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11-11-2011, 01:43 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the playoff voting for the PSD Bulls Forum NBA Redraft. The point of the redraft is to draft the best team possible and the obvious goal is to be crowned champion by the NBA forum. You will notice that the team name do not represent current NBA teams. The reason why we avoided this is because we wanted to avoid a bias that exists with current team names. For example, a team that had the Chicago Bulls team name would probably experience a higher volume of votes than letís say the Memphis Grizzlies team simply because they have the larger fan base on PSD. As a result we got rid of that bias completely. Please take the time to review both teams, look at the depth chart and read the write ups to formalize your own opinion on which team would win a 7 game series. As far as injuries go, they will not be playing a factor in this Redraft though players that are continually hurt and have not had a healthy season in quite some time should be viewed as different players than what they once were (Yao, Oden, Roy etc). Thank you for voting and enjoy the match ups.

(1) Tampa Bay Otters vs. (2) Palestinian Chickens

Tampa Bay will have home court advantage in this series!

We ask you to please read the write-ups before voting! Thanks!

Link to Clubhouses. (http://www.prosportsdaily.com/forums/showthread.php?t=645187)

Tampa Bay Depth Chart:
PG: Chris Paul - Toney Douglas - C.J. Watson
SG: Ray Allen - Landry Fields - Anthony Parker
SF: Gerald Wallace - John Salmons
PF: Kenyon Martin - Ersan Ilyasova
C: Marcin Gortat - Darko Milicic

Palestine Depth Chart:
PG: Darren Collison/Will Bynum
SG: Anthony Morrow/Jason Terry
SF: Lebron James/Austin Daye
PF: David West/Glen Davis/Jonas Jerebko
C: DeAndre Jordan/Nenad Krstic/Leon Powe

Tampa Bay's Write-Up:
We'd like to congratulate the Chickens for making it to the Conference Finals, and to the PSD voters, we ask you to please read our write-ups before casting your votes. Thanks!

We feel that this will be a very tough series, and home court advantage is a HUGE plus for our squad. We have veteran toughness, and experience to power us through this round and into the Finals. Ray Allen has won a Championship, Chris Paul has been to the WCSF, Wallace, Martin and Gortat have all been to the playoffs as as has nearly everyone off our bench. I have included a statistical comparison of each team's starting line-ups with a few notes. I noted the Chicken's SG as Jason Terry, who is their 6th man but will be playing starter's minutes and I noted Marcin Gortat's numbers for when he got traded to Phoenix and began to start games instead of being stuck behind Dwight Howard for all those minutes in Orlando. He played 55 games in Phoenix, so we feel that is good enough to be considered. We've also gave some notes on the positional match-ups underneath the stats.

Starting Point Guard: Chris Paul vs. Darren Collison
Chris Paul:
36.0 MPG - 15.9 PPG - 4.1 RPG - 9.8 APG - 46.3 FG% - 38.8 3PT% - 2.4 SPG - 4.42 A/TO
23.7 PER - 57.8 TS% - 50.2 eFG% - 45.8 AST%

Darren Collison:
29.9 MPG - 13.2 PPG - 2.8 RPG - 5.1 APG - 45.7 FG% - 33.1 3PT% - 1.1 SPG - 2.08 A/TO
15.6 PER - 53.4 TS% - 48.1 eFG% - 28.9 AST%

We feel this is a huge win in the match-up for us. Once again, Chris Paul is the best PG and a Top 5 player in the league. You can see that Paul has a tremendous A/TO ratio, he's obviously the guy that stirs the drink we call our offense. He'll set up our sharpshooter (Allen), he'll see Gerald Wallace slicing to the basket for an easy dunk, he'll hit the big men down low. He does it all, and Collison is a pretty small guy so Paul would be able to body him too.

Starting Shooting Guard: Ray Allen vs. Jason Terry
Ray Allen:
36.1 MPG - 16.5 PPG - 3.4 RPG - 2.7 APG - 49.1 FG% - 44.4 3PT% - 1.0 SPG
16.4 PER - 61.5 TS% - 57.7 eFG%

Jason Terry:
31.3 MPG - 15.8 PPG - 1.9 RPG - 4.1 APG - 45.1 FG% - 36.2 3PT% - 1.1 SPG
15.9 PER - 54.5 TS% - 50.9 eFG%

Another positional advantage for us. Terry is a very good player, but Ray Allen is simply better. He's much more efficient offensively, a better defender (not saying much because Ray is probably just an average defender himself, but better than Terry, and Ray has the size advantage on him). Allen is just everything you want in a roleplayer. He knows what he has to do, and he does it damn well.

Starting Small Forward: Gerald Wallace vs. LeBron James
Gerald Wallace:
37.9 MPG - 15.7 PPG - 8.0 RPG - 2.4 APG - 45.4 FG% - 33.3 3PT% - 1.5 SPG
16.2 PER - 54.8 TS% - 49.0 eFG%

LeBron James:
38.8 MPG - 26.7 PPG - 7.5 RPG - 7.0 APG - 51.0 FG% - 33.0 3PT% - 1.6 SPG
27.3 PER - 59.4 TS% - 54.1 eFG%

Everyone knows LeBron James is at worst, a top two player in this league, however he just happens to be matching up with our, and probably the best, defensive SF in the NBA. There is no way to stop LeBron, but we feel that we have the best shot at slowing him down in Wallace and as you can see with the stats, Wallace is no slouch himself. He even outrebounds LeBron. We'd also like to question how good of a chance LeBron can win with this team, if he couldn't win with Dwyane Wade (a top 3/4 player) and Chris Bosh (a top 15ish) player in Miami. He definitely has a weaker cast here, without Wade making plays for the team, and an elite defender in CP3 defending their PG (Collison), LeBron's going to have to shoulder the load on this team (ballhandling wise) without another elite bailout option, and we love the Wallace match-up.

Starting Power Forward: Kenyon Martin vs. David West
Kenyon Martin:
25.7 MPG - 8.6 PPG - 6.2 RPG - 2.3 APG - 51.1 FG% - 0.7 BPG
14.2 PER - 52.6 TS% - 51.4 eFG%

David West:
35.0 MPG - 18.9 PPG - 7.6 RPG - 2.3 APG - 50.8 FG% - 0.9 BPG
20.4 PER - 55.8 TS% - 50.9 eFG%

West is a good scorer, but that's about it. K-Mart will be back to getting starter PF minutes now that he's away from Denver and all that F/C talent they had there. If you look at his PER36 minutes (http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/m/martike01.html), they are better than West's across the board aside from PPG. We'd also be taking David West away from Chris Paul, and giving CP3 to K-Mart, so he would be getting a lot of the great open looks that West used to get rather than the lower passing PGs/minutes that he had in Denver. We feel that Martin is a much better defender than given credit for, and he's never been a player to play unaggressively or shy away from a fight while West is more laid back.

Starting Center: Marcin Gortat vs. DeAndre Jordan
Marcin Gortat:
29.7 MPG - 13.0 PPG - 9.3 RPG - 1.0 APG - 56.3 FG% - 1.3 BPG
18.8 PER - 59.8 TS% - 56.4 eFG%

DeAndre Jordan:
25.6 MPG - 7.1 PPG - 7.2 RPG - 0.5 APG - 68.6 FG% - 1.8 BPG
14.8 PER - 64.8 TS% - 68.6 eFG%

As soon as Gortat moved away from Dwight Howard's shadow in Orlando, he evolved into an elite Center status. He is no Dwight Howard, nobody is, but he's a damn good Center and a great defensive presence in the post. He's moving from Steve Nash to Chris Paul, so not much difference offensively. He'll get great looks here. DeAndre Jordan is a nice, young player... but he's still very young and very raw. If he's not dunking the basketball, he's not gonna score. He has sky high %'s, but like I said, if he's not dunking, he's not scoring. He's never been to the playoffs either.

Bench: Toney Douglas/C.J. Watson/Landry Fields/Anthony Parker/John Salmons/Ersan Ilyasova/Darko Milicic vs. Will Bynum/Anthony Morrow/Austin Daye/Glen Davis/Jonas Jerebko/Nenad Krstic/Leon Powe

We feel that we have a big advantage off the bench. Douglas/Watson is our two headed PG off the bench. When we need offense, Douglas comes in and when we need some lockdown D, C.J. comes in. Fields had a very underrated rookie year. He had a TS% at 59.8 and a 56.8 eFG%. He also pulled down 6.4 RPG as a SG, that's pretty darn good for a rookie. Anthony Parker has made a career out of shooting the 3, and he also chipped in a respectable 3 RPG and 3 APG. John Salmons is a proven veteran off the bench. He still shot 38% from 3 last year, plays decent defense and added 3.5 RPG and APG. Ilyasova is a very solid defender, who is also a stretch-4 who can help stretch the floor for us and get one of their rebounders away from the hoop to allow us for more rebound chances. While Darko will never live up to his draft status, he's still turned into a very solid NBA player in Minnesota. 8.8 PPG, 5.2 RPG and 1.5 APG in only 24 MPG last year is pretty good. We're just asking him for some good back-up minutes to Gortat.

In conclusion, we feel that we have a better team (as voted by the rest of our redraft league, #1 seeding by a big margin), the better positional match-ups in this series, the better bench and a huge rebounding edge. I do not mean to make it out that we're going to blow them and win in 4 or 5 games at all. This series will absolutely go 6 or 7 games and we feel that with all of the stated above reasons, our veteran/playoff experience and our home court advantage, we'll be able to take this one home.

Palestine's Write-Up:
To start out:

This will be a hard fought series and certainly a real grind it out style basketball. I think this really plays into my teams hand well for a few reasons:

1. The Otters have very little deep playoff experience with the exception of Ray Allen who is at the tail end of his career. The Chickens are playoff tested and have been there before. Lebron has been to the Finals twice and hungry for his first title. Terry was a huge part of the recent Mavs title and Big Baby has the experience of winning a title himself. Experience is very important and we clearly have a huge edge in this area.

