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01-18-2012, 03:15 AM
It all started on Dec. 3, 2010, when St. Mary walked into a New York hotel. He thought he had been summoned to help with an oil deal that Lawal had been pursuing in Liberia. To his surprise, he saw Mutombo, an old acquaintance, and three of Mutombo’s nephews, David and Stephan Kapuadi and Reagan Mutombo.

More surprising was the Mutombo contingent’s proposal: the purchase of 1,045 pounds of gold that would generate $10 million in profits to be divided three ways — 40 percent to Lawal, 30 percent to St. Mary and 30 percent to the Mutombo family. And there was the promise of more gold to come.

The U.N. report said Reagan Mutombo and the Kapuadis ran through a PowerPoint presentation, complete with slides of gold bullion and the admonition, underlined, that “highest discretion and confidentiality is a priority.” Initially, the Kapuadis said, the group would act as the buyer, and a valid license to import gold or minerals was mandatory.

There was no discussion of conflict minerals, the broad term that refers to gold and three other minerals used in electronics and other industries, and the production of which often involves forced labor and helps fund armed conflict.

Dikembe Mutombo represented that the gold belonged to him and “his people,” said St. Mary, whose work as a trader in rough diamonds has taken him to dangerous places with sketchy characters. Asked why the transaction would take place in Kenya, Mutombo said there was “too much shady stuff in Kinshasa” — Congo’s capital — and that Nairobi was closer to his village, St. Mary said. Mutombo was to supply both product and paperwork, and Lawal was to provide funds for the purchase and to cover expenses.

Link (http://blog.chron.com/ultimaterockets/2012/01/mutombos-role-in-10-million-%E2%80%A8gold-scam-only-now-coming-to-light/)

If this is true, then that's really pathetic of Mutombo to exploit "his people". Makes you question all the charitable work he's done.

Geargo Wallace
01-18-2012, 10:27 AM
been made already... Oh my GodsSon :facepalm: