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07-23-2011, 03:26 PM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the NBA Mock Off-season Playoff voting. Every summer, between 50-65 PSD users participate in a game where each GM takes on the challenge of running the off-season for an NBA team. Those GM's are free to make trades, signings, pick up team option on players, conduct the draft etc as ways to help better improve their team. What we have here is the results of those GM's hard-work as we have now reached the playoffs.

Keep in mind when voting that teams have changed dramatically through the mock and many teams are operating with completely new starting line ups. So please take the time to look at the teams closely (depth chart and write up) before voting. Try to avoid being a homer and vote simply on who is the better team in the match up.

#3) Golden State Warriors vs. #6) Utah Jazz

Warriors have Homecourt Advantage!

Utah DC:
Baron Davis / Jose Calderon
Monta Ellis / CJ Miles / Daequan Cook
Shawn Marion / Raja Bell / Joey Graham
Al Jefferson / Marcus Morris
Tim Duncan / Troy Murphy / Jeremy Evans

Golden State DC:
C: Brendan Haywood/ Ian Mahinmi / Shelden Williams
PF: Chris Bosh/ Shelden Williams/ Peja Stojakovic
SF: Caron Butler/ Josh Howard/ Peja Stojakovic
SG: Kevin Martin/ Corey Brewer
PG: Chris Paul/ Nolan Smith/ Caron Butler

Warriors Write-Up:
Front Court Tim Duncan/Al Jefferson vs. Chris Bosh/Brendan Haywood. Chris isnít playing center but Bosh will be guarding Duncan the majority of the time, as TDís offensive game has vastly declined. This should allow Bosh to have more energy on the offensive end. At this stage in his career Duncan is the better rebounder, and better defender. But Bosh is vastly superior offensively and Duncan assuming he is guarding Bosh is going to have a tough time playing Bosh all over the place. Bosh will post up, play off the dribble and shoot mid range jump shots. All of which should keep Duncan busy. Duncan also played only 28 minutes a game last year which will make things easier on both Chris and our teams as Duncan is there defensive anchor. Haywood is not going to score a lot most of his points will come off a few nice feeds from CP3 and some offensive put backs. Which Means Al Jefferson wonít have to work too hard on defense; on offense however, Haywood is going to make Alís life hard. Haywood is going to be physical with Al Jeff and unlike many defenders has the size to do so. Haywood has the height and length advantage and weighs over 260 pounds; Al Jeff wonít be able to push him around on the block.

Wings: Shawn Marion/Monta Ellis vs. Caron Butler/Kevin Martin. I think at small forward at this point itís a matter of preference I believe both are top 12 in the NBA off last season. Both are good defenders but Caron has the more polished offensive game. Ellis and Martin are both scary good scorers who lack some defense. Martin is the more efficient scorer so in all honesty I think the two of them can just go bucket for bucket. Corey Brewer when he comes on the floor will guard Ellis in order to slow him down but for the most part Iíll let Monta and Martin swap baskets.

Point Guard: Baron Davis vs. Chris Paul. I think this is where the matchup is lost for the Jazz. Obviously Chris Paul is going to have his way with Baron on both ends. The difference is with Tim Duncan on the decline struggling against one of the leagueís premier power forwards how are they going to protect the paint? Even if Tim Duncan had an easier assignment I donít think he can anchor a defense by himself. Paul is going to come whipping in and out of the lane attacking the rim. If Duncan sinks to play help defense than you have Bosh receiving a perfect pass for a short range jumper. Also when Bosh comes to the top of the 3 to run a pick and roll or pick and pop I smell disaster for two older less explosive players in Davis and Duncan.

Some other issues that should be addressed are Shawn Marion, Monta Ellis, and Baron Davis are all fast paced players who benefit greatly in transition basketball. Tim Duncan and Al Jefferson specifically need time to set up and operate in the paint. It will be tough for both Ellis and Al Jefferson to be playing their best offensive basketball when one of them loses his advantage. The other thing is if they choose to run were looking at the 2012 playoffs. Another season has gone by Tim Duncan has aged even further, I donít think itís a stretch to say he would struggle to produce given the wear and tear on his body and pace of the game the Jazz may look to run.

Chris Paul took the defending champion Lakers to 6 games with a frontcourt of Carl Landry and Emeka Okafor against Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. The Jazz have a good front court but I donít think itís as good as the Lakers was and Paul now has an upgrade at every position in this game vs. real life. Paul is a special player and for the first time in his career he has been rewarded with a strong supporting cast. Paul made David West an all-star but hate Chris Bosh all you want he is a vastly better player as I canít think of anything West is better at. Paul and Bosh have also been supplied with a perfect 3rd offensive option in Martin who can take pressure off both players while shooting efficiently.

