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01-19-2012, 04:21 PM
I know we haven't even gotten to the trade deadline yet but it's never too early to starting thinking about our own free agents this off season and free agents we would like to be wearing the red, white and blue next season. Here is a list of our free agents, both RFA and UFA, and their 2011-2012 salary.

Wolski (RFA) $3.8 Mill
Fedotenko (UFA) $1.4 Mill
Christensen (UFA) $925,000
Prust (UFA) $800,000
Mitchell (UFA) $650,000
Del Zotto (RFA) $1 Mill
Stralman (RFA) $900,000
Eminger (UFA) $800,000
Woywitka (UFA) $650,000
Bickel (RFA) $600,000
Biron (UFA) $875,000
Avery (UFA) $1.9 Mill
Zuccarello (RFA) $1.75 Mill

There are a few other non-roster free agents but these were the ones I put up for discussion. Total the Rangers have almost $16 Million in cap space next season...how would you use it?

01-19-2012, 06:44 PM
I'd try to trade

Wolski (RFA) $3.8 Mill
Fedotenko (UFA) $1.4 Mill
Christensen (UFA) $925,000
Eminger (UFA) $800,000
Avery (UFA) $1.9 Mill
Zuccarello (RFA) $1.75 Mill

Otherwise, they can go.

01-19-2012, 07:04 PM
I'd trade to trade

Wolski (RFA) $3.8 Mill
Fedotenko (UFA) $1.4 Mill
Christensen (UFA) $925,000
Eminger (UFA) $800,000
Avery (UFA) $1.9 Mill
Zuccarello (RFA) $1.75 Mill

Otherwise, they can go.

Trade? He is talking off season I'm pretty sure

And what about everyone else? You're letting them go?

01-20-2012, 12:29 AM
Del Zotto, Biron, Prust are keepers. Most likely Emminger or Stralman, will be kept around as a 7 d assuming erixon or mcilrath take the last spot Torts wont keep a lid as the 7th. This also assuning there are no trades or ufaa to go after.

01-20-2012, 12:37 PM
MDZ, Biron and Prust definitely, Bickel at the right price. Unfortunately, Tortorella will want to bring back Fedotenko again (unless he looks at the video of the the last two games). His play early on made it look like a genius move, but his play of late is pretty indefensible. Mitchell would be useful, but I think there are enough young homegrown guys who can challenge for that roster spot, including Kreider, Miller, Audy-Marchessault, etc.

Rangers have Erixon coming for a full season next year. McIlrath is probably still another year away, but if they bring back Bickel as a 6-7, they don't need Eminger, Stralman or Woywitka.

01-20-2012, 01:05 PM
Wolski (RFA) $3.8 Mill- Trade Em or let him go, to expensive, to little production
Fedotenko (UFA) $1.4 Mill- Trade Em, If we can't then lowball his contract
Christensen (UFA) $925,000- Trade Em or Release Em
Prust (UFA) $800,000- Keep Em, Adds Grit and Toughness
Mitchell (UFA) $650,000- Keep Em, Cheap 4th Liner, Good Fit
Del Zotto (RFA) $1 Mill- Keep Em, Young and Talented, Decent Price
Stralman (RFA) $900,000- Trade Em or sign low
Eminger (UFA) $800,000- Price isn't horrible, keep em if he's healthy but it's a toss up
Woywitka (UFA) $650,000- Trade Em or Release Em
Bickel (RFA) $600,000- Keep Em, Solid Talent
Biron (UFA) $875,000- Keep Em, Great Number 2
Avery (UFA) $1.9 Mill- Trade em if anybody wants him, or let him go, doesn't fit our team
Zuccarello (RFA) $1.75 Mill- Trade Em or sign him to a minor league priced contract, not a nhl player yet

I'd try to move Wolski, Zucc's and Feds or Christ plus pick for a LW

01-20-2012, 01:50 PM
Wolski (RFA) $3.8 Mill - He's gone. Doesn't fit this system and doesn't produce enough to compensate for it.
Fedotenko (UFA) $1.4 Mill - Depends on how Sather feels about Kreider, Thomas, Miller, and the rest of our forward prospects. Feds is a goner if they think Kreider can step in next year. Otherwise they'll keep him for another year. Personally I think Kreider will be in the lineup and Feds will be outta here.
Christensen (UFA) $925,000 - Gone.
Prust (UFA) $800,000 - We'll keep him. Fan favorite, does great work as a 4th liner/PK and stands up for his teammates. Torts loves him too.
Mitchell (UFA) $650,000 - As a spare forward/4th liner I think he's a good fit.
Del Zotto (RFA) $1 Mill - Obvious. Sather will most likely give him a two year deal but not overpay as he's done with most RFAs finishing their ELCs.
Stralman (RFA) $900,000 - Besides MDZ he's our best puck mover. If there's a better option that's one thing but as a spare/bottom pair defenseman he's good. I think we'll keep him.
Eminger (UFA) $800,000 - I think he's gonna look for a team that'll guarantee him a bottom pair spot, which we can't do at this point. I like him and would definitely keep him as the 7th defenseman, but I think he'll be gone.
Woywitka (UFA) $650,000 - He's gone.
Bickel (RFA) $600,000 - I think management will want to keep him, but due to the numbers game he may find himself being placed on waivers to be sent down next TC and I think a team would claim him on waivers.
Biron (UFA) $875,000 - Re-sign him, perfect backup to Hank.
Avery (UFA) $1.9 Mill - The avery era will be over.
Zuccarello (RFA) $1.75 Mill - Most likely he'll be a trade piece this deadline. I don't see a future for him in broadway.

01-20-2012, 03:45 PM
Prust @ about his current $800,00 or a little higher, maybe $1 Mill
Mitchell @ his $650,000, maybe go to $800,000
Del Zotto sign to a 2 year around 1.5-2 Mill per year
Stralman is a RFA so an offer sheet at $990,000 (110% of this year)
Bickel for 1 year RFA contract of $660,000
Biron sign to a 2-3 year extension @ 1.5 Mill?

Everyone else can walk.

With these numbers the Rangers will have about 8 Mill next year in cap space to work with, good enough to land a top tier forward like a Doan or a Parise (the latter might be a pipe dream) or a top defenseman like a Suter even though I think their defense is set.

01-21-2012, 12:05 PM
Del Zotto, you must keep.

01-21-2012, 08:54 PM
Let everyone go but Del Zotto, Bickel, Eminger, Prust, Biron, Mitchell.