2. Iím not sure who is capable of stepping up in a close game from the Otters. In close playoff games you need the guy with ice water in his veins and if you donít have him you better have a post presence who you can dump the ball down to and watch go to work. The Otters donít have either, the Chickens have both. In clutch situations the weight of the world is going to fall on Allen and Paul who have both underperformed in these situations shooting the basketball. In clutch situations Paul has shot just 39% from the floor and 26.7% from 3 point range and Allen shot just 36.2% from the field in clutch situations. On the other hand the Chickens have both the guy to dump the ball down to in West as well as the ice water in his veins shooter in Terry. Terry in clutch situations shot 50.6% from the floor making 44% of his 3 point attempts and hitting 94% of his free throws (66.2 TS%). Terry is the exact player Lebron has needed down the stretch of games when he draws so much defensive attention.

I donít think writing up individual matchups is as relevant as people think because itís such a team game so Iím going to write up my teamís strategy and how we will win this series. If you want me to write a ďPlayer A> Player B and Player C>>>Player DĒ thing Iíd be happy to do but I donít see how it matters for a sport like basketball.

First off I think a major area where we feel strongly about is looking at the front court battle and how that will play out. Gortat does ALL his damage at the rim. He is just a 41% shooter from 3-9 feet. This is the PERFECT matchup for Jordan whoís length and athleticism has him defending the rim amongst the best in the league. Then we have West who faces off against Martin, a clear area we will exploit. Martin has played 49 games per year the last 5 seasons, he just doesnít have the athleticism he had earlier in his career. At this point in his career he is a 20-25 minute player so Iím assuming my opponent is planning on playing him about that amount of time and using his only backup PF Ilyasova for about 30 mpg? He is stretched thin here to say the least and West can beat you multiple ways with is back to the basket or facing you up, he has plenty of range shooting 47% from 16-23 feet. Our frontcourt versatility and depth is an enormous advantage in this series.

The nice part about the lack of versatility in the Otters front court is how this will affect the back court match ups in a few ways:

1. Offensively for us: If they single West he will simply have a field day. If they drop down to double we have 3 point threats everywhere, 2 of which are premier 3 point shooters in this league.

2. Defensively for us: Paul doesnít have a pick n pop partner which will in turn affect the pick n roll game. Any on ball screen for Paul will be easily countered due to this and will drastically affect Paulís effectiveness in the series.

Our strategy for the backcourt defense:
1. We will not allow Allen open looks. We will simply dedicate Morrow/Terry to stick on Allen and switch all screens to insure always having a hand in Rayís face. Lebronís defensive versatility allows this to happen as he can defend all positions on the court. Minimize the effectiveness of Allen and Paul is in for a long series as we know he doesnít beat you scoring the ball and Allen is his major option on this team.

2. Again, Paul doesnít beat you scoring the ball. Weíve already established the non existent pick n pop or pick n roll game. We can comfortably put all focus on Allen as he is the major offensive threat. Which leaves Crash who of course is faced off with an elite defender in Lebron. I just donít see many solid options for Paul offensively. He will be forced to rely WAY too much on his own offense in this series and thatís not how he wants to beat you.

Our backcourt offense:
We have it all. A PG who can get in the lane. SGís who can light it up from downtown. The best slasher in the league. A pick n pop and pick n roll partner in West.

Versatility sums up this series and itís why we will win in 5 or 6 games.

11-11-2011, 07:35 AM
As much as I want to vote for Tampa. I'm going to have to give the edge to Palestine. Tampa definitely has a better bench. But, I think with the talent surrounding Lebron on this team there's no way they don't win the series. Remember this isn't the finals so he probably wont choke.

11-11-2011, 02:01 PM
I think TB has enough to take this in 6, outside of Lebron the Chickens don't scare me at all.

11-11-2011, 03:02 PM
I think TB has enough to take this in 6, outside of Lebron the Chickens don't scare me at all.

What's scary is how complete my team is and you only see Lebron.

Tampa is beyond flawed but I guess Gortat is all of a sudden a proven front court threat? :shrug: Not sure at what point he became so highly thought of but it sure seems like he is going to be asked an awful lot on Tampa's front court. And again, there couldn't be a player who plays into Jordan's strengths as a defender more than a guy like Gortat. Where is Tampa's scoring going to come from in this series? How is Tampa going to slow down the Chickens when they have scoring threats for every facet of the game?

To address depth: Who cares about going 10 deep in the PLAYOFFS? Yes it is a huge advantage during the regular season. It's the playoffs anything more than 7-8 deep is completely unnecessary.

I just don't get the love for Tampa's squad, it's on par with CP3's Hornets of seasons past and all of a sudden it's a favorite in a 26 team deep league?

11-11-2011, 03:09 PM
To say it's on par with the Hornets team is a joke. Also, Gortat is more than proven. He just needed to get away from Dwight's shadow, once he did, he shined. Read my write-up and you'll see why I'm getting votes.

11-11-2011, 03:20 PM
That is definitly a great team for Paul to run and when Paul is healthy imo he can be as scary as LeBron

11-11-2011, 03:40 PM
CP3 with multiple weapons is just as effective as LeBron James. The overall Tampa roster is just stronger both inside and out.

11-12-2011, 01:25 AM
LeBron team for sure.