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11-21-2011, 03:40 PM
NBA All Time Redraft Voting!

The following teams have been assembled and are now playing each other in a fantasy first round match up. For this game please assume that all players are in their primes and playing at the top of their game. Injuries are not a factor for this game as every single player is playing at his best.

Please take the time to read the write ups and put some thought into your vote as many of the GMís in this spent a lot of time on this game.

No this obviously isnít real.

If you think itís stupid go to another thread.

Other than that have fun and argue for whom you believe has the better team.

Denver Nuggets:

Nuggets Depth Chart:
C: Vlade Divac (31) || Caldwell Jones (17)
PF: Tim Duncan (39) || Mychal Thompson (9)
SF: Dave DeBusschere (37) || Latrell Sprewell (11)
SG: Tracy McGrady (39) || Latrell Sprewell (7) || Michael Ray Richardson (2)
PG: Chauncey Billups (39) || Michael Ray Richardson (9)

Brooklyn Nets:

C-Brad Daugherty, Chris Kaman
PF-Kevin McHale, Michael Cage, Andrea Bargnani
SF-Scottie Pippen, Danny Granger
SG-Joe Dumars, Larry Hughes, Leandro Barbosa
PG-Dennis Johnson, Devin Harris

Nuggets Write Up:

Congrats to the Nets for making it this far in the ReDraft, but there will be no upset here. The Nuggets have the clear advantage in this series and hereís why:

PG Matchup: Chauncey Billups vs. Dennis Johnson
Billups is one of the most efficient PGís to play the game and is fantastic at playing without the basketball, which is key because TMac will be doing a solid amount of ball handling. Billups can be the perfect complement to Billups because he can distribute the ball among all our offensive options. He is also a proven winner and will limit TMacís shot selection when necessary, which is exactly what Tracy needs. Billups will have a good series here, and isnít the type of player whoís game is altered greatly by tenacious defense. He is not turnover prone (less than 2.3 TOís per game in his prime) and is extremely efficient, especially getting to the FT line and from deep. On the other end of the court, Billups will have his work cut out for him. He has Vlade and Tim Duncan down low to help on defense and is an All-Defensive team member himself. Because Johnson is not an elite 3-PT shooter, he will have trouble finding many scoring opportunities because Daugherty and McHale will already be camping down in the paint, and Pippen will be the primary ball-handler.
Advantage: Nuggets

SG Matchup: Tracy McGrady vs. Joe Dumars
This is a classic scorer vs. defender matchup. Dumars is known as a strong defender, but McGradyís size advantage is going to be key here. He has 5 inches and 20 pounds on Dumars, so heíll have no issue getting his jumpshot off. Also, in his prime, TMac was adept at getting to the FT line, which can be game changing as Dumarsís backup is Larry Hughes. On the other end of the court, TMac can use his length and strength to disrupt Dumars and his jumpshot. He also has the help of Duncan and Vlade down low if Dumars gets past him, and because Dennis Johnson isnít a three point shooter, the only kickout man left will be Scotty Pippen, who will be locked down by Dave DeBusschere.
Advantage: Nuggets

SF Matchup: Dave DeBusschere vs. Scottie Pippen
This is going to be in the Nets favor. However, DeBusschere is going to make life extremely difficult for Scottie. He is a 6x All-Defensive Team member and has the strength to defend Pippen. DeBusschere is a tenacious defender who can outrebound almost all SFís and knows how to win (2x Champion), which is key next to TMac. Pippen is a great all around player, but his life will be very difficult in this series with this tenacious front court defense, which doesnít end with the starters, as we have Sprewell, Caldwell Jones and Mychal Thompson off the bench.
Advantage: Nets

PF Matchup: Tim Duncan vs. Kevin McHale
Best PF of All time Tim Duncan is going to have the advantage here. Iím not going to sit here and say that McHale is a scrub though, because heís not. Problem is, heís going against Duncan and will be hard pressed to score. McHale is a great defender, but Duncan has almost 2 inches and 40 pounds on McHale and is going to find a way to get his. Heís the big fundamental. He is an efficient scorer who is also a great defender, rebounder and most importantly, another winning presence to add to DeBusschere and Billups and to steer McGrady on the right track.
Advantage: Nuggets

C Matchup: Vlade Divac vs. Brad Daugherty
Center is neither teamís strength, so this will be a wash. Vlade is a great fit for the team because he can defend down low, rebound, finish inside, and is a fantastic passer. He doesnít do anything fantastically, but does almost everything very well. Daugherty is a good scorer, but not a fantastic defender, and heíd let Divac get his points downlow.
Advantage: Wash

This is a huge advantage for the Nuggets. We can throw 2x All Defensive 1st Team Guard Michael Ray Richardson at Dennis Johnson or Dumars. Also, our primary backup wing, Latrell Sprewell, provides strong defense, ability to spread the floor and a solid slasher off the bench who can be a sparkplug off the bench. The two primary backup bigs we have are Caldwell Jones, 2x All-Defensive 1st team member, and Mychal Thompson who is a two time champion and former 20 PPG scorer. Both can provide scoring, defense and rebounding off the bench at both the PF and C positions. Meanwhile, the Nets have Larry Hughes as their backup PG, whoís mediocre at best. Their backup PG is Devin Harris, who again, is mediocre at best as a backup in an All-Time Redraft. Danny Granger can provide scoring off the bench, but not very efficiently, and doesnít add much else. Then their backup bigs, Michael Cage and Chris Kaman, are extremely poor rotational players. They would get eaten alive if they had to be put in against our starters and even by our backup bigs. Their bench gives their starters no room for error with fouls, and can hardly give the starters a worthy breather, while the Nuggets bench adds flexibility and gives the team options
HUGE Advantage: Nuggets

All in all, the Nuggets are the clear winner here. TMac has a winning supporting cast including two finals MVPís, in Chauncey and Duncan, and two very good team players and defenders in DeBusschere and Divac at SF and C. This team is built to win in the playoffs, and would win this matchup in 5 or 6. The Nuggets have the defenders to stop the Nets offense, which doesnít have any clear number one option. The Nets have good defenders, but the offensive firepower of the Nuggets with Duncan, Billups and TMac with Sprewell, MRR, DeBusschere, Divac, Thompson and Jones able to score in the teens will be just too much for the Nets. Not to mention, we have a perfect game manager late in the game in Chauncey Billups. The Nuggets win here.

Nets Write up:

Center: Vlade Divac vs Brad Daugherty
This is one matchup we feel we have an advantage in. Brad Daugherty and Vlade Divac have had head to head matchups 10 times in their careers with Daugherty getting the best of Divac. http://www.basketball-reference.com/...1&p2=daughbr01
Daugherty, in his prime was an MVP candidate who was skilled offensively and gave teams fits. Daugherty would be too talented for a mediocre defensive big man in Divac. In terms of what Daugherty can do to gain a major advantage over Divac, Daugherty would get Divac into foul into major foul trouble. Daugherty, in his 8 year career, has reached the top 10 Free Throw attempts in a season 4 times. While on the other hand, Divac averages 3.2 fouls per game in his career and in his prime, averaged anywhere from 3.4-3.8 fouls per game. With Divac in trouble, he would not be as effective on the defensive end (even though he already isnít) which would allow Daugherty to use his arsenal of post moves to gain the momentum over their matchup.
Advantage augherty
Power Forward: Tim Duncan vs Kevin McHale
This matchup is one of the 2 key matchups in this series. Duncan is considered to be the greatest power forward in history. However, Kevin McHale is no slouch and is in the conversation of arguably top 5 all time at the power forward position. Both players are known to be great defenders who also have some of the best post moves in NBA history. In hindsight, Duncan seems to have a clear advantage as it is generally understood that he is better both offensively and defensively but it is closer than one would think. Kevin McHale has been named to 6 all defensive teams in his career which shows that he has the tools to limit Duncan and his great offense. On the offensive end, McHale has posted some of the highest FG% in NBA history by posting over 55% in 7 seasons during his career with even 2 seasons of a FG% over 60. He also posts one of the highest FG% in NBA history with a career FG% of 55.4%. We can see McHaleís excellent offensive game in his prime as he managed to put up as high as 26 PPG while maintaining an efficient %. This efficient and effective offense should match up well with Duncanís offensive game. So while Duncan is generally hailed as the better player, he should get the benefit of the doubt and receive the ďadvantageĒ accolade in this matchup but the matchup is not a run away as it originally looks. TO NOTE: A strategy that the Nets have to limit Duncan is that we have 3 great help defenders in Scottie Pippen, Joe Dumars and Dennis Johnson who can further reduce Duncanís offensive impact on the game.
Advantage uncan
Small Forward: Dave DeBusschere vs Scottie Pippen
This matchup is another matchup we believe we can win. DeBusschere isnít known to be a scorer and on top of that, Pippen is one of the greatest defenders of all time. This should limit most of the offensive output from the SF position on their end and considering he isnít a major threat, Pippen has a bit more flexibility in being a help defender against Duncan or McGrady.

Shooting Guard: Tracy McGrady vs Joe Dumars
This is another matchup we believe we have the advantage. Joe Dumars is a top 10 perimeter defender all time and has given the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and other great scorers major fits when they were being guarded by Dumars. In this case, we will be guarding McGrady. Who in his prime was great but is not in the level as those mentioned earlier like Jordan and Bird. If Dumars can give Jordan and Bird some trouble, he should be just as effective, if not more, against McGrady. Dumars can also put up some points along with being a defender. Dumars has played in an era where he has been guarded by the likes of Jordan, Payton and others who are great defenders and still put up an efficient output of points. T-Mac is not of the same calibre as those other defenders mentioned which should lead to Dumars getting his fair share on the offensive end.
Advantage: Dumars

Point Guard: Chauncey Billups vs Dennis Johnson
This matchup should favour us or should be called a wash. Billups and Dennis Johnson have some major similarities such as their defensive ability, post skills as a guard, rebounding skills and more. They both have smooth all around games and have proven themselves to be winners. Dennis should have the advantage though. Dennis Johnson is arguably just as good of a passer as Billups, if not better. His defence was also more valuable as he could guard even the likes of Magic Johnson at PG and other big SGs. He was also a better rebounder than Billups as well. He can also score as he has posted near 20 PPG in his prime. What DJ does not have over Billups is range. Billups is the better scorer due to his range. However, Billups does not have any advantages outside of his scoring, and considering DJ is arguably a top 10 perimeter defender, it should limit Billups range.
Advantage: Johnson or a wash

Considering most starters are listed to play at least 37 mins, the bench can greatly affect the outcome of the game. In the Nuggets bench, it is highlighted with Latrell Sprewell, Michael Ray Richardson and Caldwell Jones. While Latrell was a talented player, he was extremely inefficient and would not fit the attitude that would be set by players like Duncan and Billups which could cause some backlash. They also sport Michael Ray Richardson who was a great defender and put up some points. Their backup big man is Caldwell Jones. He was a great rebounder who could block some shots as well. In our bench, we plan to match Latrell Sprewell with Danny Granger. Danny is also a good scorer who could put up some points just like Latrell. To match up with Richardson, we have the option of Larry Hughes(good defender in his prime), Leandro Barbosa (known 6th man who can shoot the lights out) and Devin Harris (scoring PG who can also dish the ball). We also have a great rebounder and defender off our bench with Michael Cage. Cage was as legit of a rebounder as Caldwell was and had a reputation to be a hard worker and great defender. While it seems they have a more talented bench, in each case, there seems to be a player who can match the same output on either team.
Advantage: Nuggets or wash

X-Factor for Nets: Defense and Championship experience.
Between all the Nets players, there are 22 ALL NBA Defensive 1st team and 9 ALL NBA defensive 2nd team. This should be a huge factor because defence wins championships and with this defence on my team, it should definitely limit the offensive threats they have in Duncan, McGrady, Sprewell and Billups. Along with the defence, there are 14 NBA Championships between the Nets with 2 winning finals MVP. This should show that they have experience when it counts and it should give them an advantage in the bigger stage in the playoffs.

