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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the playoff voting for the PSD Knicks Forum NBA Redraft. You will notice that all teams are representing the state of New York and that they are fictional.
Please take the time to review both teams, look at the depth chart and read the write ups to formalize your own opinion on which team would win a 7 game series.
Thank you for voting and enjoy the match ups.

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Poughkeepsie has home court advantage


First, I'd like to say to MrNate30 that he did a very good job constructing his team. He's a very underrated GM in all of the NBA games, and gets a lot of things thrown at him, and I'm glad to see him improving. Good luck during this round.

PG: Chauncey Billups(32)/Toney Douglas(16)
SG: DeMar DeRozan(28)/OJ Mayo(20)/Anthony Parker
SF: Kevin Durant(35)/Richard Jefferson(13)
PF: Tim Duncan(30)/Udonis Haslem(18)/Reggie Evans
C: Joakim Noah(30)/Robin Lopez(18)

With that being said, let's get down to business. I feel I built a great team around Kevin Durant. I think I put pieces around him that would bring a championship to Oklahoma City in the actual NBA, but in Poughkeepsie, he's got the chance with that opportunity now. (Sorry this is so long)

Point Guard Matchup:

Steve Nash vs. Chauncey Billups
This matchup will actually be a rather good one. Both PGs are towards the end of their careers, and have lost a step or two from what they have, but are still very productive. Nash last year averaged 14.7/3.5/11.4 while Billups averaged 16.8/2.6/5.4. Obviously Nash is the the better player when it comes to sharing the ball, but those stats will go down with Tyreke Evans in the back court with him. Billups' nickname is "Big Shot" for a reason. He's a valid player and leader come playoff time, and I'm confident that he wouldn't let anyone down when he's counted on in crunch time. Nash is also a terrible defender while Billups isn't what he used to be, but can still contribute on the defensive side.

Advantage: Poughkeepsie slighty
Shooting Guard Matchup:

Tyreke Evans vs. DeMar DeRozan
Evans is looked as a PG and SG on the Kings. I think with him being next to Nash, they won't be as productive as they should be. Evans averaged 17.8/4.8/5.6 and will take touches away from Nash which will and could lead to assists. With DeRozan, who averaged 17.2/3.8/1.8, doesn't need the ball. He's not the 3-point threat that Durant needs next to him, but he's a good guard to be paired with that doesn't need to/won't take touches from Billups or Durant. His explosiveness can have an impact in any game and I think could work wonders with Durant and Billups leading him. But since Tyreke Evans is already more of a force than DeRozan, Buffalo gets the advantage here.

Advantage: Buffalo
Small Forward Matchup:

Wilson Chandler vs. Kevin Durant
I love Chandler. I hated to see him go, but I don't think he should be a starter in a redraft team to be honest. Others might disagree but I think he would be better off being a 6th man option. Durant easily wins this matchup as he averaged 27.7/6.2/2.7 last year for the Thunder. Chandler averaged 15.3/5.7/1.7 which is no match for Durant. Sure he's a good defender, but it seems as though no one is capable of stopping Durant at anytime, which gives me a lot of confidence with Durant on my team. This matchup was way too easy.

Advantage: Poughkeepsie
Forward Matchup:

Amar'e Stoudemire vs. Tim Duncan
Possibly the best matchup in this entire series. Amar'e is a great force on the offensive side of the ball, but isn't what he should be defensively. Tim Duncan will go down as one of the top 25 players to ever play the game. He averaged 13.4/8.9/2.7 and 1.9 blocks which were all lows for his career (except blocks), but there is no way he should have a problem with Amar'e guarding him down low, who averaged 25.3/8.2/2.6 and 1.9 blocks. Amar'e won't be easy to guard since Duncan is getting older, but that's why I have good defensive backups to cover for Duncan. This matchup would be a very interesting one to watch.

Advantage: None
Center matchup:

Marcus Camby vs. Joakim Noah
Two defense studs going at it would be a great matchup as well. Camby, who is getting older, lost a step from his previous days and averaged 4.7/10.3/2.1 and 1.6 blocks. Camby isn't what he used to be which should give Noah, 11.7/10.4/2.2 and 1.5 blocks, the nod here. Noah is coming around and is considered to be one of the top centers in the game, behind Dwight as the clear #1. Since Noah is a lot younger, and has proven he's a defensive threat should be a convincing advantage as to why he would win this matchup.

Advantage: Poughkeepsie

PG: Mario Chalmers
SG: J.R. Smith
SF:Ron Artest
PF: Jason Thompson
C: Brendon Haywood
11th Man: Jose Calderon
12th Man: Pat Patterson
PG: Toney Douglas
SG: OJ Mayo/Anthony Parker
SF: Richard Jefferson
PF: Udonis Haslem/Reggie Evans
C: Robin Lopez

Both benches were built very well. Since Douglas is the backup to Billups in real life, I felt that the chemistry there would be a benefactor here with Billups being able to guide Douglas and give him pointers. OJ Mayo is my 6th man and I think is a great type of 6th man to be subbed in for DeRozan to hit that open jumper when everyone collapses on Duncan and Durant. Jefferson is a vaild defender who can come off the bench when Durant needs to take a breather. With Haslem, since he's a great defender, I felt that when Duncan needs to come out, Haslem's defense will be able to contribute and get much needed stops. Lopez is also a great defender to be a backup to one of the better front court defenders in Noah, so that's a plus. Parker and Evans, I believe, are great backups and could contribute at any given time.

I think it would be a fun series to watch between Buffalo and Poughkeepsie. I just don't think Buffalo has the chemistry that they should have to be able to move on to the next round like my team does. Great job, Nate. Thanks for reading the entire thing, if you did, and thank you to those who vote for me. The votes are much appreciated. :up:


Starting Line Up:

PG: Steve Nash
SG:Tyreke Evans
SF: Wilson Chandler
PF: Amare Stoudmire
C: Marcus Camby


PG: Mario Chalmers
SG: J.R. Smith
SF:Ron Artest
PF: Jason Thompson
C: Brendon Haywood
11th Man: Jose Calderon
12th Man:Pat Patterson

Buffalo did not send a write up

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2nd time i've had to go against someone without a writeup :facepalm:

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My biggest problem is having Nash and Evans in the backcourt.
If he had posted a write up and proposed something like on offense Nash is the SG; on defense Nash is the PG taking advantage of Evans size at the 2 guard spot I'd understand but I have to assume he is going to keep Evans strictly as a SG.= which is a bad idea.

Poughkeepsie front court is very good and having Durant on your team with that help is a plus

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sorry no write-up been really busy + having internet problems

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this one looks like it's over as well.

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Buffalo had the worse team and no write-up = easy loss.