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12-07-2011, 02:00 AM
chicago has the best package point blank.

the bulls can offer noah,taj,brewer,krover,asik,watson,deng,chicagos 1st,bobcats pick(at least a mid rounder and it goes up every year on protection.thats some thing that no can offer other than the clippers).

now lets c other teams that want him

LA: paul-on the wrong side of 30 and always fade in and out of games and he has gotten better but he's still mentality weak
drew-inj prone always has and always will b.
odom- same as paul on the bad side of 30 and slowing down fast.
mwp-im not even going their :facepalm:

and the picks they would trade would b worth less cause when howard gets their they coming out the west hands down

NJ-lopez is in a contract year he's gona want at least 16mil
and the picks will just like LA's but they will only b a 5th seed at best

the clippers r the only team other than MIA that can offer a better offer

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This forum is really cluttered right now with this stuff. There are plenty other threads you could post this in.