The Jazz did a good job putting a contender together but I believe and I know they believe this is a less beneficial matchup for them.

FFF i would much rather play the thunder than the warriors

- Jazz GM after the playoff standings were released.[/QUOTE]

Jazz did not send in a writeup.

07-23-2011, 03:41 PM
SL told me he did a writeup, not sure what happened to it

07-23-2011, 03:41 PM
Yea I thought he did too? Maybe he only sent to MHC?

07-23-2011, 03:45 PM
Chris Paul with a good supporting cast, I'll take that.

07-23-2011, 03:59 PM
I sent it to MHC. Why didn't he let you know he had it?

07-23-2011, 04:00 PM
Jazz writeup

pg - davis vs cp3. The story of baron davis’ career is that when motivated he plays up to his maximum capabilities. It was the story with the hornets, then the warriors, then last year with the clippers and now in utah. we have deadly scorers, defensive stoppers, and key position players to help him out, and he’s back in the playoffs for the first time since the gsw upset of dallas in ’07.

sg - ellis vs martin. Both put up high offensive numbers in systems that cater to them as the option. monta has never had the opportunity to play with a post threat, much less two, so the opposing defense not being completely geared towards stopping the wings will be nice. He gets the chance to only be defended by kevin martin, whereas duncan or jefferson (who ever is not guarding bosh) will be also paying close attention to kevin martin under the 3pt line. monta will only have to deal with martin behind the 3pt line alone because gsw doesn’t have the luxury of a help defender, because we have 5 offensive threats in the lineup, but they will be forced to play martin on monta throughout the entire court or else help off of another threat, and get burned that way.

sf - marion vs butler. When butler was hurt, he was able to come back by the finals. Why didn’t the mavs rush him back in the biggest series of their careers? Because shawn marion was playing better than butler ever could. In three series in a row he was the main defender of kobe bryant, kevin durant, and lebron james. 3 of the top 5 players all had bad series against one team in the playoffs. Coincidence? No. Marion showed what happens when motivated. He still is one of the top wing defenders in the league, and instead of any statistical or analytical stats to back this, he went out and played an enormous role in shutting down the 3 best wing players in the nba. Can he defend butler properly? Yes. And offensively, the scariest thought in the warriors head should be that marion is our 5th option offensively. Next.

pf - al jeff vs bosh. It is common sense that both bosh and jefferson are offensive players, who aren’t defensive machines. The difference is while bosh is out on the wing, jefferson is in the post. al jefferson is 6’10 265 pounds and shoots 50% from the field. Chris bosh is 6’10 228. jefferson has almost a 40 pound advantage on him down low. he'll baby him. In toronto bosh was seen as a very poor defender, but once he got to miami and had two of the best wing defenders in the league as well as post defenders like joey anthony and udonis haslem around him and naturally he’ll look like an ok defender. Place him with kevin martin, brendan haywood (vastly overrated defender, but i’ll get to that later) and shelden williams instead, and he’ll be singing that old song.

c - duncan vs haywood. Lol. Duncan had 4 defensive win shares last season and a 100 defensive rating. Which both are good for top 20 in the league. So even in the least amount of minutes in his career he still was in the top 20 of defensive win shares. Haywood doesn’t even deserve an argument against him. he had only 2.1 defensive win shares a game last season, and even when he was a full time starter in washington, he never had more than 2. He cannot play effectively over 20 mins a game, and that’s asking for trouble when dealing with the best front court in the nba.

bench - nolan smith, ian mahinmi, shelden williams, peja stojakovic, corey brewer. No that’s not a semi-pro starting lineup, that’s the golden state bench. A who’s who of aging players, duke busts, and undersized big men. Not going to cut it. Our bench contains at least a top flight backup pg. jose calderon was 5th in the nba in assist per game last year while shooting 36% from three.there is no rest defensively for cp3 when calderon comes into the game, and there is no hope for nolan smith as a rookie in the playoffs. the bench wings for us include cj miles, raja bell and daequan cook. All 3 of them are playoff tested, and good shooters. Miles and bell are great 2 way players off the bench while cook is a 3pt assassin. [/b] no rest for kevin martin or caron butler[/b]. Marcus morris and troy murphy will mainly be getting in the game for timmy when he needs a breather, but they both are capable of hitting the open 15 footer, which is crucial to draw haywood out of the paint.

