View Full Version : Boozer + Gibson for Stoudemire + Jared Jeffries

03-09-2012, 08:48 PM
Knicks lower their spending a bit and they receive some good offensive to complement Jeremy Lin/Carmelo Anthony and they get a very capable defender in Gibson. Stoudemire has not been laying at a very high level this year and his pay will keep the Knicks chokeholded for the next few seasons, something that they do not need due to the inexpensive Lin who is bringing in revenue, excitement, etc.

Gibson will eventually want starter money that he will find and the Bulls will not be able to match since they will be paying the overpaid Boozer. In this scenario, they get Amar'e who is an upgrade from Boozer in the playoffs. Jeffries is added in just to make the trade work.

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There is not a single team in Basketball that would take Stats contract right now. It's way worse then Boozer.