View Full Version : I wish Spoelstra were right!

03-15-2012, 12:48 PM
The Lakers beat Miami and all Spoelstra had to say was 'we have enough and we don't need to make a trade'. Orlando beat Miami and all Spoesltra had to say 'we have enough and we don't need to make a trade'. Last night Chicago beat Miami and all Spoelstra had to say 'we have enough and we don't need to make a trade'. I know Spoelstra is not in the front office and he has to be politically correct at all times and he also has to be careful not to mess with the chemistry of the team but I have one tiny question for Spoelstra and here it is: If the Heat have enough good bench players then how come Lebron and Wade have to score 50 to 75% of all the Heat points in any single game days in and days out? Is that what you call a well-balanced team? I don't think our stating center had scored even 10 points total in 3 combination games. I wish Spoesltra were right!

03-15-2012, 01:42 PM
Before and even during the season I've been saying how we need another competent big off the bench. We do need help there.

But my only question to the OP and other fans is why weren't you guys talking about the teams flaws and what we needed before we lost a game? Thats what I don't get about some of you fans. Like I can count the number of fans in this forum who talk about and breakdown the team regardless of win or loss on a couple fingers. But certainly when we lose tons of fans have a revelation about what we need. I don't get it... Did you guys only finally learn about our flaws when we lost? Did you not see them before?

03-15-2012, 01:51 PM
But right now our biggest flaw is we have no margin of error in the front court with Bosh. If he has a bad game Haslem and Anthony both have to play out of their mind to compensate.

03-15-2012, 04:06 PM
Hey this team is set. Yes I would love to have a 7 foot center but or at least someone who plays big in that position but there isnít anyone out there. The trade deadline is over and now we can only hope some big gets bought out (and that may not even happen). The fact that Przybilla picked Portland tells me he doesnít care about winning so Ďfí him we donít need him. There are still some FA bigs out there we can get.

Iíve watched almost every HEAT game and these past couple of games the HEAT look sluggish, even in the Indiana game where we won in overtime. We lost our last two road games but we had chances to win them playing bad, and I think the HEAT are holding back.

In the Orlando game Battier missed like 5 3 pointers in a row, if hits just one of those shots we would have won, without D-Wade having to take the last shot to win it.

In the Chicago game again we looked sluggish. At one point we were down 14 and we cut it to 4 and I think we still looked slow.

This team will be fine, I do want us to pick up a big though. Someone put a thread of Fesenko, that could help, he is not the answer but a big that can rebound and push people around and maybe even score a few times is all we need.


03-16-2012, 01:51 AM
No legit big = No championship