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05-13-2012, 01:22 PM
In 2005, despite only posting 15.5 points a game (the lowest scoring average of any MVP since 1969) Steve Nash won the MVP award. Granted, he did lead the league in assists, and his shooting was stellar, but as has always been the case with Steve Nash, he really was only getting the job done on one end of the floor, since his defence has always been less than stellar. Many attributed his winning the award to the huge turnaround the Suns pulled off with the addition of Nash. but so to did the Heat see a huge turnaround with the addition of Shaq, while the likes of Iverson doubled Nash's scoring out-put and only got three fewer assists while get far more steals. Many would argue that Nash wasn't even the best player on his team that season, let alone the MVP of the league! Most saw Amare as being the best player on the team. This is a season when players like Kobe and McGrady were playing at their peak, and Duncan and Garnett were steady as ever and LeBron Jams was coming into his own.

The following year, with a injury to Amare, the Suns were expected to be fighting for a playoff spot, and many thought they were lottery bound, but again, they exceeded expectations and Steve Nash was again awarded the MVP. And again, players like Kobe, McGrady and LBJ were playing at peek levels, as was Iverson, Duncan, Garnett and LBJ.

I'm not saying Steve Nash didn't deserve those awards. I agree that he did. In fact, I actually believe his most deserving year for the award was 2007, when Dirk upset Nash as the MVP award winner.

For three straight seasons Nash was seen as either the MVP, or the runner up, all for helping his team to over-achieve (which they did, and which they did because Nash is such a great facilitator and makes the players around him better). But this is exactly what CP3 did this season. He came to a team, a team that gutted its entire roster save their starting power forward, a team that gave up Eric Gordon and all-star center Chris Kaman, just to get Paul. Many, realistically, saw the Clippers improving slightly, or perhaps taking a small step backward considering all the gave up to aquire CP3, but CP3 worked miracles this season and did was Nash was awarded for doing in 2005, 2006 and almost again in 2007 (and lets face it, byt 2007, voters were just tired of voting for Nash). CP3 turned the Clippers around and put them in a position where not only were they able to make the playoffs, but are currently on the verge of upsetting the Grizzlie in their first-round match-up.

LBJ and Durant were both worthy of the MVP award this season, and I'm not saying they weren't. But so two were the likes of Iverson, Kobe, McGrady, Shaq, Wade and Dirk during the seasons which Nash was winning, or coming close to winning, the MVP award.

Had Nash been black, would he have been given so much credit as he was? The Suns not only had added Nash in 2005, but a new coach and QR, who played very well for them, as well as Joe Johnson who they had aquired from Boston and showed the natural kind of improvement one might expect from a sophmore player.

All season CP3 has been making his teammates better and helping a Clippers roster that likely would have been in the lottery if they had Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman instead of CP3, but he seems to not have gotten much love in the voting. So I ask you, if CP3 was white, would he have gotten the kind of attention that Nash got? Or would voters have still awarded LBJ with the MVP?

In my mind, LBJ was the best player this season, but the Heat are a playoff team with or without him, which in my book doesn't make him an MVP, it just makes him the best player on a team that is already great. CP3 however, is the true MVP of the season, he make not have been the best player on the floor, but he certainly was the most important, the most valuable player for his team, and in my humble opinion, in the league.

05-13-2012, 01:25 PM
the race card, why am i not surprised?

05-13-2012, 01:25 PM
No, if he was Asian he would've won the award.

05-13-2012, 01:33 PM
Child, please.

Leave race out of it.