View Full Version : Funny Training Camp Pics

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08-09-2011, 03:38 AM
There are only a few more training camps open to the public. If you guys want to attend, I strongly suggest you go ASAP. The team flies to San Diego to take on the Chargers in their first preseason game on Thursday. Until we can watch some live football then, lets take a look at the past few days.

Pete Carroll is not only a highly qualified head coach in the NFL, heís also the only one certified to lead rain dance practice, which should be useful against Arizona.


Poor Marshawn is having flashbacks to the Saints playoff game. Maybe the staff should let him know thereís nothing but Seahawks on the field.


Hey hey hey!!! How did the Patriots sneak into camp unnoticed!?


Look, white guys arenít supposed to jump so high. When he noticed how high he was off the ground, he pissed himself. See? Look at that face.


The offense was obviously cheating on this play. Someone clearly used a shrink machine on Leon so that he would be harder to grab.


Forget Sidney Rice, Robert Gallery or Zach Miller. The Seahawks top free agent pick up is Superman.