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02-26-2012, 11:30 AM
Have the knicks become somewhat of a sad organization? as a fan, i grew up watching the knicks, and loved them, the team was homegrown, we had actually drafted our own star (Patrick Ewing) , acquired our second star right after his rookie season, acquired oakley 3 years into his career, as well as mason

we had somewhat of a "homegrown" team, acquiring our better players within 3 years of their career, stuck with the same core, and made it as far as we could get. but after the early 2000s, things took a turn for the worst, the NJ Nets owned us, making it to the finals twice while we couldnt(and still havent) managed to win a playoff game

with all those years of losing you would figure we would build a team off of some draft picks and start from scratch, but all we do is try to acquire the next big freeagent and then when we acquire them, we treat them like crap:

ex. we sign STAT to be our new superstar, then we get melo and act like its Melo's team and STAT doesnt exist

then we get ,melo, sign lin who becomes a star and act like its lins team, and now we are involved in rumors for dwight howard AGAIN!

where is the loyalty? is it the organizations fault? should they do their do diligence and always look to acquire the "next big piece" on the market, or should we stick to our core?

its ridicolous, we cannot stick to one player,we get STAT, then we want melo, we get melo then we want dwight? what happened to loyalty? is this the medias fault?

there is so much confusion, every year all we talk about is Lebron(then we fail to get him), Chris paul(fail to get him), how many stars does one team need? why not stick to the path of homegrown teams like Chi or OKC, or SAS? why do we have to acquire all our best players through trades and freeagency?

10 years from now will we remember melo and stat as knicks or on some other team in a ploy to attract another star to the organization?

does not drafting your own star hurt the image of the team?


02-26-2012, 11:34 AM
the mistake was to sell the farm for Melo.

They should have waited for the season to end and either Sign melo or have offered a nice sign and trade for Deron or Paul.

Now they lack depth.

The three stars thing is not a lock to success, im not sure they Heat will be able to defeat teams with two stars and depth like the Thunder and then new rules bout luxury tax are going to force them to surrender one of them.

02-26-2012, 11:35 AM
lmao @ Lin's a star and it's his team now.

This is the predatory nature of the NBA. Why develop your own talent when you can take it from others. This isn't a great business model and the NBA is suffering for it.

02-26-2012, 11:36 AM
Miami heat drafted Wade

OL drafted Howard

Kobe was acquired in a draft day trade

the spurs drafted their big 3

the celtics drafted pierce

the bulls drafted rose

the tunder drafted durant

the wolves drafter love and rubio

the blazers acquired aldrigde and roy on draft day trades

the knicks acquire stat and melo 7 years into their career -_-

02-26-2012, 11:37 AM
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