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02-02-2012, 12:40 AM
I'm watching the Clippers-Jazz game. The Clippers were killing the Jazz, then they put their bench in and Paul/Griffin got extended rest. The Jazz went up in the game. Why is this relevant?

The 76ers are 16-6, the Pacers are 16-6, the Nuggets are 14-7, the Jazz are 12-7 and the Horford-less Hawks are 16-6.

This all correlates because this 'deep' brand of basketball all these star-less teams are playing (Joe Johnson is an All-Star, though) is not going to work come playoff time.

The Heat, Clippers, Lakers, Bulls, Celtics and (hopefully) Knicks will be playing their stars at full strength for 40 minutes a game for the length of the playoffs, so the period of time where a deep team kills a star's team bench, like the Clippers or Knicks, won't be there.

A team like the 76ers or Jazz has just of good a bench as starting lineup and the starting lineup is good enough to stay in the game, but when a team like the Clippers puts in Ryan Gomes, Reggie Evans and a bunch of other crappy players to oppose a starting caliber bench, they're going to start losing.

Stars are getting injured and they aren't playing nearly as many minutes, so in effect, this season is a sham, kind of like 1999. Come playoff time, we'll get to see what teams are really made of. Because those deep teams won't have closers and they won't have the opportunity to see the really strong teams bench for very long.

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Interesting points.

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whatever makes you feel better

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Interesting theory Copernicus

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I would take the "starless" 76ers and Pacers over the Celtics/Knicks at this point.

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This seems to be completely ignoring statistical reasoning, rather just focusing on how you expect teams with star talent to rise above the rest. And even when you see it's not that way all of the time, you don't treat it seriously.

You aren't factoring in coaching, statistical results, efficiency, etc.

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clippers are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is this the newest excuse for the knicks?

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yup sixers and jazz are screwed cause they have a good bench. Knicks will be fine, depth, coaching, defense and compatible players are overrated. All you need is a star or 2.

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yup sixers and jazz are screwed cause they have a good bench. Knicks will be fine, depth, coaching, defense and compatible players are overrated. All you need is a star or 2.

Carmelo > Defense, Great Coaching, Depth

02-02-2012, 02:38 AM
The Mavs were hella deep last year.

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I'd take every team you mentioned over the Knicks to be honest and the funny thing is you put the Knicks with the elite teams of the league. Laughable.

And Horford has a chance to return for the playoffs which would be huge considering how well the Hawks are playing.

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There's some truth to it in that the playoffs are always different as rotations shorten and the end of your bench becomes less important, and that effect will likely be more pronounced this year with the shorter schedule.

To say things will be completely different takes it a bit far though.

For one, the compressed schedule affects the playoffs as well as the regular season. All the teams that are tired and broken down are going to be just as tired and broken down going into the playoffs - it isn't like there's a week off or anything, it's just one day this year. Unless you're cruising into your seeding and give your guys a week off, they're still going to be beat to start with.
On top of that, there are going to be back-to-backs in this years' playoffs, in particular in the second round, so that adds to the effect.
In short, the season is going to mean for most teams you're going to go in tired already, and it's not like the playoffs (where as you say, top guys are playing 40 mins per night) is the time to get fresh. Even if a shallow team's bench aren't exposed for the same amount of time, the first units of shallow teams are likely going to struggle with heavy legs more in this year than past years.

I think it's probably pretty widely held that the playoffs could see some sort of reduction in the benefits of depth relative to the regular season, but whether it's a series changing or even substantial effect is far from certain. How much of an effect there is will be on a team-by-team basis, and we won't know until we see it, so I guess we'll just have to wait.

I don't think any teams of the teams you listed are really sweating being deep, though.

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I wouldn't put the Knicks in the bulls, and heat category but I do agree. Watch Denver is the perfect example they might win a series if that but no ship not even the wcf. Same for the sixers. I'm not hating but it's the way of the NBA ratings rule

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I'd agree with this somewhat. When you don't have a leader / star on your team it might be hard to win. If these 'starless' teams start to flounder in the playoffs they won't have anyone to go to.