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10-03-2011, 12:07 PM
Over the last month, PSD posters have been participating in a Lakers All Time Redraft. In this game, users act as the GM of a team and are given a pick in the draft randomly. Any player who played at least one minute in a Lakers uniform was eligible and the player should be viewed in his prime by the three years given by the team, not only by his time on the Lakers. We then voted on which eight teams should make the playoffs, and now it's playoff voting time. Please read the writeups prior to voting and vote for who you think has the best team.

Beijing has Home Court Advantage.

Beijing depth chart:

PG: Brad Davis (1982-1985) / Pat Riley (1973-1975) / Jordan Farmar (2008-2011)
SG: Mitch Richmond (1995-1998) / Dick Garmaker (1956-1959)
SF: Ron Artest (2003-2006) / Dick Barnett (1965-1968)
PF: AC Green (1991-1994) / Rudy LaRusso (1966-1969) / Vladimir Radmanovic (2002-2005)
C: Shaquille O'neal (1999-2002) / Mitch Kupchak (1976-1979)

Beijing Clubhouse (http://www.prosportsdaily.com/forums/showpost.php?p=19096073&postcount=7)


Team 3 depth chart:

G - Nixon (1978-81) / Hunter (1997-00)
G - Bryant (2005-08) / Campbell (1989-92) / Kersey (1987-90)
F - Woolridge (1984-87) / Robinson (1982-85) / Kersey (1987-90)
F - H. Grant (1991-94) / C. Lovellette (1955-58) / B. Grant (2000-03)
C - Haywood (1969-72) / S. Nater (1973-76) / B. Grant (2000-03)

Team 3 Clubhouse (http://www.prosportsdaily.com/forums/showpost.php?p=19109526&postcount=11)

The dream matchup, the one that Laker fans, even closet ones, wet themselves to, is finally here. Kobe and Shaq, head-to-head,
leader of their respective squads, square off against each other in a highly anticipated first round debacle. This proves to be
a very interesting matchup, since both teams feature different strengths and style of play. As we shall see, however, Team 3
annihilates Beijing on both ends of the floor. Led by the Black Mamba, Team 3 proves to be a matchup nightmare for Beijing.
How? Enough with the jibber-jabber and let's get on to the nitty-gritty details.

Looking at Beijing's unit, 3 names stand out. Shaq, of course, followed by Mitch Richmond and Ron Artest. At first sight,
this team looks unstoppable with this trio of all-stars. But further inspection actually proves otherwise.

It's no secret that the offense of this team revolves around 3 guys. It hinges around O'Neal, an undeniably unstoppable force inside the paint.
He is supported by Richmond and Artest, capable scorers on their own right. However, beyond those 3 guys, this team collapses
like gooey marshmallow. Take it even further, it because of the other two guys that will cause this team massive inefficiency.
In short, this team looks great on paper, but in reality, there is only 1 basketball, and something has to give.

Shaq's most dominant years came along the 3 peat saga of the Lakers. He posted career numbers in both scoring in rebounding.
However, that team was built to support Shaq. It featured Kobe, who had to defer to O'Neal most of the time, which he was
willing to do at that point of his career. The rest of the team were complementary players, guys like Fisher, Horry, and Fox,
who could care less about the number of shots they put up, as long as the team was winning. They weren't high volume scorers.
For comparison's sake, let's look at O'Neals years with the Lakers from 1999-2002. Only O'Neal and Bryant [ among the regular
rotation players ] were average 20+ in USG%. The rest of the guys were hovering in the low to mid teens. This shows that
these guys do not demand the ball in order to be effective, and that's what made the Lakers style of play more effective.

Now, let's go back to Beijing. Shaq takes up a whopping 31.5% of the team's plays. Meanwhile, Richmond takes up about 27%,
and Artest roughly 25%. There, we are already seeing the problem. Each guy needs the ball in their hands in order to be
effective and at their best. Having all 3 of them on the floor at the same time can be described as disastrous. If O'Neal
was bickering about having to split the share of his pie with Bryant, what more of 2 players. Especially with Artest, who was
as adamant back then about being the man of his team as he's been. Richmond's and Artest's low efficiencies, as expressed with PER,
don't help their cause. Richmond's PER during those 3 years was only a hair over 20, and Artest's is even worse, slightly below
19. They do not complement O'Neal's game, which especially for him is very important if this team wants to be successful.

Offensively, this can cause problems for Beijing, which Team 3 would be more than happy to attack and take advantage of. Team 3
is built with the goal of a strong frontcourt in mind. Thus the squad is filled with capable big men from top to bottom of the
depth chart. Bodies will be thrown at O'Neal all night long. Spencer Haywood, Horace Grant, Brian Grant, Swen Nater, these guys
aren't your typical "Use-up-their-6-fouls" type of players. These guys have played in an era where big men dominated the game. Shaq
will not bully these guys like he did Todd MacCullough during the early '00s.

