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11-17-2011, 05:04 PM
I want to start by saying I fully support the right of the 4 commisioners to run their league's like a CEO would. This is not my father's NBA. This NBA is deriving over 1/3rd of it's revenue from national media related deals now. The NBA no longer resembles a franchise business as much as it does a mega-corp with about 30 subsidiaries. That can be said for the NFL, MLB, & NHL as well. If you want to you could include the MLS as the 5th.

That being said their competitive balance strategy is to spread the most valuable resources around all subs. Their ideal vision is that all 30 subs can be equally productive regardless of the market they serve. Is it the best strategy to grow total revenues? No.

Imagine the NFL, MLB, NHL, & & NBA without fixed divisions. Let's look at the NBA:

2012 div's would look like this:
ECD1: Chi, Mia, Bos, Orl, NY vs WCD1: Sa, Den, Lal, Okc, Dal
ECD2: Phi, Ind, Mil, Det, Cha vs WCD2: Mem, Por, Hou, NO, Phx
ECD3: DC, Cle, Tor, NJ, vs WCD3: Sac, GS, LAC, Utah, Mn

Each conference would have 3 div winners, & 5 wc's. The Bulls would play the ECD1 the most, then the WCD1, then ECD2, WCD2, ECD3, & finally WCD3.

This reflects a business first approach to the NBA.

- bidding war for TV/media pkgs of div 1, div 2, div 3 for both national & cable networks.
- increased value of local TV/media pkgs of all 3 div's by nature of competition w/in div.
- A fan of the Nets can look forward to the possibility of both a winning rec & playoffs.

Try making an argument that this structure would result in less rev for any team.

Now consider it's impact on the CBA & player's rights.
- div 1 teams get the lowest cap level. lowest tax rates.
- div 2 teams get the mid cap level, mid tax rates.
- div 3 teams get the highest cap level, highest tax rates.

-div 1 players get first opt out after 3rd yr, team can keep him with FT for just 1 yr more
-div 2 players get first opt out after 4th yr, team can keep him with FT for just 1 yr more
-div 3 players get no opt out, team can keep him with FT for 1 yr more

FT : player gets avg of top 15% at his position. No player can be FT'd b2b on same team.

The player movement is greatest at the top & least at the bottom. Team movement between div is greatest at bottom & least at top.

Try making an argument that player's wont earn more then.

A div 1 lottery: top 9 go to div 1 teams. A div 2 lottery: picks 10-20 go to div 2 teams.
Rest of slots based on win/loss record. Lottery is based on div setups leading into next yr.

While all opinions are welcomed I really want to hear from fans of small market/rev teams the most on this.