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08-08-2011, 09:02 AM
With the current lockout and no end in sight, I thought it would be interesting to assemble teams using replacement players from the NFL, MLB and NHL in the same city.

To keep it simple we are going to just do a starting lineup, (PG,SG,SF,PF,C) 2 bench players and a coach.

Fill positions based on physical attributes, player skill and mental make up of their respective games.

examples of good PG's would be accurate passers in the NFL.
examples of good SG's would be speedy outfielders in the MLB
examples of good SF's anyone with a good combination of size, awareness and defense.
examples of good PFs would be tall receivers, big TE and DE's.
examples of good C's would be big O-linemen in the NFL or Goalies in the NHL.

example of good bench players would be any player that you think would fit in well, veterans or any player that would help your starting lineup weakness.

pick your coach based on his teams style of play.

Again....ONLY USE PLAYERS FROM MLB, NHL & NFL FROM YOUR CURRENT CITY. (Should be used as a guideline.)

players from teams that can be used...
Boston Celtics: Patroits, Bruins, Red Sox
New Jersey Nets: Jets, Devils, (since no MLB team: NY METS if desired)
New York Knicks: NYGiants, NY Islanders/Rangers, New York Yankees/Mets
Philadelphia 76ers: Eagles, Fliers/Penguins, Philies
Toronto Raptors: Buffalo Bills, Maple Leafs, Blue Jays
Chicago Bulls: Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs/Sox,
Cleveland Cavs: Browns, Indians and Bengals since no NHL team
Indiana Pacers: Colts (sorry)
Detroit Pistons: Lions, Redwings, Tigers
Milwaukee Bucks: Packers, Winnipeg Jets, Brewers
Atlanta Hawks: Falcons, Thrashers, Braves
Charlotte Bobcats: Panthers, Hurricanes, Orioles(or dont use MLB)
Miami Heat: Dolphins, Panthers, Marlins
Orlando Magic: Jaguars, Lightening, Rays
Washington Wizards: Redskins, Capitals, Nationals

Denver Nuggets: Broncos, Avalanche, Rockies
Portland Trailblazers: Seahawks,(geographically closest), Canucks, Mariners
Minnesota Timberwolves: Vikings, Wild, Twins
Utah Jazz: You can just sit this one out....
Oklahoma City Thunder: K.C. Chiefs, St. Louis Blues, K.C. Royals
Phoenix Suns: Arizona Cardinals, Coyotes, Diamond Backs
Sacramento Kings: Raiders/49ers, Sharks, SF Giants, Oakland A's
Golden State Warriors: Raiders/49ers, Sharks, SF Giants, Oakland A's
La Lakers: Raiders, LA Ducks/Kings, Angels/Dodgers
La Clippers: Raiders, LA Ducks/Kings, Angels/Dodgers
San Antonio Spurs: Texans, Stars, Astros
Dallas Mavericks: Cowboys, Stars, Rangers
Houston Rockets: Texans, Stars, Astros
New Orleans Hornets: Saints, Stars?, Astros
Memphis Grizzlies: Titans, Predators, K.C Royals

Again, these are suggestions based on geography.

If you don't like the game then please don't complain. just hit the back button and don't play.

I'll start:

Chicago Bulls

PG: Alexei Ramirez - Sox
SG: Jay Cutler - Bears
SF: Duncan Keith -BlackHawks
PF: Julius Peppers - Bears
C: Jamarcus Webb -Bears
Bench: Patrick Kane-Blackhawks & Dayan Viciedo - White Sox
Coach: Coach Q. -Blackhawks

08-08-2011, 09:04 AM
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