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09-14-2011, 08:34 PM
The ongoing labor talks in New York City are just one of the tenacious negotiations David Stern has on his hands.

Another -- between owners, over the delicate issue of revenue sharing -- awaits the commissioner in Dallas, at Thursday’s board of governors meeting.

The talks with the players are over billions, revenue sharing concerns mere hundreds of millions. But the politics are heated, personal and far-ranging.

The conversation starts with two ideas:
That a dramatic increase, perhaps even tripling the league’s current $60 million in assistance to weaker teams, will make the league more competitive.
That without help, the poorest teams might experience the kinds of embarrassing financial troubles that would hurt the whole league.

In other words, if the owners of the teams projected to collect the most from revenue sharing, led by the Grizzlies, Pacers, Kings, Hornets, Bucks and Bobcats, are losing their wills to compete in a system that favors teams with bigger revenues, they may start making decisions -- like selling at lousy prices -- that would hurt the league’s brand and every owners’ resale values.

It’s time for the rich teams to kick in. But how much, and by what formula?

Although the Lakers, Knicks, Bulls, Celtics and Raptors are expected to be the biggest paying teams, all eyes turn to Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who -- in some proposals under consideration -- would be asked to share as much as $50 million next season alone. That puts him at the top of the list, followed by Knicks owner James Dolan, with no one else close.


09-15-2011, 10:04 AM
yeah raptors are top 5 i like that

09-15-2011, 10:22 AM
This is a sticky situation, and the only possible reason I can see to the big money making teams to be going along with the hardcap. The problem with this situation is that there is nothing the players can do to force the owners to agree to a revenue sharing plan.

It allows teams an out for bad management and puts additional pressure on big market teams. Also- why would a team like the Knicks who just tanked the last 3 seasons in an effort to put themselves in this position want to help a team like the Thunder...why dont know what bad is. Atleast let all the small market teams have a few years of taste in their mouth of what being a bad team is.

09-15-2011, 11:28 AM
i friggin never understood the Hornets/bobcats situation.

Hornets had their market in Charlotte, they had been their team and people related to them.

then they MOVE them to NO, and award a new franchise ( bobcats) to the city in the span of a year.


Keep the Hornets where they belong and give the expansion franchise to N.O!!!!!!!!!!

now they killed BOTH markets.