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09-26-2011, 12:39 PM
Over the last 3 weeks, PSD posters have been participating in a Lakers All Time Redraft. In this game, users act as the GM of a team and are given a pick in the draft randomly. Any player who played at least one minute in a Lakers uniform was eligible and the player should be viewed in his prime by the three years given by the team, not only by his time on the Lakers. We then voted on which eight teams should make the playoffs, and now it's playoff voting time. Please read the writeups prior to voting and vote for who you think has the best team.

El Segundo has Home Court Advantage

El Segundo depth chart:

PG: Derek Harper (1988-1990 | Larry Drew (1983-1985)
SG: Eddie Jones (1998-2000) | Jim Jackson (1994-1996) | Sasha Vujacic (2007-2009)
SF: Glen Rice (1995-1997) | Bryon Russell (1999-2001)
PF: Mychal Thompson (1981-1983) | Sam Perkins (1991-1993) | Rick Roberson (1972-1974)
C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1971-1973) | Elden Campbell (1995-1997)

For full stats:
El Segundo Clubhouse (http://www.prosportsdaily.com/forums/showpost.php?p=19095890&postcount=4)

I'd like start off by saying that this re-draft was very fun to run and participate. I want to thank Avenged24 for doing an amazing job moderating and keeping the re-draft running smoothly.

My team possesses arguably the greatest Center in NBA history in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. From 71-73, Kareem was a young man who was absolutely dominant on both sides of the floor. He led the Milwaukee Bucks to 1 championship in only his second year in the league and that same year was awarded league MVP and Finals MVP. He was also league MVP the following season, 1972, and established his dominance shortly in his career. My opponent will have 6'8" Connie Hawkins paired up against Kareem, and to be honest Kareem, standing tall at 7'2" will be able to control the paint on both ends of the floor.

Zurich's other frontcourt big is none other than Bob McAdoo who in his prime was a great scorer himself. The problem with the young McAdoo is that he was a stat-stuffer. He was not a team player and cared more about his numbers than winning games. It would not be until he agreed to come off the bench for the purple and gold late in his career that he'd win his 2 rings. My PF is former number 1 pick Mychal Thompson who is a great compliment to Kareem in the frontcourt as he can provide a weak side post presence as well as a reliable jumper from 15 feet. Neither McAdoo nor Thompson excelled on defense as neither was selected to an All-Defensive team, but Mr. Abdul-Jabbar provides weak side help on that end.

At the SF, I've got my number 2 option in Glen Rice, one of the best 3-point shooters of all-time. Glen Rice was a prolific scorer during his time and possessed great shooting efficiency for a wing player and volume scorer. He and my backcourt players provide great spacing and balance to my frontcourt. My opponent has Lou Hudson at the SF who had his best years in the late 60s/early 70s. He was a terrific player but lacked the component which separates Glen Rice from him, shooting. He was a good wing player but provides little spacing to Bob McAdoo compared to my wing player.

At PG, my opponent has the advantage with one of the best defensive PGs of all time, Gary Payton. He was a true floor general who excelled on offense and defense. My PG, while not as big a name as Mr. Payton had similar traits. Derek Harper was capable of scoring and facilitating, averaging 17PPG and 7.4APG from 1988-1990. He was in the All-Defensive 2nd team in 1990 at a time when the league was stacked with great defenders.

At the SG spot, I've got another great defender and former All-Defensive team Eddie Jones. Capable of scoring, Eddie Jones was one of the best in steals in NBA history. He ranks 24th all time in career steals and in the 1999-2000 season led the league averaging 2.7SPG. My opponent will have Don Chaney who is a good defender but did not possess the same scoring ability as Eddie Jones. While both players are known for their defense, my SG holds the edge in the scoring department.

Derek Harper, Eddie Jones and Glen Rice will provide great floor spacing and cutting through the paint for Kareem to operate on the block. It is the perfect balance for my team as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dominated at a time with no 3-point line. With my shooters, Kareem will have more room to play isolation and if doubled teamed, he can hit the open man for the 3 as he was a great passer averaging 4.3APG from 1971-1973.

My bench has players such as Bryon Russell and Sam Perkins who were great role players and could guard multiple positions. Both players could spend time at the SF position and guard the opponent's wing player, giving Glen Rice some rest. Kareem's backup is Elden Campbell who at 6-11 provides a big body capable of blocking shots and grabbing rebounds while Kareem is taking a breather.

Larry Drew is another facilitator at the PG spot who averaged 7.5APG from 1983-1985. Jim Jackson will be the backup SG and was a 20PPG scorer during his first few years in the league, averaging 25.7PPG in only his third year in the league.

