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10-23-2011, 02:48 PM
Again, at Chronz's request. Please feel free to tell me who I left out, and where I went wrong on this list. I'd love to hear what you all have to say.

1. Stockton/Malone: Nobody ran the pick and role better. These two were the perfect teammates and complimented each other better than any pairing in the history of the NBA.

2. Cousy/Russell: I think this one is obvious. Russell was to Cousy what Duncan was to Robinson. After playing his heart out for years and always coming up short, Cousy finally got the teammate he needed to win.

3. Magic/Kareem: Rather than explaining why their third, I should be explaining why I don’t have them at the top of the list. I guess its because I see these two as two great individual players who happened to be on the same team, and though they were great teammates, I don’t think they complimented each other the way Stockton and Malone do.

4. Robertson/Kareem: Some might argue that these two players are the best two players in the history of the league. I wouldn’t argue the point.

5. Thomas/Lambeer: When I was a kid watching basketball, and other fans were jumping out of their seats when ‘Nique or Jordan were throwing down, I was jumping out of my seat when Thomas and Laimbeer ran the high pick-and-roll and Zeke would kick it out to Bill for the wide open three. Only Stockton and Malone were better at running the pick-and-roll.

5. Lanier/Bing: I forgot these guys when I was making the list. So I'm throwing them in as a tie for 5th (I know, its cheap). These guys put up numbers that would make fantasy fans drool, sadly, they never had any teammates worth mentioning, so they didn't pile up the wins the way the Lakers and Celtics did.

6. Jason Williams/Mike Bibby + C-Webb: It was probably more entertaining to watch Jason Williams and Webber play together, but Bibby made the Kings better than Williams did. Regardless, C-Webb + and decent point guard is going to make a great duo.

7. Jackson/Ewing: I always thought the Knicks should have stayed the course with Jackson. Ewing and Jackson were both drafted by NY within a couple years of each other, and both brought home the ROY award, and they were both hitting their stride until the Knicks decided the trade him in a move that didn’t end up helping anybody (LA lost a solid power forward, Jackson went to a $#!T team, and the Orlando Magic gave up Stanely Roberts, who would have made a dominant pair alongside Shaq).

8. Nash/Amare: Anybody who has seen these guys run the pick-and-roll knows why they are on the list, and are likely wondering why they aren’t higher.

9. CP3/Chandler: It isn’t very often that two players manage to play off each other as well as CP3 and Chandler did when Chandler first came to New Orleans. Chandler finally became the rebounding stud I’d always hoped he’d be, and turned into a player you had to keep a body on at the offensive end of the floor, while CP3 made it clear why he should be considered the best point guard in the league, though injury has slowed him down a little since.

10. Goodrich/Chamberlain: The reason I have them this low on the list is because it always seemed to me that it was Goodrich and West who were playing off each other, and Chamberlain was just there to collect rebounds. From the games I’ve seen on the classics, these two didn’t play into each other the way West and Goodrich did, but statistically they are certainly a pair that are unmatched in this list.

11. Cheeks/Moses: Fo. Fi. Fo.

12. Mad Max/Cassell + Hakeem: It was more of a point-guard-by-committee approach in Houston, but there is no questioning that regardless of who the point guard on the floor happened to be, Hakeem was the perfect match for point guard with quick feet and a solid outside shot.

13. D-Will/Boozer: It was a shame that injuries to Boozer slowed this pairing down so much, but a couple of deep playoff runs illustrated how good D-Will and Boozer as a pair, and with the greatest pick-and-roll coach guiding them along the way, they likely had some Jazz fans drooling about a seconding coming of the Stockton-and-Malone days.

14. Kenny Anderson/Rod Strickland + Sabonis: Running the high pick-and-roll with Sabonis was just something special to watch. I remember Shaq just standing there watching him drain outside shots and giving him a look like: Are centers supposed to be able to shoot the ball?

15. Penny/Wade + Shaq: I wasn’t sure which to pick here, but there is no question that the Shaq-and-Penny pairing would have yielded multiple titles had Shaq stayed in Orlando and Penny stayed healthy. They could have been compared to Kareem and Magic had Shaq opted to stay in Orlando, but c’est la vie. As for the Wade-and-Shaq paiting, I realize that Wade was only a part-time point guard at the time, but they did yield an NBA title, so it seems worth mentioning.

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Magic/Kareem #1. This is all I wanted to say.

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Cousy/Russell by a decent margin followed by Magic/Kareem then a large margin then Stockton/Malon then a slight margin then insert any other pairing of note.


Magic was better then Cousy and Russell better then Kareem and I think the Magic/Kareem overall talent is higher and more dynamic IMO but I think from everything I heard about Cousy/Russell from people that have seen them is something special, and I'm probably 2 or 3 years to young to really remember Magic/Kareem.

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The Penny and Shaq days, too bad those didn't last long. Damn injuries. Who was the Lakers PG during their three-peat era?

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The Penny and Shaq days, too bad those didn't last long. Damn injuries. Who was the Lakers PG during their three-peat era?

Derrick Fisher :-(

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Guy Rodgers/Wilt

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And out of pure sentimentality....


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Gus Williams/Jack Sikma

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KG/Terrell Brandon was a pretty good duo for a few seasons in the early 2000's.

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The Glove and Shawn Kemp were something to watch. Too bad Kemp lost his damn mind....

Also Magic/ Kareem is an untouchable #1 btw, anything else would be uncivilized............

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[QUOTE=PhillyFaninLA;19572222]Cousy/Russell by a decent margin followed by Magic/Kareem then a large margin then Stockton/Malon then a slight margin then insert any other pairing of note.


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Thank goodness someone finally mentioned Payton/Kemp. I was also partial to Kevin Johnson/Charles Barkely.

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Stockton and Malone over Magic/Kareem or Russell/Cousy???:confused:

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I can't believe I forgot about Payton/Kemp! ARGH!!!! I'll have to re-do the entire list!