Sadds The Gr8
11-21-2011, 03:47 PM
i hate position by position arguments...but I like the Nuggets in 7. Nets lack of depth will kill them

11-21-2011, 04:21 PM
rosh shouldnt get upset this time.... nuggets have this one

11-21-2011, 04:36 PM
Based on starting lineups alone, I'd give my vote to the Nets. But in basketball teams have 12 players, so Nuggets' depth wins this.

11-21-2011, 04:39 PM
I voted for Nets but meant to vote Nuggets.

Pippen should be guarding McGrady.

Sadds The Gr8
11-21-2011, 05:22 PM
13-0 blowout...

11-21-2011, 06:23 PM
I voted for Nets but meant to vote Nuggets.

Pippen should be guarding McGrady.

Absolutely this

11-21-2011, 09:06 PM
nets don't have depth, so my vote goes to rosh.

11-21-2011, 11:01 PM
These were two of my favorite teams. I really think Raps deserves credit for taking a team that had no chance of making the playoffs and turning it into DJ-Dumars-Pippen-McHale. I love that quartet of defense and balance. It's unfortunate you ran into a #1 seed because I do believe there are teams you could have upset.

Nuggets are just too much though. T-Mac + Duncan are a great mix with solid vets around them.

11-22-2011, 02:44 AM
I actually think this should be a lot closer then it is. And I would argue Pippen's advantage over DeBuss is greater than any positional advantage the Nuggets have (DeBuss is a 1-way player in this game basically). However, the combo of Billups-Duncan-T-Mac is just too good offensively whereas the Nets don't really have a #1 (although I think thats completely unfair as both McHale and Pippen were just so dominant as #2s). But who is the go-to scorer in crunch time for the Nets? I would've liked to see them address that in their write-up.

11-22-2011, 10:14 PM
Victory is mine!

11-22-2011, 11:30 PM
This is only the second time that I haven't had to argue my *** of to get to the second round. I'm ready for the Hornets.

11-23-2011, 12:07 AM
This is only the second time that I haven't had to argue my *** of to get to the second round. I'm ready for the Hornets.

Looking forward to your write-ups. Divac couldn't **** against Shaq in his Kings days so i'm curious how you'll defend him

11-23-2011, 12:23 AM
Looking forward to your write-ups. Divac couldn't **** against Shaq in his Kings days so i'm curious how you'll defend him

His only viable option really is to have TD matching up against Shaq and Divac against Laimbeer. Jones was good defensively but many don't know about him so trying to sell him as a sort of "Shaq specialist" would not be the best bet.

11-23-2011, 02:55 PM
You know what would be awesome? If more matchups were getting posted than two a week, which is what it feels like at this point. At this rate, the playoffs won't end until January or February...

11-23-2011, 07:15 PM
His only viable option really is to have TD matching up against Shaq and Divac against Laimbeer. Jones was good defensively but many don't know about him so trying to sell him as a sort of "Shaq specialist" would not be the best bet.

Interesting. That's a huge negative for the Nuggets if they have to use Duncan against Shaq but I'll save my opinions till that thread is up.

11-23-2011, 09:09 PM
Interesting. That's a huge negative for the Nuggets if they have to use Duncan against Shaq but I'll save my opinions till that thread is up.

I agree for a vast # of reasons but especially the most glaring one. All and all one can expect Shaq to absolutely go crazy in that series.