View Full Version : Bobcats/Lakers Trade Idea

03-08-2012, 05:01 AM
Thinking of ways to help both teams.

DJ Augustin (1 Year/$3 Million)
Boris Diaw (1 Year/$8 Million)
Matt Carroll (2 Years/$7.5 Million)

Steve Blake (3 Years/$12 Million)
Luke Walton (2 Years/$11 Million)
Andrew Goudelock
Mavericks 2012 1st Round Pick
Lakers 2012 1st Round Pick


Is this fair for both teams?

Diaw can attempt to replicate Odom's role for the Lakers as a 6th Man, and being an expiring contract makes it easy for the Lakers to part with him if it doesn't work out. Augustin has the potential to be the Lakers starting PG moving forward.

Charlotte gets a veteran backup PG for Kemba Walker, Luke Walton's expirer next season if he isn't bought out, and another backup SG in Goudelock. Most importantly they get back 2 late 1st Round Picks in the 2012 Draft that can help them as they add more young pieces for their rebuilding effort.

03-08-2012, 04:18 PM
interesting i could see both teams doing this although the lakers might not wanna give up both firsts just for the cap space... altho diaw could be ver good for them along with dj... not bad