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11-21-2011, 03:47 PM
NBA All Time Redraft Voting!

The following teams have been assembled and are now playing each other in a fantasy first round match up. For this game please assume that all players are in their primes and playing at the top of their game. Injuries are not a factor for this game as every single player is playing at his best.

Please take the time to read the write ups and put some thought into your vote as many of the GMís in this spent a lot of time on this game.

No this obviously isnít real.

If you think itís stupid go to another thread.

Other than that have fun and argue for whom you believe has the better team.

New Orleans Hornets:
Depth Chart:
PG: Mookie Blaylock - Norm Nixon
SG: Eddie Jones - Ron Harper - Sasha Vujacic
SF: Grant Hill - Keith Van Horn
PF: Bill Laimbeer - A.C. Green
C: Shaquille O'Neal - Luc Longley - Greg Ostertag

Cleveland Cavaliers
PG: Kevin Johnson/Terrell Brandon
SG: Steve Smith/Drazen Petrovic
SF: Shawn Marion/Steve Smith
PF: Dirk Nowitzki/Shawn Marion/Kurt Thomas
C: Bill Walton/Theo Ratliff/Kurt Thomas

Hornets Write Up:

Hornets Write Up:
My team will mostly be playing a 9-man rotation with AC Green, Ron Harper, Norm Nixon and Keith Van Horn coming off the bench. Luc Longley and Greg Ostertag will play sparingly, backing up Shaquille OíNeal at the Center position. Sasha will not receive much playing time, if any. He is there for looks.

Offensive Strategy:
My teamís starting lineup features a strong duo in Shaquille OíNeal and Grant Hill. For those who donít know, in his prime, Grant Hill was an elite wing who played on both sides of the court. He was All-NBA from 1996-2000 and was a great overall player. My offense will undoubtedly feature the big man in the middle who in his prime led the Lakers to 3 straight championships. This time he has a young and healthy Grant Hill to complement him like Kobe did in the early 2000s. At PF the Hornets have Bill Laimbeer, who is more than capable of grabbing offensive rebounds and spotting up from the perimeter. This will allow us to get spacing for Shaq to work on the low block. Mookie Blaylock and Eddie Jones will start in the bakcourt, providing 3-point shooting along with Laimbeer. Eddie Jones and Grant Hill will also make cuts to the basket when Shaq is being double teamed. When Shaq is off the court, probably about 8-12 minutes, Grant Hill will be featured and Norm Nixon will play the point. Storming Norm was a very good PG in his prime, playing for two championship teams with the Lakers and averaged his fair share of assists(~8APG) while playing next to Magic. He is capable of breaking down defenses and finding the open man in transition. Keith Van Horn will provide more 3-point shooting off the bench and at 6í10 will cause matchup problems at SF.

Defensive Strategy:
The opposition has a solid 1-2 punch in the frontcourt with Bill Walton and Dirk Nowitzki, and they will be paired up against great defenders in Shaquille OíNeal and Bill Laimbeer. It is to be noted that Bill Walton was injured throughout his career and did not start more than 65 games in any single season. Bill Walton was not known for his scoring ability, therefore Shaq will be able to do what he did best, provide strong defense from the weak side. Shaq's ability to block shots and disturb Kevin Johnsonís penetration will lead to fastbreak opportunities with Mookie, Eddie and Grant running the floor. Laimbeer will make it tough for Dirk to get open looks as he was a solid defender and rebounder during his prime with the Pistons. Our two-headed monster on the low block will anchor our defense. Our guards, combining for 9 NBA All-Defensive teams, will be able to get steals and stop penetration from the oppositionís PGs. Our defense doesnít stop with our starting lineup, AC Green is another catalyst on defense who will get minutes on Dirk Nowitzki, thus putting Laimbeer on the bench or sliding him to the Center position, making it a living hell for him to get good looks throughout the entire game.

As stated earlier, 4 guys will come off the bench and their roles will help the offense keep running smoothly. Nixon can create for his teammates, Ron Harper was a solid two-way player and played for championship teams. Van Horn provides shooting and AC Green is the perfect role player to have next to Shaq, as he provides defense and great offensive rebounding

I believe my teamís ability to matchup against his best two players in Dirk and Bill Walton will prove to be the difference in this matchup, along with great overall defense 1-5 in the starting lineup, and a more than desirable 1-2 punch in Shaquille OíNeal and Grant Hill. Thank you for taking your time in reading this.

