View Full Version : One And Done Part II

04-09-2012, 01:43 PM
I know there was recently a 'one and done' discussion, but NBA.com had a really great article on the 'one and done' rule:


I don't agree with everything in the article, but it gives a list of all the players that came out after highschool, and surprisingly enough most of them did well. They reference Lenny Cooke as a cautionary tale, but fail to mention the number of players who stayed three or four years and never got drafted.

One thing missing in the conversation is Brandon Jennings. Jennings was smart enough to get paid for his first year out of highschool by going to Europe, where they have no age limit. I think it would be wise for NBA ready highschoolers to look into going to Europe like Jennings did. It would be a great learning experience, they'd get paid, and obviously it wouldnt hurt their draft standing as Jennings managed to go in the first round and has been very productive in the NBA. If the NBA and union eventually agree to raise the age and make players stay in college for two or three years, I think a lot of more talent will look into going to Europe... if their smart enough to get paid.

There is also a case-by-case analysis of each player that came out out of highschool... one of the more tragic ones being Ellis Richardson who stuggled with some emotional issues and saw him spend time in a mental institution.

One thing is very clear, whether you are hearing from NBA reps like Cuban, or college reps, their main goal in wanting to raise the limit is to take money away from the players and put it into the pocket of the owners and colleges.