was with the ?Mets?) but thanks for the good story. You're a real fan. :D

05-23-2012, 10:04 AM
Kudos, i got a good laugh from this.

05-23-2012, 08:14 PM
I dont post often but when I do its for posts like this :) Great story had a good laugh !