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02-17-2012, 03:27 PM
Recently there has been a lot of talk bout the prospects. Thats nice and alll but Spring training is about to start and lets take a look at the Major league roster.

Heres my personal rankings of the team

We have 9 20+ homerun guys. That speaks volume for the balanced lineup AA was able to assemble. However we didnt find real protection for Bautista. Unless Lind(or whoever bats cleanup) steps his game up expect Bautistas numbers to fall. A full year of Lawrie, Rasmus, Thames and Johnson will be fun to watch. IMO EE will be solid as DH and arguably one of the better DH's
in the AL. Could upgrade at first base but Lind has to hold the fort down for now. Arencibia is a nice bat to keep near the bottom of the lineup. I believe he can improve on his offense this season since he is more familiar with the rotation.

Starting Pitching
This is easily our biggest weakness. Beyond Romero everyone else is a question mark. Morrow is as inconsistent as the weather in Toronto. Alvarez was a pleasent surprise but at 21 years old expect some sophmore slumps. Drabek is full of question marks and until he can get his mental game fixed he shouldnt be near the major league roster. Mcgowan struggled in 2011 and his injury concerns are worrysome. Cecil is the least effective of the bunch if he cant get his fastball above 89mph.

Relief Pitching
After a complete overhaul the relief pitching looks solid ON PAPER. Santos finishing off games with Janssen and Cordero setting up is drool worthy. We reaquired Frasor along with a good veteran in Oliver for some solid mid relief and the likes of Perez, Litsch and Villanueva as long relief rounds out what looks like our best bullpen in ages. Only concern would be the lack of southpaws in the pen.

Escobar is easily the surehanded one on the field. Thames, Lind and Lawrie have questionable defense. I believe defense willl come around for Thames and Lawrie with practise. Arencibias game calling and ability to throw out runners is mediocre at best but like the other young guys, the game calling will come with familiarity and experience. Johnson and Bautista have mediocre defense but baustista's arm and especially his bat more than make up for it.

Rajai Davis is easily the best part of the bench. A guy that can swipe bags comming off the bench is an assett any team can use.
Ben Fransisco, Luis Valbuen, Jeff Mathis and Mike Mccoy are not the best bats but are good depth moves. I believe Mathis will play a key role in comming season.

Overall B-.

A stong bullpen is what came out through this offseason. However no significant aquisitons to the roation and lineup doesnt really help the team. Im expecting similar results to last season with few less blown leads. 83 wins

02-17-2012, 03:46 PM
Offense - B+ (#19 is pretty good at baseball)
Rotation - C- (Meh. Excited to see Morrow make some real progress this year, still kinda skeptical of Alvarez's ability to miss bats and McGowan/Cecil's ability to not suck.)
Defense - C- (Solid-average at 2B,3B,SS,CF and maybe RF, below average everywhere else and a trainwreck at C. Probably a C+ if Snider wins the LF job over Thames)
Bullpen - B+ (Not sure I'm ready to put all my faith in Coco/Janssen/Frasor)
Bench - C (I kinda really like Rajai/Vizquel/whoever, but my Jeff Mathis hate is pretty strong. He drags this down)

Overall - B: Same ole story, good team great division. Obviously the progress of a lot of these younger guys is the key this season. I'll throw my dart at 84 wins.