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PHILADELPHIA, PA. - MARCH 7, 2012 - The Philadelphia 76ers will celebrate Harvey "Super Stat" Pollack's 90th birthday when they host the Utah Jazz on Friday, March 9 at the Wells Fargo Center at 7:00 p.m. (CSN; 94 WIP). Pollack is currently the team's director of statistical information, and is widely known for writing the "100" sign held by the late Wilt Chamberlain when he scored 100 points against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962, among many other achievements.

During the game, the Sixers will show Pollack and his birthday cake on the jumbotron while fans sing "Happy Birthday."

With a nickname like "Super Stat," it's only fitting to recap some of Pollack's achievements by the numbers:

66: "Years Pro"

Harvey has worked in the league since its inaugural 1946-47 season.

3,173: T-shirts worn (up to and including Wednesday, March 7, 2012)

Pollack's quest to gain entry into the Guinness Book of World Records began on June 28, 2003, more than eight years ago. As this feat has never been attempted before, Pollack claims to own the world record for the most consecutive days wearing a different T-shirt, and continues to break his own world record every day. Pollack's record is not yet in the Guinness Book of World Records, as all records must be completed events - and Pollack has many more T-shirts to wear.

3: Total games missed

Pollack did not work three games due to bypass surgery, but attended one of them as a guest – the team transported him to and from his home so he could watch the game from a suite.

45: Media guides Pollack had a hand in printing

Pollack, as a part of the Warriors' public relations department, printed the Warriors' first media guide in the middle of the 1966-67 season. Pollack's famous league stats, now compiled in his yearly tome "Harvey Pollack's NBA Statistical Yearbook," were once incorporated in the team's regular season media guide. In 1994, the team split the information into two books. Pollack produced an additional 14 media guides in mimeograph form from 1951-52 to 1965-66.

50: Amount in Pollack's first paycheck

At time of payment, Pollack was a part-time member of the Warriors’ public relations department.

1: Pollack's first statistics crew

Pollack was the only statistician for the Warriors when he first started working for them.

12: Pollack's current statistics crew

His current crew includes two family members, his son Ron and grandson Brian.

41: Number of years Pollack served as a Public Relations Director

1946-1988, for the Philadelphia Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers.

4: Number of side jobs Pollack currently has

In addition to his Sixers responsibilities, Harvey also oversees stats for the Philadelphia Wings, works as a part of the Villanova University statistics crew when they play at the Wells Fargo Center, moonlights as a theater writer for The County Press (Delaware County, Pa.) and tabulates the judges' scores for Philadelphia's annual Mummers Parade.

2: Number of children

4: Number of grandchildren

2: Number of great grandchildren

89.66669: Years lived in Philadelphia

Pollack was born in Camden, N.J., and his family moved to Philadelphia when he was 3-months-old.

4: Championship rings owned

Pollack is the only person to have all four of Philadelphia's professional basketball championship rings: 1946-47 (Warriors), 1955-56 (Warriors), 1966-67 (Sixers), 1982-83 (Sixers).


Herbert Harvey Pollack (born March 9, 1922 in Camden, New Jersey) is the director of statistical information for the Philadelphia 76ers. He holds the distinction of being the only individual still working for the NBA since its inaugural 1946-47 season. Because of his proclivity to statistics, then Philadelphia Bulletin writer George Kiseda pinned the moniker of Super Stat on him in 1966. Pollack holds the distinction of keeping score during Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game, on March 2, 1962. Pollack made Chamberlain the sign which he holds in his famous post-game photo. Pollack has been responsible for many stats that are now officially recorded by the NBA, such as blocked shots, and he was the first statistician to separate rebounds into offensive and defensive. Some believe Harvey Pollack coined the term "triple-double",although others claim that it was coined by former Los Angeles Lakers public relations director, Bruce Jolesch.

During the Sixers’ offseason, Pollack analyzes all 1,230 play-by-play sheets from the previous season (every game of the regular season) to produce Harvey Pollack’s NBA Statistical Yearbook, an ever growing book of rare basketball information that takes statistical analysis to a new level. Including stats such as the shot distance of every field goal, who gets their shot blocked the most, and other creative categories like "working-man," which a player has to contribute to every category but no fouls or turnovers, and "trillionare club" which is when player plays in a game and has all zeros across their name.

Harvey claims that Wilt Chamberlain had not only a quadruple-double, but also a game where he recorded at least double digits in five major categories. However, this has not been recorded in the books because the NBA had not officially adopted the statistics yet.


One of the most influential people in the game of basketball, and it's amazing he's still around and working after all these years. Happy Birthday Harvey!

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HBD stat man :clap: