View Full Version : Heat - Knicks Tonight! 2/23 [EVERYONE READ]

02-23-2012, 04:21 PM
As you all know, the Heat and the Knicks are playing tonight. It's Miami's big 3 vs the 'Linsanity' lead Knicks team. It's going to be an very entertaining game because of the myriad of story lines as well as the level of talent.

We know that both fan bases get their fair share of ridicule from other fan bases...And they dish it out as well. Tonight's game-thread is going to get heated, and there's going to be a lot of baiting and trolling going on.

Consider this a warning. We're going to be strict with the game-thread tonight. Baiting, trolling, and insults WILL NOT be tolerated. We encourage everyone to post in the NBA game thread and have fun while watching the game, but note that the rules will continue to be enforced, and all of your posts are going to be monitored by the NBA mods that are online.

We're trying to keep tonight clean. Lets have fun watching the game, and be mature regardless of the outcome.

Thanks for reading.