Cavaliers Write up:

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers

PG: Kevin Johnson/Terrell Brandon
SG: Steve Smith/Drazen Petrovic
SF: Shawn Marion/Steve Smith
PF: Dirk Nowitzki/Kurt Thomas/Shawn Marion/Theo Ratliff
C: Bill Walton/Theo Ratliff/Kurt Thomas

Nick Anderson
Phil Jackson
Kyle Korver


Shaq will undoubtedly be the focus for my defense. Bill Walton ranks as one of the greatest defenders to ever play the game so I am aiming to contain Shaq to his averages with that match up. Walton will only be playing 32-35 minutes per game. The remainder of the minutes will go to Theo Ratliff and Kurt Thomas. Both players are excellent defenders and managed to contain Shaq over the course of their careers. At times, with Walton guarding Shaq, Thomas or Ratliff will be on the court and be used to double O'neal. Of course, the ďHack-a-ShaqĒ strategy will be used, particularly when Walton is on the bench. Kevin Johnson will be given the freedom to drop down on Shaq when he has the opportunity, I am willing to let Blaylock shoot open threes if it gets the ball out of Shaq's hands.

I like the Shawn Marion-Grant Hill match up. Marion is more athletic and an excellent defender. Whem I use Steve Smith to relieve Marion, there's not much of a drop off defensively but I do lose the athletic advantage so expect Smith to be playing SF mostly when Hill is on the bench. Expect to see Nick Anderson get some burn in this series because he always played Hill tough, holding Grant below his averages while only facing the prime/Pistons Grant Hill.

Mookie never had much success against KJ, both guys matching up many times during their primes.
Eddie Jones shooting will be something that needs to be addressed. Doubling Shaq is going to leave a man open, the plan is to make sure that open man is Blaylock or Laimber. Steve Smith was able to shut down Kobe Bryant on multiple occasions so I am not terribly concerned with Jones' isolation and slashing. When Petrovic is in, Jones will be effective.

Laimber/AC Green are not concerns for Dirk, likely the weak point of my defense.


Up tempo is the main focus of my offense. Walton is one of the best outlet passers to play the game and he'll initiate a lot of fastbreaks (I like Walton's hustle and skill over Shaq's athleticism on the boards). The man Walton will outlet to is the PG of one of the greatest offenses ever, Kevin Johnson.

Once over the timeline, KJ has the luxury of several three point shooters, Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Smith, Shawn Marion, Drazen Petrovic (career 43.7%, 5th all-time), Nick Anderson, and Kyle Korver.

No doubt, the Hornets have several excellent defenders, which will force my team to play even more up tempo because great transition kills any defense. Think 7 seconds or less. The added benefit to this, is my team makes Shaq run more than he should have to.

You can't always fastbreak, so in the half court I will ask Nowitzki to exploit the slow footed Laimber. NBA fans witnessed Dirk drop 40 and 48 in a single series this past post-season, I think that could happen again in this match up. I think AC Green will have the most success trying to stop Dirk but at 6'8, Green will not be able to bother Dirk's jumper and I do think Dirk can take Green off the dribble, at least for pull-up mid range J's. Once the inevitable double team comes, Dirk is a good passer surrounded by three point shooters.

KJ in the half court is no slouch, he plays quarterback like Steve Nash but attacks the basket with more aggression and success. He'll be able to breakdown Blaylock as he did throughout his career (http://www.basketball-reference.com/...1&p2=johnske02) and either he'll dunk over Shaq like he's Hakeem (half-joking) or find Marion slashing, Smith in the corner, Walton at basket, and Dirk anywhere on the court. For those of you not familiar with KJ, you can look at his playoff performance against Hakeem's eventual champion 1995 Houston Rockets. In that 7 game series, KJ averaged 27.9ppg/9.4apg/55% FG/50% 3P. In game 7, KJ dropped 46 points and 10 assists, with one turnover.

Walton possesses an advanced post game combined with a great offensive rebounding which leads to a lot of high percentage shots. With Dirk stretching the floor and KJ breaking down the defense, I expect Walton to get a lot of easy buckets around the basket.

Drazen Petrovic is going to be used much like the modern day, ďtraditional sixth manĒ only he's a better scorer than Terry, Crawford, or anyone like that. He's a better offensive player than Steve Smith but isn't as a good a defender and I don't really need the offense with the starting unit. Petrovic is not a guy many people are familiar with so I'd like to point out his career average of 20.9 points per 36 minutes with a .589 career TS% and here's a clip of Joe Dumars talking about how quickly Petro dropped 30 on him: http://youtu.be/UUacXRjsSTA.

As mentioned, Steve Smith will play a low usage roll on offense, mainly used to space the floor. It's not that he is a bad offensive player, he carried a #1 role with the Hawks but I like him as a veteran defender who will make smart offensive decisions and defer to better looks, the POR/SAS Smith as opposed to the high usage ATL Smith.. I tried to build my team exclusively around heady players.

Terrell Brandon was considered the best Point Guard in the NBA so he is a luxury and there's moments where I could play small ball with Brandon-KJ-Petro/Smith-Marion-Dirk.

Note: If you value playoff experience success, Dirk and Walton both won Finals MVPs as clear cut #1s (Walton and Nowitzki also won regular season MVPs). Kevin Johnson was the #2 on the '93 Western Conference Champion Suns and KJ appeared in 105 playoff games. Shawn Marion has won a title in addition to playing in 92 playoff games. Steve Smith (90 playoff games) won a title as a reserve with the Spurs and was statistically the best player on the Blazers that took the Lakers to 7 games in the 2000 WCF.

11-21-2011, 03:52 PM
This is a bad matchup for cleveland...there 2 best players (dirk n walton) will be neutralized by lambeer and shaq...that means the matrix/kj/steve smith would have 2 carry the load offensivley

I have to go with the hornets here..i dont think it will be all that close TBH

11-21-2011, 04:09 PM
Dirk would shred Laimbeer.

11-21-2011, 04:13 PM
Agreed Laimbeer is not the type of player who is going to d oa good job on Dirk. I really like the Hornets team a lot. But Marion + Walton will do a good job slowing their 2 best players and I think Dirk would shred a Shaq and Laimbeer front court.

Also I was hoping chi would run an up tempo Offense because I don't see the monsterous paint defense being a huge factor in the matchup if Shaq isn't across half when the cavs attack.

11-21-2011, 04:27 PM
Hornets run into one of the worst possible teams for them. Walton has as good a chance as anybody of slowing down Shaq and Dirk would destroy Laimbeer. Plus, i love the defense Marion can put on Hill and the Cavs have the better backcourt.

Cavs in 6

11-21-2011, 07:32 PM
I never understood why the Sixers were getting toasted for having two C's but it's okay for the Hornets because Laimbeer shoot a few 3's per game? He's a center. I don't see how Laimbeer/Shaq will ever be able to protect the paint with KJ/Marion on the break and Dirk/Smith/Petro on the wings. Walton is the perfect center to exploit that weakness as he's easily a top 3 passing center of all-time and arguably #1. The Cavs would only have trouble with a team with a strong backcourt and the Hornets aren't going to hurt them with Mookie and Jones. I voted the Cavs higher in my rankings and see no mismatches here that would change my mind now.

11-21-2011, 08:15 PM
Cavs should win IMO, But..Saying that, It doesn't look so good to start off. You can't really stop Dirk, I like the Cavs all around team more. I think there too underrated.. Marion on Hill would be A fun match-up to watch.

11-21-2011, 09:00 PM
tough decision for me. everyone above me brought up great points and i agree with most of them, but i just really like the hornets team.

11-22-2011, 02:46 AM
This was REALLY tough but I ended up going with the Cavs because I liked the idea of running on the Hornets. And I don't really see how the Hornets could defend against that. Plus, I do believe that in the half-court offense, the Cavs could still score (which is critical since you can't run all game). Also, as others have said, I think Dirk could go nuts on Laimbeer (not really having to do with Laimbeer but Dirk is basically unguardable)

11-22-2011, 04:00 PM
bumpage. I'd love to hear so more opinions on this match-up

11-22-2011, 09:20 PM
As much as I have loved the Hornets throughout the game, and I've been avid in my support for them, I feel like that they drew a very horrible match-up. They essentially face one of the few teams who literally match-up perfectly to them to beat them.

I love Laimbeer and all that his playing career embodied, but there is no way in hell he is going to slow down the versatile Dirk Nowitzski. Whether Dirk pulls him out to the mid-range game and uses his amazing footwork to get past Laimbeer or in the post as well.

The Walton vs Shaq match-up would be absolutely epic. I also like the advantage of having KJ in the back-court versus the Hornets. The Matrix vs Hill match-up will be very interesting as well.

I say Cavs in 7.

11-22-2011, 09:24 PM
hornets in 6

Mile High Champ
11-22-2011, 10:36 PM
As much as I love Kevin Johnson, I just can't bring myself to vote for the cavs here. I don't believe there is one center in history that would be able to stop Shaq. While Walton is a good two way player, he just does not have enough strength to bang with Shaq on the inside and would get into foul troube very quickly.

I don't really see how Laimbeer would struggle to guard Dirk in this match up, yes Dirk is a unique player but he is not quick enough to really give Laimbeer that much of a difficult time. Laimbeer played very physical and really had a terrific ability to set the pace on defense for his team. Having Laimbeer and Shaq downlow ensures a frontcourt win for the Hornets.

The SG match up is a wash for me as both are decent role players at best. I really value what Grant Hill was in his prime, he was a lethal scorer capable of doing anything on the offensive end of the court. He would certainly wear down Marion throughout this series.

Hornets in 6 games.