View Full Version : Battle of the Runner-Ups: Jail-Blazers vs Princeton Kings

10-29-2011, 06:59 AM
Remember back when the Kings & Blazers were perennial cannon fodder for the Lakers to mercilessly slay?

OK Im being dramatic but from 1997 to 2002 (not counting Lockout), at least 1 of those teams(frequently both) met their demise at the hands of the PnG goons, going 10-27 in that span. They both felt the wrath of the Lakers during their stampede through the Western Conference but they were also the only 2 teams that came close to toppling the dynasty (Kings doing it twice). So close that it took epic collapses to falter.

The similarities dont end there, both teams were lead by Star PF's (C-Webb/Sheed) who were actually given to them by the same team (Wizards), both teams had an international import with insane passing skills manning the middle (Divac/Sabas), both had Euros with sweet shooting strokes (Detlef/Peja/Turk), both had aging but defensive minded stoppers on the perimeter (Christie/Pippen/Patterson), scoring PG's (Bibby/Mighty Mouse). Both had deep benches, but only 1 had the misfortune of being coached by Dunleavy.

Where the differences lie are in the mindsets, the Blazers came about their wealth of talent because of an owner eager to spend, the result was often a chaotic blend both on and off the court. The Kings came about with a series of shrewd moves and may have had less talent top to bottom but they were stronger up top and played a beautiful style of high post offense that kept everyone happy, atleast until C-Webbs ego began exceeding his talent.

So my question is this, which core had the better run together and which would you choose to win a playoff series if the 2 were to meet at the top of their games?

10-29-2011, 01:05 PM
kings had the better run.
blazers had more depth
kings were the better team. Slightly

02kings beat 00blazers in 7 with double OT lol