Furthermore, Kobe Bryant is an accomplished defender, 9 time All-Defensive first team, and thus he should be able to contain either
Richmond or Artest when he is called to do so. The other guy will be handled by Orlando Woolridge, who size [ 6'9!!! ] and quickness
should cause problems. In short, Team 3 has the answers to anything Beijing throws at it on the offensive end. Team 3's flexibility
allows it to either play a man-to-man defense, in which case O'Neal has to carry the load offensively on his shoulders, or a more
balanced zone defense which will cripple the flow of Beijing's offense. Either way, Team 3's got all the bases covered on this end.

Now, let's take a look on the other side. Defensively, Beijing only has O'Neal and Artest, and a thin ply of toilet paper. Norm Nixon will
break down Brad Davis's horrendous 111.3 DRTG, and Horace Grant will not have any trouble scoring over AC Green's 108. Artest is a good defender
in his prime, and will sure to cause problems for whoever he guards. That will most likely be Kobe Bryant. It should be a fun matchup, but there's
no way he's shutting down the BLACK MAMBA, especially in his heydey where he's putting up career numbers offensively. And that leaves
us with Woolridge vs. Richmond. Not only is Mitch undersized [ he's 6'5" going up against the 6'9" forward ], but he's also terrible defensively - 110 DTRG.
Even if they choose to play zone, Team 3 is filled with slashers - Bryant, Nixon, Woolridge, and Tony Campbell and Jerome Kersey off the bench to bust the zone.

Plus, the zone will most likely be ineffectual as O'Neal will be hesitant to move excessively to cover his part of the floor. Team 3 will run pick and rolls on him
all night long, and we all know how Shaq struggles against the P&R - it is no secret that the Lakers was troubled by that tactic even during their historic run.

For the final ace on the table, Team 3's biggest asset is it's depth. Coincidentally [ and unfortunately ] for Beijing, this is one of their
glaring holes in this matchup. Team 3 features a HALL OF FAMER, Clyde Lovellette, off the bench and a plethora of players who were
legitimate starters for their respective teams. Swen Nater and Cliff Robinson were a rebounding machines during their heydeys, while the rest of the squad is filled
with capable scorers who can fill in the void of the starters in case they are having a bad night. Beijing's depth chart is very thin, only 2 men deep in most positions, and will struggle once the starters decide to take a seat on the bench. Meanwhile, Team 3 will
continue to pounce on them as its bench picks it up right where the starters have left off.

To conclude, Team 3 is simply a bad, a very bad matchup for Beijing. No matter what their gameplan is, Team 3 has the effective countermeasure that will nullify any
sort of tactics or strategy that they seek to employ. Beijing is a good team, on paper at least, but basketball is a game of matchup, a game of strengths and weaknesses,
and even good teams struggle against bad teams if the matchups don't favor them. That is the name of the game, and that is what this series boils down to. All in all,
Team 3 cruises through the first round with a handy victory over Beijing.

10-03-2011, 01:12 PM
My vote goes to Team 3 and here's why. Beijing does feature 3 ball dominant players in Shaquille, Ron Ron and Mitch, and that is not a good recipe. While Shaquille should get most touches, Ron and Mitch will literally fight over touches because there is no clear number 2 option. I do like the defense Shaquille and Ron bring for their team, but Team 3 has great depth in the forecourt with premiere defenders.

It is clear that Shaquille cannot be stopped but he is going to have a hard time getting good position like he often did during the 3 peat run. Team 3 features a prime Kobe at his peak when he was averaging insane numbers and was becoming a better team player. Norm Nixon is a great floor general and will be useful in the fast break with Kobe and Woolridge. That's nasty on the offensive end. The bench edge goes to Team 3 as well since they actually have capable defenders at almost every position.

It was hard to vote against Beijing but l4s provided a great argument in his writeup.

10-03-2011, 05:36 PM
I rate Team 3 higher than Beijing, but this matchup has Beijing written all over it imo. I don't think there's much of an issue with Richmond and Artest on the same lineup (I actually see them as almost perfect fit, considering both players' peak)

Could argue that Team 3 is quite deeper than Beijing, but thinking of Mitch, Ron and Shaq at their best selves = win. Would take an incredibly good perimeter defense to stop them, and Team 3 has quite good defense, not good enough though imo ;)

10-04-2011, 12:48 AM
sorry for the eff'ed up line breaks, I was doing my writeup in notepad and forgot to edit them in the PM.

I gave my argument based on facts on why I don't think O'Neal, Artest, and Richmond would mesh well. If you can give me something concrete to debate against then I'll gladly respond.

10-07-2011, 10:05 AM
TAE i take team 3

10-07-2011, 11:24 PM
ok then we should have one more vote and beijing should have one less

10-13-2011, 11:58 PM
Ok so this is tied, right?

10-15-2011, 11:51 PM
yeah haha we need to break to tie...