I think my team has great balance with post players in Kareem and Thompson, and reliable shooters and slashers in Harper, Jones and Rice. My players are able to run on the fastbreak as well play halfcourt with Kareem and Glen Rice anchoring the offense. My bench players can also pick up the offense for the 1st team and provide solid defense.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this.


Zurich depth chart:

PG - Gary Payton (1995-98) / Slater Martin (1951-54) / Aaron McKie
SG - Don Chaney (1971-74) / Eddie Jordan (1978-81) / Aaron McKie (2000-03)
SF - Lou Hudson (1968-71) / Peeler / Aaron McKie (2000-03) / Adam Morrison (2006-2009)
PF - Bob McAdoo (1973-76) / Larry Foust (1953-56)
C - Connie Hawkins (1969-72) / Theo Ratliff (1998-01)

Zurich Clubhouse (http://www.prosportsdaily.com/forums/showpost.php?p=19095919&postcount=6)

Writeup Zurich vs El Segundo:

Introduction: Firstly, we want to wish El Segundo the best of luck in the playoffs regardless of the outcome of our series. They have built quite a good team, we just feel that we have built a superior one. We feel that the overall fit of our team, our depth and our talent is just enough better to win this series. We will write a traditional overview of position against position, then a bench paragraph and then a strategic paragraph.

Point Guard: Gary Payton (95-96,96-97,97-98) vs Derek Harper (88-90)- We believe this is a huge advantage for us. Gary Payton was the best overall point guard in basketball during his peak years and made 3 All Star teams, two 2nd Team All NBA teams, a 1st Team All NBA team, 3 All Defensive Teams and a defensive player of the year in this span. Harper only managed one 2nd Defensive All NBA team during one of these years. Payton had 36.9 WS during this period including two different seasons over 12.5 WS and in comparison Harper only had 27 WS. This is a huge difference. Paytonís impact on defense and as an overall point guard is earthshattering. He is clearly one of the top 10 point guards of all time if not top 5 while Harper while solid never made an all star team. Meanwhile in terms of team dynamic, Payton does not have to be our main scorer as we guys like Bob McAdoo, Lou Hudson and Connie Hawkins to score also meaning he should be more efficient and be even more destructive on defense. Big edge for us here.

Shooting Guard: Lou Hudson (68-69, 69-70,70-71) vs Eddie Jones (98-00)- There is a reason we are switching Hudson onto Eddie Jones. This is because that while Jones is pretty solid on the defensive side of the ball, he is not that special on offense even during his peak. Hudson, will be able then to succeed on the offensive side if he has to deal less with Glen Rice. Meanwhile, Hudson was one of the most efficient players in the NBA shooting over 50% during this period and I do think he can torch whoever is on him. He gets to be a second option instead of the first option he had to be in Atlanta and this should help his game as does a 3-point line as Hudson was taking 3ís before there were 3ís. In the three year stretch, his best year had a greater WS than Jones as was his 2nd best year and 3rd best year and unlike Jones he made an All-Star team in all 3 seasons and in fact made the All 2nd NBA team in 1970. This is an edge for our team in my opinion.

Small Forward: Don Chaney 71-72,72-73,73-74 vs Glen Rice (95-97)
While I wonít deny Rice is likely the better player, Chaney should be able to make him work hard considering his tremendous defense (3 NBA All 2nd Team Defense during this period) and with his unique post game and physical play will challenge him on both. Rice also will have significant issues meshing with Kareem as during his prime he had a huge usage rate that generally ranged over 25%. Combined with Kareemís likely high 30+ usage rate, there will either be some feuding or no shots for anyone else. On the other hand Chaney wonít need the ball very much and was a extremely unselfish player who played on a few title teams during his prime.

Power Forward: Bob McAdoo (73-74,74-75,75-76)vs Mychal Thompson 81-83- This matchup will be absolute destruction for our team. Thompson isnít even a good defender and he will be guarding McAdoo when he had one of the most dominant stretches in league history. I think this matchup alone swings the series in our favour.

Center: Kareem vs Hawkins
Iím running our of time so I will summarize the rest quickly. Kareem is Kareem and will do amazing in this series. Heís the best player but we will throw at him many player like Hawkins, ace defender Ratliff and Larry Foust all of whom will put a body at him. He will get double teams and as we have some heavy steal guys like Payton, Eddie Jordan, Slater Martin taking it away from him. An underrated factor is that Hawkins and McAdoo both draw tons of fouls and if we get Kareem into any kind of foul trouble we should destroy their team. Hawkins is a pretty good player himself if your research/know about him and would get points and rebounds and assists (great playmaker ) also.

