View Full Version : Which teams are part of the likely simple majority to vote in a CBA?

11-11-2011, 12:46 AM
The NBA players union has accepted the 50/50 split, but sticking points still exist on banning sign-and-trades, lowering mid-level exceptions and "repeater" taxes on chronic luxury teams.
Some small-market teams oppose the deal because they say it still gives players too much. Other large market, "luxury" teams oppose the deal because it penalizes them too much.

ESPN.com reported Tuesday that player reps were informed during Tuesday's union meeting in New York that the league currently expects just 17 teams (including the league-owned New Orleans Hornets) to approve the deal as constituted, with 13 teams opposing. It takes only a simple majority (16 teams) to approve a new labor deal, but Stern has maintained all summer that he prefers a stronger majority than that to seal the deal.
The NBA needs 16 teams to accept the deal. Which teams do you think support the deal the most, other than the NBA-owned Hornets?
My bet is on teams with a smaller payroll, non-stingy owners and an upside (Denver, Oklahoma City, Portland, Houston, Philadelphia).