In the nba the winners of series are victorious when it comes to interior play, and when it comes to the deeper bench, and we definitely have the advantage in both. All in all, the warriors look great at first glance, but once you unravel the layers of the team you find that they aren’t as great as you think. Definitely not a deep team, not great defensively, and if depth, physical play, and front court offensive problems are presented to them, they won’t be able to go the distance

07-23-2011, 04:02 PM
A Davis/Monta backcourt terrifies me, and not in a good way. I think that's a ticking time bomb. I like Utah's depth a lot, but there's too much going on for GS. Paul is amazing. Martin is one of the top 5-10 pure scorers in the NBA. Bosh and Haywood are great compliments. Butler and Howard are solid wings.

I'll wait for the Jazz write-up before I post though.

07-23-2011, 04:08 PM
In reality

Kidd/Stevenson/Marion all spent time on LeBron in the playoffs.

Marion did spend the most time on Durant but Durant had a 28 point per game 9 rebound per game effort in the playoffs.

http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/h2h_finder.cgi?request=1&p1=duranke01&p2=mariosh01shooting wasn't great but you know Marion defs didn't shut him down.

Against Kobe it was Kidd who saw the most time on him in the series.

Caron didn't come backfor the same reason roddy didn't. We weren't going to take chances when we didn't have too. So I give you Marion played great in the playoffs. But the Mavs were rolling before Caron got hurt we were playing great basketball and there was a reason he was starting over Matrix. When he went down we slid massively.

Also Bosh on AL Jeff isn't even happening so that's sort of mute. Haywood has the size and defensive capability to slow Al Jeff.

07-23-2011, 05:27 PM
I'll take Utah by a hair.

Sadds The Gr8
07-23-2011, 05:28 PM
close but i'll take utah

07-23-2011, 09:06 PM
That Warriors team is pretty ridiculous. I actually think they may be better than the Lakers and Thunder, IMO, so the next two rounds should be interesting.

Edit: Check that. I just took a longer look at their depth chart and they're really thin, but in terms of starting fives, that's pretty ridiculous.

07-23-2011, 09:11 PM
I had to go with GS.

Paul + Martin in the backcourt is amazing. Martin is one of the 5 best pure scorers in the NBA IMO, and on a team where he has help, he'd just rape. Period.

Bosh and Haywood are good compliments, to say the least.

I don't like Butler OR Howard a ton (Butler wasn't great when he was healthy, and Howard hasn't been good in a while due to injuries) but the depth at SF because of those two is solid enough for me not to care. I think GS's depth might hurt them down the road, but I love the Paul/Bosh/Martin core.

With that said, I'm just a Kevin Martin dick-rider, so maybe I'm a bit bias ;)

I also, as I said, hate the idea of a Davis/Ellis backcourt existing again.

This shouldn't be as easy of a win as the voting suggests. Jefferson and Duncan probably would do more than hold their own against GS's front court, but Paul and Martin just are too much.

Very close. This would go 6 or 7.

07-23-2011, 09:56 PM
That Golden State team might score 120 points per game, but still you gotta give some credit to Utah, it's a very good #6 seed.

07-23-2011, 10:02 PM
The crazy thing about this mock is their was a team that got DQ'd in the Western Conference that woulda/coulda made a lot of noise in the playoffs.

07-23-2011, 11:43 PM
That Warriors team is pretty ridiculous. I actually think they may be better than the Lakers and Thunder, IMO, so the next two rounds should be interesting.

Edit: Check that. I just took a longer look at their depth chart and they're really thin, but in terms of starting fives, that's pretty ridiculous.

Appreciate it. Were thin but on the Wings I think were ok depth wise. Nolan Smith is a rookie so no one knows what can be expected. Indeed next round vs. the Thunder should be intriguing. My depth may hurt me but I couldn't force myself to downgrade that starting 5 unless I got a great deal which I didn't hahaha.

07-23-2011, 11:48 PM
Taking the Warriors (which I see everyone else is). Chris Paul, maybe the 3rd most valuable player in the NBA + high efficient offense Kevin Martin + Butler + Bosh + nice defensive center in Haywood = a win for the Warriors.

Honestly, I don't even see how Utah wins a game.

07-24-2011, 11:38 AM
So looks like Thunder next

Lil Half Dead
07-24-2011, 12:04 PM
Rollin with Utah