Bench: Do your research about who each guy is and what role he can provide. We have a bench that provides all stars, and perfect role players like Ratliff to help our club. Foust and Martin were both big time guys on great teams.

If you do your reseach you will see the truth. Our WS total is much higher than thereís and we have several other factors in our favour. Kareem is not an end all be all in a game of all stars.

09-26-2011, 06:18 PM
I really like this El Segundo team. 2nd they are though :p

09-26-2011, 07:29 PM
I really like ES as well, but I think this team matches them VERY well and would pull it off in 7.

09-26-2011, 08:23 PM
I really think I win this series for the following reasons:

1, I have two ultra elite players (McAdoo and Payton) vs him having just one in Kareem. They also compliment each other perfectly with McAdoo being the big time scorer and a guy who can rebound well vs Payton who is an uber defender and can play the overall point guard position well.

2, Payton and McAdoo's matchups:

Payton beat Harper handidly when they went head to head outscoring him by over 5 points a game and whipping him in general.

McAdoo vs Thompson wouldnt be fair. Thompson was not a very good defender at this time and actually had a distinct problem with fouls. He would be going against a McAdoo who led the NBA in scoring 3 years in a row and drew a tremendous amount of fouls.

3, The underrated Hawkins. Hawkins is not bad, he was a 20/9.5 guy in his prime and was not a bad defender. He can draw fouls and his and McAdoo's amazing ability to get to the line will be a huge problem for ES and should alter the game.

4, Lou Hudson will be going head to head vs Eddie Jones and Chaney against Rice. Chaney is a tremendous defender and should help slow down Glen. Lou will be able to outplay Eddie Jones as a he is a flat out much better scorer and was known for his jump shot and ability to spread the floor (Contrary to his argument above).

5, The benches are not close. Ratliff is much better than Campbell as one of the NBA's top defensive players and shotblocker during his prime. Larry Foust twice led the NBA in WS/48 which is alot more impressive than Sam Perkins who was a solid but unspectacular player. Foust was close to the league MVP during his prime. Russell vs Peeler is definately a solid advantage for them (though Russell is overrated) and Aaron McKie will play as well and he was the 6th man of the year during his prime and is close to Russell. Eddie Jordan is better than Jim Jackson and was a steals demon during his prime and will partner up with Payton or Slater Martin to help wreak absolute havoc and cause turnover after turnover. Slater Martin may be shorter but the guy was a winner and one of the best players in the league for multiple Laker championships. Many felt he was the 2nd best player on those Laker teams (Behind Mikan) and one of the top 3 guards in basketball (consistent NBA All 2nd Team). He was also likely the best defensive players in the league by all accounts and would continue our tremendous guard defense.

6, Offensive depth-We have an alpha dog like they do in McAdoo (who in his prime was one of the greatest offensive forces of all time) but unlike their team we surround him with plenty of different scoring options whether in the post like Hawkins, on the perimeter with Hudson or Payton or off the bench with Larry Foust. They have one good 2nd option in Glen Rice and he will be fighting everything to get through Dom Chaney. The rest of their lineup will be severely limited by our big time perimeter defense. Rice also had ridicolously high usage rates and got traded for a mix of poor defense and ball hogging.

I really think we have this

09-26-2011, 09:29 PM
El Segundo's front-court does the trick for me.

09-26-2011, 09:34 PM
My team has Sasha for those clutch free throws as well. :D

09-26-2011, 09:38 PM
My team has Sasha for those clutch free throws as well. :D

He has Morrison for any cheer-leading and high fives.

He owns you in that category ;)

09-26-2011, 09:42 PM
He has Morrison for any cheer-leading and high fives.

He owns you in that category ;)

Are you honestly comparing Morrison to the Machine? The Machine would destroy him, he has no fear other than when Kobe disses him in Italian.

Machine > Mustache!!!

09-26-2011, 10:53 PM
Are you honestly comparing Morrison to the Machine? The Machine would destroy him, he has no fear other than when Kobe disses him in Italian.

Machine > Mustache!!!

70's Porn Star > Sharapova's Wife.

09-27-2011, 12:28 PM
El Segundo is a very well put team defensively, and their players are versatile.

I do like Theo off the bench, the guy was a beast in his younger years. Connie Hawkins though was a 6'8 210 pounder matching up w/ a 7'2, 225 pound player.. That's a big advantage for Kareem as if he needed one anyway.

09-28-2011, 02:34 AM
I like El Segundo here.